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Official NameTreasure Mountain!
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)The Learning Company
Publisher (s)The Learning Company
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)1990
Genre (s)Educational/Adventure
Mode (s)Single player


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Treasure Mountain Full PC Game Overview

Treasure Mountain Download Free Full Game is an educational computer game published by The Learning Company in 1990 for both Windows and Macintosh PCs. It teaches children aged five to nine, reading, basicmath, and logic skills. Treasure Mountain is the third installment of the Super Solvers series.



Treasure Mountain! as well as the other «Treasure» games in the Super Seekers games, take place in a magical realm called Treasureland. The game takes place on a mountain called «Treasure Mountain». Treasure MathStorm!, a later release, takes place on the same mountain. Treasure Mountain Free Download.


As the game opens, the Master of Mischief, a common antagonist of The Learning Company'sSuper Seekers games, steals the kingdom's crown and hides all of the castle's treasures. The player takes on the role of the Super Seeker once again, whose job is to find the treasures and remove the Master of Mischief from the throne.


The objective of Treasure Mountain! is to find the hidden treasures and return them to the chest in the castle at the top of the mountain.

The mountain consists of three levels. Players cannot climb higher until they have found the key to unlock the next level. To find the key, players must get clues about its location by answering elves' riddles. When players capture an elf carrying a scroll with their net and answer the riddle correctly, they will receive a clue consisting of a number, shape, or description about where the key to the next level is hidden, as well as any magical coins the elf is carrying.

In the background, there are several groups of objects that have characteristics that can be matched to the clues. Players may search behind these objects by dropping a magic coin. If the objects match all three clues, the key to the next level will appear. If the objects match only two out of the three clues, one of the stolen treasures will be revealed.

After players find the key on each of the three levels of the mountain, they can enter the castle. At this point, players must climb up a maze of ladders, avoiding the Master of Mischief. When players reach the top, they deposit all treasures found into the castle's treasure chest and are given a prize — one of the treasures discovered during the game — as a reward for completing the three stages. This prize is kept on display in the clubhouse, showing how many times players have ascended the mountain. From this point, players may exit the clubhouse and start again from the bottom of the mountain. Treasure Mountain Free Download PC Game.

When a certain number of treasures have been deposited into the castle's treasure chest, players will go up a star rank. At higher ranks, the game becomes more difficult, as there will be more treasures to find, harder riddles to answer, and elves that steal magical coins by using elf dust.


Treasure Series

Treasure Mountain! is the first of four games in The Learning Company's «Treasure» series along with Treasure Cove!, Treasure MathStorm!, and Treasure Galaxy!. The Treasure series is a subgroup of the company's Super Seekers games. All the games in this series are math and reading comprehension oriented educational adventure games aimed at younger children. Games in the treasure series all have the same three stage gameplay format where a special object, whose location can be deduced by answering questions, is needed to reach the next stage.


In lieu of original musical scores, Treasure Mountain! employs a number of classical pieces as background music. The music heard in the game's introduction is Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's «Solfeggietto». The theme heard in the outdoor levels is a combination of two ofBeethoven's contredanses, WoO 14: No.1 and WoO 14: No.3.[nb 1] The theme heard in caves comes from the first movement of J. S. Bach's Keyboard Concerto no. 1 in D minor.

Later Versions

In 1994, a version with enhanced sound and graphics was released on CD-ROM.

Treasure Mountain! was later released in a software bundle package with both Treasure Cove!and Treasure Galaxy! under the name «Treasure Trio!». This was one of the first software bundle packages ever sold.

Treasure Mountain! was also released in a software bundle package with Treasure Cove!. Treasure Mountain for PC.

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