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Official NameThe Silent Age
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2012
Developer (s)House on Fire
Producer (s)Uni Dahl
Designer (s)Thomas Ryder
Programmer (s)Linda Randazzo
Writer (s)Anders Petersen
Composer (s)Nevin Eronde
Genre (s)Puzzle
Mode (s)Single-player



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The Silent Age Full PC Game Overview

The Silent Age Download Free Full Game is a point-and-click puzzle video game developed by Danish indie game studio House on Fire. The story is set in 1972, and follows the protagonist Joe on a quest to save mankind by using time travel.


The game begins with images of Joe's past: his brief time in the United States Military, the odd jobs he's worked over the years, and his present janitor job at Archon, a luxurious company focusing on scientific research and development. When he arrives to work, Joe is called up to management and is informed by CEO Mr. Hill that his coworker and janitorial superior Frank has left Archon the previous day, leaving Joe to perform Frank's previous duties in the form of a promotion. While initially troubled by Frank's departure, Joe accepts the promotion and gains clearance to the lower labs where Frank used to work. On his way down to the labs, Joe discovers small amounts of blood and a tin foil hat inside the elevator, but dismisses it as a nose bleeding incident. When he exits the elevator, Joe discovers a blood trail that leads to one of the sealed testing chambers. The Silent Age Free Download.

Frightened by his discovery, Joe runs back up to management to inform Mr. Hill of what he found using a blood soaked handkerchief as proof. However, when he gets there, Mr. Hill's secretary turns Joe away, thinking that Joe injured himself and provides him with a band aid. Seeing no other option, Joe returns to the lower labs to help whoever is behind the sealed test chamber. Using the bandage to apply pressure to locking mechanism, Joe is able to open the chamber and discovers a wounded old man.

Initially believing him to be dead, Joe attempts to call security to his discovery, but is shocked when the man pleads with him to keep his voice down. The man claims that he is a time traveler who comes from a horrible future where mankind is on the brink of extinction. In his attempt to save humanity, he was fatally shot. Before falling unconscious, the time traveler gives Joe a small, handheld device which he claims is a solar powered time machine. Before falling unconcience, the time traveler tells Joe to find his present counterpart and inform him of the doomed future which lies ahead. Confused by the time traveler's words, Joe is confronted by Archon security when they discover him by the time traveler's body and hands him over to the police for questioning.

At the police station, Joe is questioned by two detectives of the events which occurred. Joe, confused by everything that has happened, tells the detectives of the time traveler and his message of future extinction, a story which leaves the detectives just as confused as Joe. Attempting to further the investigation, the detective sitting across from Joe hands him the strange device the time traveler had given him before he died. When Joe activates the device, it creates a pulse which blacks out the room. When he opens the door, Joe is shocked to discover the police station to be run down and abandoned. With the time machine empty on solar power, Joe explores the police station for an exit. As he searches through the station, a horrified Joe discovers the skeletal remains of one of the detectives questioning him along with the decayed skeletons of other police officers. Joe is further disturbed when he sees his own picture on a wanted poster, claiming that he stole advanced weaponry from Archon. These discoveries convince Joe that what the time traveler told him was true. Eventually, Joe is able to escape from the police station and uses a small patch of sunlight to recharge his time machine, being able to return to the present. The Silent Age Free Download PC Game.

Having nothing left to go on, Joe decides to look for the time traveler at the hospital. Using the time machine to get through obstacles and avoid the police looking for him, Joe eventually reaches the hospital where the time traveler was taken but discovers that he has died of his injuries. Using a toe tag on the man's corpse, Joe is able to match up a file number with a name and address in the hospital's records, learning that the time traveler's real name is Dr. Reginald Lambert. With this information, Joe fixes up and steals an ambulance and goes out in search of Lambert. On the drive over, Joe ponders on Lambert's survival in the future and the concepts on time travel.

After hours of driving, Joe finally reaches Lambert's address, a small island residence on the far side of a lake. To get there, Joe repairs and refuels a boat docked on the shore. When Joe finally arrives he finds no sign of Lambert, finding only a crocodile guarding Lambert's front door and his time machine out of charge. After getting rid of the crocodile, Joe uses a chainsaw fueled with Lambert's homemade moon shine to break into the house. After charging his time machine using a fluorescent light bulb, Joe jumps to the future and discovers that future Lambert had fortified his home, replacing his hard wood doors with steel ones to protect himself from wild animals and set up an agricultural garden to grow food to survive. Joe also discovers a much larger Mark I Prototype time machine in Lambert's basement, as well as the blue prints to the pocket sized Mk. II prototype that he currently carries.

Having searched through every room in the house, Joe eventually finds Lambert (who is much younger) behind a hidden door armed with a rifle. Holding Joe at gunpoint, he demands to know who Joe is and how he managed to find him. Joe tries explaining that it was actually Lambert himself who sent him here to warn him of the coming extinction of the human race. While Lambert is initially unconvinced of Joe's story, he finally comes to believe Joe when he is presented the Mk. II with his family crest on it. Joe then explains that the future Lambert had given him the device after being shot. Lambert initially asks how he became injured, but stops himself, explaining that he could consequently alter the future course of time if he knew too much of the coming events. Joe then explains to Lambert that the future world he has traveled has become an empty quiet wasteland. The Silent Age for PC.

Feeling that Joe deserves an explanation, Lambert recounts the events of how his college thesis on the possibility of time travel had caught the attention of Athena, an experimental weapons company with ties to the U.S. Government. Impressed with Lambert's theories on time travel, Athena recruited him out of MIT to develop the Mk. I Time Machine for military use. Their initial intentions were that they could use the machine to strangle communism in its cradle before the formation of the Soviet Union. However, Lambert couldn't design a machine that could travel back in time due to the Law of Causality, which prevents an individual from traveling back before the invention of time travel. In later years, Athena secured a confidential contract with the U.S. government and officially became Archon, promising to provide time machines that could be used to bring back advanced weaponry from the future to better combat the Soviets.

With a large military budget at their disposal, Archon began mass-producing Lambert's Mk. I Prototypes and began conducting live experiments with human test subjects. The results however were more horrifying than they could imagine. The majority of time pilots who were sent to the future never returned, resulting in Archon losing several million dollars worth of equipment. Those who did make it back did not bring weapons and became terribly ill, ranting of empty streets and human remains. Horrified by the symptoms the pilots exhibited, Lambert and his R&D team initially threatened to resign after learning that Archon planned to continues its experiments. While most were convinced to stay due to being offered large pay raises and stock options, Lambert, having seen the virus's effects first hand, resigned from his position and moved out of the city to prevent himself from being infected by the plague and to prepare for the coming apocalyptic future.

Realizing that the extinction of the human race is imminent, Lambert tasks Joe to return to Archon the day before and prevent the Mk. I and its pilot from taking off. While initially hesitant, Joe agrees to the task after Lambert explains that he was only there at that moment because Lambert was able to complete his work on the island. With little time remaining, Lambert sends Joe back to the previous day so that he can stop the time machine from taking off. Before sending him away, Lambert warns Joe to not encounter his past self, for it could have dire consequences according to the Law of Causality. Unable to use the ambulance for transport as it is no longer there, Lambert provides Joe with a fully fueled van and some food for his journey back to the city.

After infiltrating Archon's lower labs, Joe attempts to destroy the time machines control console to prevent it from leaving. As he tries to find something to destroy the console, Joe manages to find a Level 4 access card to enter a confidential lab, but is shocked to discover a Cryo Lab containing two test subjects. While trying to acquire a vat of acid to destroy the console, he finds his old coworker Frank going through confidential files, and asks him if they could get a beer when this is all over. After managing to steal the acid, Joe finds that Frank has disappeared along with the files concerning Archon's Mk. I. As he's exiting the Cyro lab, Joe hears a faint warping noise from the Mk. I testing chamber. Joe returns to discover the time machine has already taken off. With no time to spare, Joe steals the acid and destroys the control console, only discover a trail of blood. The Silent Age Download Torrent.

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