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Official NameWarlords IV
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2003


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Warlords 4 Full PC Game Overview

Warlords 4 Download Free Full Game released in 2003, used pre-rendered 3Dsprites for its unit and city graphics and particle graphics for various effects. Despite this, the game had an overall 2D look to it.

The game flow was dramatically simplified. Diplomacy played virtually no role in the game, andmicromanagement of units was scaled-down to a great extent. Rather than having multiple units battling it out at once, combat is one-on-one: the players could choose which unit they wished to send into battle, one after another in the stack. The units with ranged attack capabilities get involved in every round in the battle regardless of active unit though. In warfare, the cities no longer added a fixed amount to the fighting value of the defenders, rather they have random archery shots between each strike of the defenders. Warlords 4 Free Download.

Although heroes were still obtainable in the usual way, it was now possible to routinely produce them in the top level castles as well.

The city upgrades became more important, as the level of city determines the range of units it can produce.

The races in game became predefined: knights, empire, elves, dark elves, dwarves, dragons, undead,demons, orcs and ogres. Each of these races had their traits, giving them advantages and disadvantages regarding the race of opposing player. Each player had a certain favored race, and the pace of production of units belonging to other races depended on the interracial relations.

The player's character in this game was personified as a special unit which only involved in battles over capital city and couldn't move around the map. The defeat of the warlord led to defeat of the player, so that all his cities became neutral. Depending on the traits the player picked at the time of warlord creation, he got some benefits and limitations in the game. The warlord character could be reused in other campaigns.

Warlords IV received a lackluster reception. Game Rankings, for example, shows an aggregate review score for the game of 70%, about ten percentage points lower than both Warlords III games.

One of the reasons this version was not as popular was due to the poor quality AI. The game was easily beaten on any difficulty when playing against computer players. The 1.04 patch fixed many of the AI issues, rebalanced the races, and fixed issues in the original version. This patch was released at the beginning of 2006 long after the original game's release, which may have affected its ability to revitalize interest in the game.

According to Steve Fawkner, this game was built from scratch in 6 months by Infinite Interactive after being handed it by SSG in an incomplete form, and is why the game is not up to previous standards.To date it remains the least popular game of the series. Warlords 4 Free Download PC Game.

Warlords 4 Free Download PC Game

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