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Official NameYou Don't Know Jack
VersionFull Game
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Developer (s)Berkeley Systems
Publisher (s)Sierra On-Line
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2013
Genre (s)Party game
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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You Don't Know Jack Download Free Full Game (commonly abbreviated YDKJ) is a series ofcomputer games developed byJackbox Games (formerly known as Jellyvision Games) andBerkeley Systems, as well as the title of the first game in the series.YDKJ, framed as a game show"where high culture and pop culturecollide", combines trivia withcomedy.

While primarily a PC and Mac-based franchise with over two dozen releases and compilations for those platforms, there have been a few entries released for consoles: two for the originalPlayStation, and the 2011 release which had versions on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DSand Wii. In 2012, Jackbox Games developed and published a social version of the game on Facebookwith cross-platform versions subsequently released for iOS,Android and Kindle. On November 5, 2013, the majority of the franchise’s many volumes and spinoffs were reissued ontoSteam by Jackbox Games. You Don't Know Jack Free Download.


In 1991, Jellyvision's former identity, Learn Television, released the award-winning film The Mind's Treasure Chest, which featured lead character Jack Patterson. When Learn Television sought to use new multimedia technologies to create a more active learning experience, the company teamed up withFollett Software Company and developed «That's a Fact, Jack!», a reading motivation CD-ROM game show series covering young adult fiction, targeted to 3rd through 10th graders. The game would give a title for a child to read, and then ask questions related to that title.

The idea for You Don't Know Jack began while That's a Fact, Jack! was still in development. The game's title comes from the less vulgar version of the phrase «You don't know jack shit.» Jellyvision's website has this explanation as to why You Don't Know Jack was made:

«Way back in the early 90s, Jellyvision decided to test the waters of mainstream interactive entertainment by beginning a partnership with Berkeley Systems, of»Flying Toasters" fame. Berkeley Systems asked us if we could apply the concepts of a game show to an adult trivia game. Since no one at Jellyvision at the time actually liked trivia games, we tried to figure out how to make trivia questions fun and engaging to us. When we realized that it was possible to ask about both Shakespeare and Scooby-Doo in the same question, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK was born."


The game can be played by one, two, or three players. (The game can be played with up to four players on the tabletop version and the console versions of «YDKJ-2011». The 2011 PC version is limited to two players.) All versions of the game feature the voice of an off-screen host who reads questions aloud, provides instructions regarding special question types, and pokes fun at the players. You Don't Know Jack Free Download PC Game.

The game usually opens with a green room segment, in which the players are prompted to enter their names and given instructions for play. The audio during this segment includes rehearsing singers, a busy producer, and a harassed studio manager/host. The only graphics are a large «On Air/Stand By» sign in the middle of the screen, visual representations of the players' button assignments, and a box for name entry. On games after Volume 2, on certain days, such as Christmas Eve, or certain times such as a Saturday night, or even during Twilight, the announcer will mention the time of day or the special holiday, and sometimes grumble about it for playing the game at that time or day.

Most versions of YDKJ offer the choice of playing a 7- or 21-question game; some versions offer only 15 questions (Netshow, LFF, 5th Dementia, Mock 2), and others offer only 13 questions (The Ride), 11 questions (HeadRush, «YDKJ-2011»), or 7 questions (The Lost Gold). In a 21-question game, there is a brief intermission after the tenth question. Most questions are multiple choice, with some occasional free-entry questions, or mini-games. The Facebook version offers only 5 questions.

Before each question, one player is given a choice of three categories. Each has a humorous title that has some connection to the topic of the corresponding question. After a short animated introduction, which is often accompanied with a sung jingle about the question number, the host asks the question. Typically, the question is multiple choice, and the first player to «buzz in» and give the correct answer wins the money for that question and gets to choose the next category. If a player answers incorrectly, he or she loses money, but not before the host wisecracks about it. There are occasionally other question types offered (see below).

In multi-player games, each player is allowed one chance to «screw» an opponent in each half of a full game, or once in an entire short game. Using the «screw» forces the opponent to give an answer to a question within ten seconds. If the player who is «screwed» answers correctly, he or she wins the money while the player who «screwed» him or her loses money. This basic design has changed slightly in some versions of the game. For example, in the teen spinoff HeadRush, the screws are replaced by pairs of false teeth, so players «bite» their opponent instead. In The Ride, instead of just forcing an opponent to answer, players engage in «FlakJack», where they launch multiple screws into the screen, partially or totally obscuring the question. The player being «screwed» must then answer, even though the question may no longer be readable. You Don't Know Jack for PC.

In the previous games, different category options were worth differing amounts of money, which was revealed after a category was chosen. This amount indicated how difficult the question would be. Amounts included $1,000, $2,000, & $3,000, and were doubled during the second round of questions. However, early volumes of the series occasionally featured questions hosted by guests spawned from Fiber Optic Field Trips and Celebrity Collect Calls; these were worth $5,000 and appeared as the first question of the second round. Later games in the series opted not to give players three randomly generated questions, instead giving a set amount of questions in a set order. Instead of random questions, players 'buzz in' to set the amount of money the question is worth. Values could range from only a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more.

Some of the volumes have a feature called «Don't Be a Wimp», which is activated if one player has a very large lead. If no one answers a question, the host may deride the leading player, calling on the audience to shout «Don't be a wimp!», and forcing the leader to answer the question.

In some volumes, the host also punishes a player who buzzes in too early; the question disappears, leaving the player with ten seconds to type the answer. For The Ride, this is replaced by a different punishment: the player is forced to pick from a list of four nonsensical answers, all of which are wrong. This punishment is only triggered if a player buzzes in at the very instant that the question appears on the screen. In both instances, the player that buzzed in is not permitted to «screw» the other players. You Don't Know Jack Download Torrent.

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