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Official NameThinkTanks
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)BraveTree Productions
Publisher (s)GarageGames
EngineTorque Game Engine
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2003-03-09,
Genre (s)Third-person shooter
Mode (s)Solo, Quickplay, and


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ThinkTanks Full PC Game Overview

ThinkTanks Download Free Full Game, also called TT, is an online multiplayer third-person shooter available forMicrosoft Windows, Mac, Linuxand Xbox It was developed byBraveTree Productions and marketed by GarageGamesand


An alien race has stolen human brains and put them in control of war-fighting tanks on their homeworld. The player has managed to escape the alien mind control and now must battle against sinister robots in order to free other humans. Driving fans tend to enjoy the light tanks, which are speedy but have weak armor. Methodical and crafty players gravitate toward heavy tanks, which are extremely reinforced and make excellent sniping tools. Medium tanks are versatile and offer the best of both worlds as they easily accommodate different map styles. Players start out with weapons contingent on vehicle type and quickly graduate with the help of various powerups. Two gameplay modes, each with individual and team play, offer countless strategies and can further be enhanced by bots with intelligent AI. ThinkTanks Free Download.

There are three single-player game modes: in Solo play, the player has to beat level after level, rotating through Lush, Spooky, and Frantic maps with progressively harder bots to fight. A boss level occurs every 4 levels. Target Practice pits a player against an army of disarmed bots to test their aim. Quick Play causes a quick match on any map between the player and 6 bots in «indie» battlemode- anything that moves is a target.

  • Battlemode: Anything that moves is a target and must be shot at.
  • Team Battlemode: Same as Battlemode, except there are 2 teams.
  • «Indie» Scrum: Every individual player attempts to get the «scrum ball» into the pulsating green goal.
  • Team Scrum: Same as Indie Scrum, except 2 teams are trying to beat each other.
  • Battle Royale Gameplay

Battle Royale is played as a one on one or two on two game in either battlemode or scrum. The number of players is adjusted depending on the number of players in the server. Points are scored by winning a round, a round consists of 3 matches in Battlemode or Scrum. The number of matches per round may be varied in game, an on screen display will inform you of the current game settings and clearly shows the number of matches required to win the round. A single team point is awarded for each round won, however if a team wins the round without their opposing team winning a match then two team points are awarded. Individual scoring is based upon a single point for every kill in battlemode and a single point for every goal scored in scrum. ThinkTanks Free Download PC Game.

When playing two on two in battlemode the first team mate to be eliminated is put into observer mode and can follow their remaining team player until the match is won, the player in observer in then re-spawned for the start of the new match. When playing two on two in scrum mode eliminated players are re-spawned immediately just like a regular game. ThinkTanks for PC.

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