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Official NameZeno Clash
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)ACE Team
Publisher (s)ACE Team
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)April 21, 2009
Genre (s)Beat 'em up, shooter
Mode (s)Single-player


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Zeno Clash Download Free Full Game is a first-personfighting video game, with some elements of a first-person shooter. It is the debut game of Chileandeveloper ACE Team and usesValve Corporation's Source engine. It was first released for download through Valve's content delivery service, Steam, on April 21, 2009. The Xbox 360 version, entitled Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, was released May 5, 2010 and contains additional features not found in the PC version.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Zenozoik, and follows Ghat, a young man who is on the run from his vengeful siblings, and Deadra, his female companion, as they travel through strange and exotic lands. Zeno Clash Free Download.

The PC version of the game was favorably received by most critics, receiving an aggregate score of 77/100 on Metacritic and 77.50% on GameRankings. The Xbox 360 version was similarly received by critics, averaging 74/100 at Metacritic and 75.46% at GameRankings. Critics praised its strange yet robust setting and unique character designs. It was a finalist for Excellence in Visual Art at the 2009 Independent Games Festival, was named 2009's Independent Game of the Year byPC Gamer, and PC Game of the Month by IGN in April 2009.


In the main story mode, players assume the role of Ghat and progress through the world of Zenozoik, visiting various locations in a linear sequence. Gameplay is presented in first-person perspective, with occasional cutscenesin third-person perspective. When the player enters certain areas, it triggers ascripted sequence, initiating a battle in which the player must defeat all enemies to proceed. Ghat is proficient in martial arts, and can dodge or counter enemy attacks. While there is a strong focus on unarmed combat, Ghat can also obtain unconventional melee and ranged weapons by several means, such as disarming enemies. Intermittent segments of the game play similarly to a linear progression shooter.

In addition to the single-player story, Challenge Mode allows the player to defeat enemies while climbing a tower or descending into a pit. The results are ranked through Steam every time the player beats a tower floor's final boss.


The story takes place in a fictional fantasy world called Zenozoik, and begins in a town called Halstedom. The game commences with Ghat, the game's protagonist, regaining consciousness after setting off an explosion which kills Father-Mother, an ostensibly hermaphroditic creature, which has raised a large and influential family. Ghat is one of Father-Mother's children, who turned on it after discovering its secret. Ghat runs away from the town, chased by his brothers and sisters seeking to kill him, and is banished from his family. He is accompanied by a female companion named Deadra who has saved Ghat from apathy. Zeno Clash Free Download PC Game.

During their travels away from Halstedom, Ghat explains to Deadra through partially interactive flashbacks the events that led up to his attempt on Father-Mother's life. One of the first things that is mentioned is that he lived for a time with the Corwid of the Free, the insane residents of the forests of Zenozoik.While he has turned away from his past life as a Corwid, his brothers and sisters still consider him as one. Ghat still harbors a sense of admiration for the single-mindedness of Corwids. Regardless, when he encounters them a fight ensues.

Later on, Deadra and Ghat reach a large desert area. When Ghat returns from hunting rabbit-like creatures, he discovers a blind mercenary known only as the Hunter, who points a rifle at Deadra's head while she sleeps. The Hunter reveals that he was sent after them by Ghat's family, and was instructed to kill both him and Deadra. Ghat pleads for her life, and the Hunter agrees to let her live if Ghat will come to a secluded area with him to fight. Ghat manages to defeat the Hunter and then leaves with Deadra. Ghat and Deadra eventually reach the end of the world. It is there that they meet Golem, an ancient being placed there by an unknown group of people to wait there until he was needed. Golem has a complete knowledge of Ghat and Father-Mother's conflict, which he says he will end, along with all other conflicts.

Upon Ghat's return to the city, he is confronted by his angry brothers and sisters once more. After this confrontation, a heavily wounded Father-Mother reveals itself, showing that it is still alive. It declares another fight with Ghat to end the strife once and for all. A ferocious battle ensues, in which Ghat defeats Father-Mother once more. With Father-Mother at his mercy, he decides neither to kill it, nor reveal its secret. However, Golem discloses the secret anyway—that Father-Mother is actually a male creature that steals babies from their families. It is revealed that Ghat, upon inadvertently learning this, was chased out of town by Father-Mother in an attempt to protect his secret. The game ends after Golem makes several cryptic statements about their world and family. Zeno Clash for PC.

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