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Official NameYs I & II
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Nihon Falcom
Publisher (s)Nihon Falcom
Designer (s)Masaya Hashimoto
Programmer (s)Masaya Hashimoto
Composer (s)Yuzo Koshiro
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)June 28, 2001
Genre (s)Action role-playing
Mode (s)Single player


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Ys 1 & 2 Download Free Full Game (イースI・II Īsu Wan Tsū?) is a Japanese action role-playing video game compilation consisting of enhanced remakesof the first two Ys games, released for the PC Engine CD by Nihon Falcom and Hudson Soft in 1989. It was released as Ys Book I & IIin North America in 1990, and was a pack-in title for the TurboDuo in 1992.

Ys I & II was released on theVirtual Console in Japan on October 16, 2007, in North America on August 25, 2008,and in Europe and Australia on September 5, 2008. Ys 1 & 2 Free Download.


Ys I & II consists of enhanced remakes of the first two games released in the Ys series, Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished and Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter. It was one of the first video games to use CD-ROM, which was utilized to provide enhanced graphics, animated cut scenes, a Red Book CD audio soundtrack, and voice acting. The game's English localization was also one of the first to use voice dubbing. The game uses over 500 megabytes of CD-ROM storage, including 43 music tracks, 24 minutes of character voice acting, and 20 minutes of animated cutscene sequences.

In both games the player controls a red-haired swordsman named Adol Christin. In the first game he must seek out the six Books of Ys. These books contain the history of the ancient, vanished land of Ys, and will give him the knowledge he needs to defeat the evil forces currently sweeping the land of Esteria.

In Ys II Adol is transported to the floating civilization of Ys, and begins a quest to unravel the secrets of the land, and finally rid it and Esteria of evil. All English translations of Ys II were part of a compilation; no standalone version has been localized.


Ys I

Ys I begins with a cutscene showing the main character, young red-headed adventurer Adol Christin, gazing out to sea at the Stormwall which appeared around the island Esteria six months ago. Determined to investigate the situation, Adol sets off towards Esteria on a small boat, however it is sunk by the storm and Adol washes up on the shore of Esteria. He is saved by a villager named Slaff from the port town of Barbado. Adol recuperates in the home of Barbado's doctor and learns that Slaff is both the doctor's son and the head of the town's militia. The militia was formed when demons and monsters appeared on the island, at the same time as when the Stormwall formed. The Stormwall cut Esteria off from the rest of the world and completely halted the trade of silver, which is mined on the island. Ys 1 & 2 Free Download PC Game.

Adol sets out to find out more about the island's situation in the largest town of Minea. There, he encounters a female troubadour with long blue hair named Reah. Reah is searching for her Silver Harmonica, which had been stolen, part of a rash of silver thefts that have occurred in the town. Linked with the thefts are sightings of a man in a dark cape. Adol then encounters the fortune-teller Sara, who tells him that she had a vision that a fiery-headed swordsman who would play a key role in Esteria's fate. She tells Adol of the six Books of Ys, named after the ancient kingdom that existed on the island seven hundred years ago. The Books of Ys contain the complete history of the rise and fall of Ys and will be instrumental in saving Esteria. Sara informs Adol that one book is in the Shrine of Solomon and sends him to the town of Zepik to speak with her aunt Jeba to learn more.

In Zepik, Jeba gives Adol the Key to the Shrine. Adol also meets the mayor of Zepik, and learns that the town's treasured Silver Bells have been stolen. The Silver Bells gave off a sound that drove evil away, and without it, Zepik is vulnerable to demon attack. Adol assumes a mission from the mayor to negotiate the return of the bells from a bandit group in the area. When Adol meets with the bandit leader Goban however, Goban protests that his group only steals from the corrupt to give to the poor, and that in fact all of the bandits' silver possessions have been stolen from them. Adol leaves them and enters the Shrine of Solomon.

Adol fights through demons through the Shrine of Solomon. In the lower levels, he rescues a young girl with long blue hair locked in a cell. The girl reveals that her name is Feena, and that a man with a dark cape imprisoned here there, but otherwise she has no memories about her past. Adol takes Feena to be looked after by Jeba, before returning to the Shrine, where he discovers the first Book of Ys on the lowest level. Returning to Minea, he finds that Sara has been murdered during his absence, with the culprit being a man in a dark cape. Sara had however already given her most important possession to a friend to present to Adol- the second Book of Ys. He is then directed to the mine of the ruined village of Rastin for the third book. Adol sets off to the mine and recovers that third Book from its depths, and returns to Zepik. There, he finds Feena recovering under Jeba's care. Ys 1 & 2 for PC.

Jeba and her family are descendants of the Ys priest Tovah, and thus Jeba is able to read the ancient text in the Books of Ys to Adol. The three books narrate the story of the creation of Cleria in ancient Ys, which brought great prosperity to the land. However, one day great hordes of demons suddenly appeared and attacked. An evil leader with six greater demons lead the evil forces. The people of Ys retreated to the Temple of Solomon where they were besieged. During the siege the twin Goddesses of Ys suddenly disappeared from the Temple, and soon after the evil hordes also disappeared. The six Priests of Ys created the Books of Ys and imbued with magical power so that one day they might guide a hero to save the land of Ys. The people of Ys then reasoned that Cleria had been what attracted the evil and so buried it deep in the ground. Following this, Jeba tells Adol that the remaining books of Ys must be located in the great Tower of Darm, a towering structure which rises up to the clouds. The tower is nicknamed 'The Devil's Tower' and it stands in front of a giant crated named Bagyu Ba'dead.

The bandit leader Goban is revealed to be Jeba's son, and the bandits' lair was set up in at the entrance of the Tower of Darm to protect the island after the demons appeared. Goban opens the entrance for Adol, noting that his lieutenant Dogi was also somewhere in the tower, having previously entered with other bandits in a successful attempt to destroy the monsters in the tower. Adol climbs the tower, but is soon caught by a magic trap which teleports him into a prison cell. The cell is occupied by Luta Gemma, a sleepwalking poet from Zepik who was captured by the monsters. They are soon rescued by Dogi, who is able to punch through walls with his bare hands. Dogi sends Adol to seek man named Raba on the upper floors. Raba was a scholar visiting Esteria who was inside the Tower of Darm, studying its history, when the demons suddenly appeared. Raba gives Adol a magical amulet which allows Adol to bypass the traps of the tower. In addition, Luta is a descendant of the ancient Ys priest Gemma, and Adol is given another amulet with the power to dispel magic seals. Adol climbs further, finding two more books along the way. Near the top of the tower, Adol discovers that Reah is also in the tower, having let herself be captured and brought there so she could give Adol a magic monocle which would allow him to read the language of the Books of Ys.

After reaching the top of the tower, Adol finally confronts the final antagonist – Dark Fact, a descendant of the ancient Priest Fact. Dark Fact boasts that Adol's efforts to collect the books have only helped his plan, and that once he took Adol's five books and combined them with his own, a great power would be revealed. The two fight, and Adol is victorious. In the folds of Dark Fact's cloak, Adol finds the final Book of Ys. As Adol uses the Monocle to read the entire set of books, a powerful white light fills his vision, and a feeling of serenity overcomes him. The monsters in the land dissolve into air, leaving it at peace. The words in the books begin to disappear and the forms of the Goddesses begin to materialize before him (it is noted that Adol does not recognize the Goddesses' faces). Adol rests and decides to tell Feena all that he has seen as soon as he returns to Zepik. Slowly, the white light envelopes his entire body. Ys 1 & 2 Download Torrent.

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