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Official NameUnturned
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Smartly Dressed Games
Publisher (s)Smartly Dressed Games
Designer (s)Nelson Sexton
Programmer (s)Nelson Sexton
Artist (s)Nelson Sexton
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Survival, Early Access
Mode (s)Singleplayer, Multiplayer



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Unturned Full PC Game Overview

Unturned Download Free Full Game is an indie, free-to-play, zombie-themed survival game designed and published by Nelson Sexton, the owner and founder of Smartly Dressed Games. It became one of the best rated games in the Steam store as of December 2016.



Unturned features several different gamemodes, all of which consist of the same basic concept of zombie survival.[citation needed]

Survival (Singleplayer)

The game starts by dropping the player off on a map of their choice. (Prince Edward Island (PEI), Yukon, Washington, Russia, or a custom one made by the community, or the player.) With nothing in their possession, players must find weapons to survive against zombies, as well as find supplies to keep them from dying of starvation, thirst, disease, or in the case of Yukon and other winter maps, cold. As the player progresses through the game, they gain experience points from killing zombies or gathering resources, which can then be used for boosts and for crafting in an expansive crafting menu. These skills can affect simple things, such as dealing more damage with either a melee weapon or ranged weapon, to increasing vitality or lowering the rate at which the player dehydrates or starves, or their ability of farming or cooking over a fire to not starve. Random Boosts are somewhat random abilities, such as an increased throwing range, or triggering a velocity boost on corpses. Unturned Free Download.

Survival (Multiplayer)

Unturned's multiplayer survival mode is similar to its singleplayer survival mode, with a few differences.[citation needed] The biggest difference between the singleplayer and multiplayer modes, as the name implies, is that multiplayer mode allows multiple players to play together on the same map. Players can choose to team up to defend against the randomly spawning zombies, and to collect items, or players can choose to battle each other, so that they do not have to share the items.[citation needed]

Arena (Multiplayer)

Arena mode is a gamemode in Unturned that is only available to play in multiplayer. The gamemode spawns players in a central spawn point in the middle of a map, where players run to collect items — such as medical supplies, weapons, and ammo — from a point in the center of the map. Players must then either spread out from the center of the map, or stay in the center and battle each other. Arena mode is won by the last person alive at the end of the round. Players are either killed by each other, or by the map border, which contracts and kills all of the players outside of it, to force players into the center of the map to battle. This feature was implemented to prevent the round from going on for too long. Unturned Free Download PC Game.

Horde (Multiplayer)

Difficulty Levels


In easy mode, items and vehicles spawn 50% more often than on normal mode, and zombies spawn less often and deal less damage.


In normal mode, items, vehicles, and zombies spawn at the normal rate (the rate set by the creator (s) of the map), zombies deal normal damage, and all features of the user interface are available.


Hardcore mode was a gamemode in Unturned version 2.0. It was very similar to the singleplayer survival gamemode on Hard difficulty, but had several changes, including 50% reduced item and vehicle spawn rates (as compared to normal mode), the removal of several features found in the UI in easier modes, and zombies that deal more damage to the player (s) (as compared to normal mode).


Quests and Reputation System

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Unturned offers a $4.99 DLC package known as the Permanent Gold Upgrade. The Permanent Gold Upgrade allows players access to gold colored cosmetic items, such as gold clothing and weapons. The upgrade also allows players access to Gold exclusive game servers, which only allow players who have bought the DLC to join.


Unturned was developed by Nelson Sexton, also known as SDGNelson (in Steam) and DeadzoneZackZak (Roblox) , an eighteen-year-old from Canada. Sexton started his career with Roblox development, creating two of the most popular games on Roblox, known as BATTLEFIELD and DEADZONE. DEADZONE, a game in Roblox, is a zombie-survival game, similar to Unturned. DEADZONE is no longer playable in Roblox due to the game being «Exploited», making other users copy the game. When Nelson saw this, he gave up on ROBLOX and starting to work on Unturned.[citation needed] Unturned was originally listed under Steam Greenlight as Unturned 2.0 and was rated #3 of all Greenlight games.[citation needed] It was successfully Greenlit on the 28th of May 2014 and is now available on Steam. The game is continually being updated to add more items, features and mechanics, as well as fixing current ones that do not function as intended. The game has seen drastic changes in this preview branch such as graphical improvements, support for user-created content on Steam Workshop, dedicated servers, and much more. Currently, updates and new item releases are scheduled every Friday. Unturned Download Torrent.

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