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Official NameTotal Overdose
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Deadline Games
Publisher (s)EU SCi Entertainment
Director (s)Simon Jon Andreasen
Designer (s)Simon Jon Andreasen
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)September 16, 2005
Genre (s)Third-person shooter
Mode (s)Single-player


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Total Overdose Download Free Full Game (or 'Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico' as it is known in the US) is an open world action/adventure third-person shooter video game that was developed byDeadline Games and published by Sci Entertainment in Europe and by Eidos in North America. It contains a demo for Tomb Raider: Legend on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions.Chili Con Carnage, a PlayStation Portable game using some of the original characters but following a different plotline than Total Overdose, was released on February 13, 2007.



The player assumes the role of Ramiro «Ram» Cruz; a youthful criminal turned DEA Agent. He has been sent into the Mexican border city of Los Toros and its surroundings by his twin brother Tommy, who wants him to find out who killed their father Ernesto. The player will be tasked with infiltrating and taking down the biggest drug cartel in Mexico and battling it out with dope dealers, banditos, corrupt Federales and Mexican Army, loco luchadores, guerrillas, and other assorted bad guys. Total Overdose Free Download.

Between story missions the player can do optional challenge missions as he or she wishes, exploring Los Toros and gathering bonuses to rack up a high score. At the beginning, the player assumes the role as Ernesto Cruz, the boys' father. After Ernesto and the DEA attack the military in the jungle to take some info on Papa Muerte, Ernesto is thrown from the plane and killed. Colonel (Commander) Trust believes it's a drug overdose, however, Tommy suspects an agent. In second mission the player controls Tommy. Tommy meets Marco, who is his primary contact with Morales Cartel. Then Tommy destroys a Virgillo gang convoy and their gas station, but is seriously wounded. His twin brother Ramiro takes the job. Ram saves Marco from a group of Virgillos who want to kill him because he was winning too much. Marco refers Ram to Cesar Morales, local gang boss who had bragged of knowing Ernesto's murderer.

Morales sends Ram to steal the Virgillo's prized car, only to blow it up. Afterwards Ram is enlisted the task of recovering three stolen trucks that will be used for Morales's trafficking deal. Ram successfully steals the trucks,as well as blowing up the Virgillos' ship. Morales's chaffeur Angel overhears Ram talking to Tommy, and finds out his identity. Ram then accompanies the trucks through Virgillo country, enabling the trucks to pass through. Ram hides in one of the trucks and follows them to Morales's meat factory. Ram opens the gate for the DEA agents. But Morales already knew of Ram's plan and kills all of the DEA agents. Ram narrowly escapes with the help of Angel, who is revealed to be a Mexican undercover police officer. Angel and Ram infiltrate a meeting of the Virgillos in which he finds out that Morales was just a puppet with someone pulling the strings.

Ram engages and dispatches Morales' henchmen, finally killing Morales, obtaining a letter from Morales' safe. He finds out that the letter was sent to Morales by a man named PM (probably Papa Muerte). The letter said that PM's DEA informant The Eagle had forewarned him of the DEA ambush. PM had supplied Morales' men with weapons and artillery through Elvez Autos. Ram infiltrates Elvez Autos and finds a bunch of papers depicting coffins and enough ammunition for a small army. Ram enters Elvez's Villa through the sea and finds bodies of DEA agent Pierson and the other agents in coffins. Ram finds and interrogates Elvez, who reveals that Papa Muerte had ordered him to supply Cesar Morales with guns to get rid of the DEA agents. General Montanez was to deliver the payment and had done so. Ram kills Elvez and escapes the villa with the police and the military in pursuit. Total Overdose Free Download PC Game.

Ram then goes to the jungle to Montanez's military base, extracting information about Papa Muerte and the DEA spy. Ram engages and kills Montanez, escaping the jungle. Trust finds out that Papa Muerte had planned to sneak into the DEA and steal the contraband cocaine which the DEA keeps. After stealing they would leave after placing a bomb. Ram goes to Angel's apartment to wait for extraction, only to find Papa Muerte's henchmen trying to kill him. Agent Johnson shows up and reveals himself as the Eagle. He induces Tommy and Trust with a lethal drug overdose. Tommy turns on the microphone, enabling Ram to hear that Johnson had kidnapped Angel and killed their dad. Ram enters the DEA and fights through Papa Muerte's henchmen. He finds the antidote and saves Tommy and Trust. Johnson escapes with Angel on a train. Ram loads the bomb on a train engine and carries it away from the DEA. He escapes the train by jumping onto Johnson's train. Ram fights through the train and comes face to face with Johnson, who separates the coaches from the engine. Two air force Harriers sent by Trust destroy the bridge ahead. Using a bike, Ram destroys Johnson's sentry guns and saves Angel, then they jump over the broken rail just as the train crashes into the canyon, killing Johnson.


  • Ramiro «Ram» Cruz: The playable character for most of the game. A second generation Mexican-American from Venice Beach, Ramiro had been imprisoned for charges not revealed in the story, but hinted to be numerous and violent. His release is contingent on cooperation with the DEA, on the authorization and supervision of his twin brother, a career DEA agent. Ram does not believe in being careful, playing by the rules, or letting his enemies live very long. During the game, Ram is given the nickname «Gringo Loco» by the enemies he faces. Ram also calls himself «Gringo Loco» on occasion in the game as well.
  • Tomas «Tommy» Cruz: Ram's twin brother, playable for the second mission only. Tommy is a high-ranking DEA agent who has infiltrated the Morales Cartel to investigate a lead on his father's death. His mission is threatened to abort when he suffers major injuries due to a grenade explosion at a gas station, until he recruits his twin brother Ram to take on his undercover persona. Tommy maintains contact via a radio link through which he provides information and advice Ram may or may not take. On the Chili Con Carnage website, Tommy is seen as Ernesto's profile picture. It is unknown if this was accidental or not.
  • Ernesto Cruz: The Cruz boys' father, playable for the first mission only. Ernesto is a deep-cover DEA agent who, after a successful raid in South America, unfortunately fell victim to a corrupt group of D.E.A. who pushed him out of a plane. Ernesto's death in Total Overdoseis related to the «Overdose» portion of the game's title.
  • Papa Muerte: A mysterious drug lord who is responsible for the death of Ernesto Cruz and countless others. An underworld figure of legend, his true identity is unknown, and you will spend most of the game hunting him down but will never meet him. Total Overdose for PC.
  • Commander Trust : Tommy's boss, who is not too thrilled with Ram being sent to handle things. Commander Trust is most often seen interrogating Tommy Cruz about his brother's conduct and the operation involving him.
  • Marco the Rat : Owner of Marco's Junkyard in Los Toros and Tommy Cruz's primary contact with the Morales Cartel. After Ram bails him out of trouble with the Virgilio he becomes a valuable asset.
  • Cesar Morales: Head of the notorious Morales Cartel, he runs most of the drug traffic in Los Toros, though he faces increasing competition from the Virgilio Cartel. He also owns a meat packing plant, a trucking company, and a shipping business. Not to mention the fact that he's the Los Toros Bullfighting Commissioner.
  • Angel: Cesar Morales's beautiful chauffeur/enforcer, and a cool and capable lieutenant with a mysterious air. Tension and apparent love interest between her and Ram develop throughout the story.
  • Special Agent Johnson: Former partner of Ernesto, a highly trained veteran DEA agent who has put a lot of work into the Papa Muerte case seemingly with little result. Also known for his cowboy hat and John-Wayne-style modus operandi. He is the «Eagle» spy who betrays the DEA and kills Ramiro's father and delivers the drug overdose to Colonel Trust and Tommy
  • Special Agent Piersson: Another veteran DEA agent who worked with Ernesto, and a close partner with Johnson.
  • General Montanez: A corrupt high-ranking leader of the Mexican army who has worked with the CIA and DEA but is currently employed by Papa Muerte.
  • Elvez Gonzales: Wealthy auto salesman, playboy and good friend of Cesar Morales. Also heavily traffics in arms and technologies that support Cesar Morales' supremacy in organized crime. Total Overdose Download Torrent.

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