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Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Full PC Game

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Official NameTomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Core Design
Publisher (s)Eidos Interactive
Director (s)Jeremy Heath-Smith
Producer (s)Andrew Watt
Artist (s)Andre Gordella
Writer (s)Murti Schofiel
Composer (s)Peter Connelly
SeriesTomb Raider
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)20 June 2003
Genre (s)Action-adventure
Mode (s)Single-player


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Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Full PC Game Overview

Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Download Free Full Game is the sixthvideo game in the Tomb Raider franchise, acting as a direct sequel to Tomb Raider Chronicles and The Last Revelation. It was developed by Core Designand published by Eidos Interactive. The game was originally released in 2003 for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 2 and Mac OS X and was the firstTomb Raider title to be released for the PlayStation 2 console. The storyline follows Lara Croft as she attempts to clear herself of murdering her former mentor Werner Von Croy while investigating the activities of a black magic cult.

The game's development began three years before release. The intention was to create a different game from previous entries in the franchise which could compete better with newer action games, and to fully exploit the potential of the next generation of gaming platforms. The production was fraught with difficulties, and the game ended up being delayed twice. When released, the game sold 2.5 million copies worldwide, but was widely criticised for its poor controls and multiple bugs. In the aftermath of the game's release, a potential trilogy was scrapped and development of the franchise was transferred to Crystal Dynamics for the next entry in the series, Tomb Raider: Legend. Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Free Download.


Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, like previous Tomb Raider games, is a third-personaction-adventure puzzle game. Players control the main series protagonist Lara Croft through the majority of the game. The majority of Lara's basic moves are carried over from the previous instalment, such as walking, jumping, climbing, swinging on ropes and standard gunplay. Her new moves include a small hop, army-crawling, hand-to-hand combat and a «super-jump» that can be performed whilst running. Lara can also sneak up on enemies and perform stealth attacks, flatten herself against walls and peer round corners. Lara's ability to sprint, present in the three previous entries in the series, is only available when the player opens a cabinet containing gas masks in the 'Galleries Under Siege' level. Her weapons arsenal is also modified from previous games, featuring new weapons such as a K2 Impactor stun gunand upgraded versions of weapons like the shotgun.

Unlike previous games in the series, Lara has a stamina meter which depletes whilst she is performing bouts of climbing: if the bar empties before reaching her destination, she falls. The rate at which the meter decrease slows if the player performs special actions that increase Lara's strength. These actions are also necessary to progress in many of the levels. The game incorporates elements similar to a role-playing game, whereby Lara can talk with various NPCs found throughout the environments and chose what kinds of answers to give: early in the game, these answers will directly affect her progress through the story. The game also features a second playable character, Kurtis Trent. Initially appearing to be an antagonist, the player assumes control of him late in the game. He features mainly identical moves to Lara, and his sections of the game are more based around combat.


Angel of Darkness follows on from events in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider Chronicles, where Lara Croft was presumed dead. An unspecified time later, Lara arrives in Paris at the request of her former mentor, Werner Von Croy. The city, and Von Croy, are gripped with fear over a serial killer the press have dubbed the «Monstrum». The Monstrum steals body parts and leaves distinctive signs made with the victim’s blood in its wake. During a confrontation with Von Croy at his apartment, a flurry of activity occurs and Lara is knocked unconscious. When she wakes, Von Croy has been murdered by the Monstrum, and Lara is the prime suspect. Fleeing the crime scene with police in pursuit, Lara tracks down Von Croy's friend Margot Carvier, who agrees to give Lara Von Croy's old notebook, which he had left with her for safekeeping. From Carvier, Lara discovers that Von Croy had been contracted by a client named Eckhardt to track down medieval icons called the Obscura Paintings. The next day, it is revealed Carvier has also been murdered by the Monstrum. Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Free Download PC Game.

Shortly before his death, Von Croy had been in contact with a French businessman and underworld figure, Louis Bouchard. Lara must track down Bouchard through the almost-deserted backstreets of Paris, discovering that Bouchard is now in hiding after several of his associates were killed by the Monstrum. When she does locate him, Bouchard reveals Von Croy had contacted him for assistance in breaking into an archaeological dig beneath the Musée du Louvre. Lara gains access to the Louvre through its storm drains, and is able to uncover more information connecting the archaeological dig to the Obscura Paintings. The paintings concern the Nephilim, a hybrid creature descended from angels and humans, which once lived in Turkey. A single dormant Nephilim now remains, the Cubiculum Nephili or «Sleeper». The five Obscura Paintings, when connected, form a talisman called the Sanglyph that can be used to revive the Sleeper. To prevent this, an ancient society called the Lux Veritatis stole one of the paintings and hid it in a guarded vault beneath the Louvre. Lara must descend into the Lux Veritatis stronghold beneath the Louvre to retrieve it. Whilst attempting to escape with the painting, Lara is disarmed by Kurtis Trent, the last of the Lux Veritatis, who wields a magical Chirugai blade. Kurtis steals the painting, but both he and Lara are knocked unconscious before they can flee.

Upon regaining consciousness, Lara is met by Bouchard, who informs her there has been a Monstrum killing in Prague. Bouchard then betrays Lara, attempting to have her killed, but Lara survives and makes her way to the Czech Republic. Outside the Monstrum crime scene, Lara meets a Czech journalist named Luddick, who fills her in on Eckhardt, an immortal black alchemist who leads a mysterious local organisation called the Cabal, and whom Luddick believes is the Monstrum. Lara also encounters a captive Bouchard near the crime scene, who reveals Eckhardt's full plan for reviving the Nephilim. Soon after, Lara rediscovers Bouchard dead. With Luddick's assistance, Lara infiltrates the Cabal's headquarters, the Strahov, and in the process accidentally frees the Proto-Nephilim, the Cabal's unsuccessful attempt to breed a new Nephilim species. Meanwhile, Lara witnesses Eckhardt murder Luddick. She again encounters Kurtis, who locks her in a compartment while he kills the Proto-Nephilim using his two Periapt Shards, daggers capable of killing immortal beings. Lara and Kurtis team up to stop Eckhardt assembling the Sanglyph, with Lara retrieving the final Obscura Painting buried deep beneath the Strahov. However, Lara must surrender this painting to save Kurtis, after he is captured by Eckhardt. Kurtis gives Lara his Periapt shards, but she will need a third lost shard to defeat Eckhardt, which Eckhardt has hidden in his laboratory. While Lara flees to track this shard down, Kurtis attempts to hold off an attack from Boaz, the horribly mutated remains of a fallen Cabal member. Kurtis succeeds in killing her, but is severely wounded in the process. Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness for PC.

After retrieving the final Periapt shard, Lara discovers Eckardt in the midst of attempting to revive the Sleeper, using the Sanglyph and body parts stolen from the Monstrum's victims. She is able to stab him with two shards, but before she can deliver the final blow, she is interrupted by Eckhardt's right-hand man, Karel. Karel kills Eckhardt with the final shard, revealing that he is a Nephilim himself, and had used Eckhardt to ensure the survival of his species. He had also manipulated Lara, in the guise of Bouchard, Luddick and Kurtis, to retrieve the Obscura Paintings. He offers Lara immortality if she will help him complete the task, but Lara experiences a flashback to Von Croy’s murder, and sees that Karel, in Eckhardt's form, was the Monstrum. She refuses, retrieves the Sanglyph from Eckhardt's body, and plants it on the Sleeper, overloading it with energy and causing it to explode, taking Karel with it. In the aftermath, Lara discovers Kurtis' Chirugai blade, which directs her towards Boaz's chamber. Smiling, she heads inside. Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Download Torrent.

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