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Official NameTransistor
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Supergiant Games
Publisher (s)Supergiant Games
Designer (s)Amir Rao
Programmer (s)Christopher Jurney
Artist (s)Jen Zee
Writer (s)Greg Kasavin
Composer (s)Darren Korb
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Action role-playing
Mode (s)Single-player



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Transistor Full PC Game Overview

Transistor Download Free Full Game is a science fiction action role-playing video game developed and published by Supergiant Games. The game was released on May 20, 2014, for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, on October 30, 2014, for OS X and Linux, and on June 11, 2015, for iOS devices. Transistor sold over 600,000 copies across all platforms by January 2015.


Transistor utilizes an isometric point of view. The player controls the character Red as she travels through a series of locations, battling enemies known collectively as the Process in both real-time combat and a frozen planning mode referred to as «Turn ()». Using Turn () drains the action bar, which refills after a short delay. Until it is full again, Red cannot use Turn (), or any other ability (without a specific upgrade). Red earns experience points after each battle, and may collect new powers (called Functions) from fallen victims of the Process. Functions may be equipped as one of four unique techniques, as an enhancement on another, equipped technique, or as a passive, persistent effect during battle. For example, the Function Spark () may be used to fire a wide area attack, equipped on another Function to increase its area of effect, or used as a passive effect to spawn decoys of Red. Red can also collect and activate Limiters, which serve as optional debuffs during combat, but in turn increase experience gained. Both Functions and Limiters reveal minor parts of the story if used for a long enough time. Transistor Free Download.

For the PlayStation 4 version, the DualShock 4 light bar flashes in sync with the Transistor's speech.

In June 2015, the game was released on the iOS App Store with default tap controls configured for the iPhone and iPad touchscreens. In addition, the iOS version of the game includes optional gamepad support.


Red, a famous singer in a city called Cloudbank, is attacked by the Process, a robotic force commanded by a group called the Camerata. She manages to escape and comes into possession of the mysterious Transistor — the great sword-like weapon she was to be assassinated with. The Transistor is buried into the chest of a man, now slumped over and dead; though his consciousness and voice seems to have been absorbed into the Transistor itself along with Red's voice. The Camerata continue to track Red and the Transistor down with the Process, wanting the weapon for some yet-unknown cause.


The game opens with the player character, Red, kneeling by the body of an unknown man who has been killed with a glowing greatsword — the titular Transistor. Red is a singer, and the attack which killed the man has also stolen her voice, sealing it inside the Transistor. The dead man's consciousness has also been absorbed into the sword, and through it he is able to speak to Red and act as the game's narrator. As Red makes her way out of the district the game starts in, she comes into conflict with an army of robotic intelligences known as the Process.

Red makes her way to her former stage, in Cloudbank's Goldwalk district, where it is revealed that the Process is being controlled by the Camerata, a sinister group of high-ranking officials. They were the ones who attacked Red, though this was thwarted when the man in the Transistor stepped in front of the blow. As Red travels she discovers several Cloudbank citizens who have been «integrated» by the Process and absorbs their trace data into the Transistor, expanding the weapon's functionality. Returning to the stage where she performed that night, Red encounters Sybil Reisz, the Camerata member who had befriended her before the assassination attempt, in a corrupted Process-like form. It is revealed that Sybil was in love with Red, and that she arranged for the attack in an attempt to cause the man's death and have Red to herself. After defeating Sybil and absorbing her consciousness into the Transistor, Red uses Sybil's knowledge of the Camerata to locate their leader — one of the administrators of Cloudbank, Grant Kendrell. Transistor Free Download PC Game.

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