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The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Full PC Game

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Official NameThe Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan
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The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Full PC Game Overview

The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Download Free Full Game is the fourth expansion for the Massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Lord of the Rings Online. It was released on October 15, 2012 as a web-based download and on Steam. New game enhancements include a level cap increase to 85, level 85 legendary weapons (as well as a new legendary item), and six new areas. The expansion's main feature is mounted combat.


Volume III: Allies of the King

Riders of Rohan continues the storyline that began shortly after The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood expansion and is described in The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard. The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Free Download.

Book 7 — A Fellowship Endangered

Her wounds healed, the Dunlending girl Nona makes a full recovery and becomes eager to leave Lothlorien. Lady Galadriel's mirror reveals to her and the player that the Fellowship faced a grave danger at Parth Galen, but many things remain unclear. Galadriel bids the player and Nona to travel further down the river of Anduin to discover the Fellowship's fate, sending with them guide — an Elf named Corudan, whose sister Sigileth fought alongside the player in Mirkwood and perished during the battle in Dol Guldur. The Fellowship makes a brief stop at the Rohirrim town of Stangard, where the player discovers that Horn, the man who helped carry wounded Nona into Lothlorien, is no longer welcome by other men for venturing into the woods they consider haunted. His future uncertain, Horn accepts the offer to join the player's quest. Together with an Elf, a man of Rohan and a girl from Dunland, the player travels by boat south down Anduin, eventually reaching the Argonath. On the lawn of Parth Galen, they find signs of the Fellowship's passing and a struggle and are eventually able to piece together the events leading to the Breaking of the Fellowship. This goal accomplished, they decide to pursue the Three Hunters and aid them in rescuing Merry and Pippin from the Uruks who captured them.[citation needed]

Book 8 — Into the Riddermark

Already days behind Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, the Company has no hope of catching up with them on foot. They set to acquire War-Steeds from the friendly Rohirrim in the town of Langhold. While the Three Hunters led their pursuit on foot without stopping for rest, the player's company now has the benefit of the mounts, but makes several stops at Rohirrim towns along the way, to get a better direction of where the passing Uruks went. The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Free Download PC Game.

After departing the town of Faldham, where Elfhelm's son Elfmar rules in his father's absence at the Fords of Isen, they make their way to Eaworth in the Entwash Vale, near the edge of Fangorn Forest. Horn's father Ingbert is the Reeve — ruler — of this town and the vale itself, but is not pleased to see his son, for Horn had a term to serve in the town of Stangard, which he now broke. Adding more tension is the fact that Horn and Nona, despite all their differences, have begun to show signs of affection for each other during the long journey, but few in Eaworth are even being able to tolerate to presence of a «wild Dunlending» among them. Offended by such welcome, Nona leaves silently and without saying goodbye. Unable to find her trail, the player, Corudan and Horn have no choice but to continue with their original mission.[citation needed]

Book 9 — The Third Marshall

Éomer and his riders make a stop at Eaworth while returning to Edoras. The Third Marshall says to the player the same thing he earlier said to Aragorn: that his riders have killed the Uruks and burned their bodies, with none left alive. The player and his/her two companions set out to investigate the site of the battle nonetheless. Lacking Aragorn's superior tracking skills, they miss the signs of the Hobbits having escaped and nearly succumb to despair. However, a chance encounter with an Ent from Fangorn reveals that not only are the Hobbits alive, but that Gandalf himself has already seen for their safety. Their hopes renewed, the player, Horn and Corudan the Elf decide to travel with Eomer's eored for a time.[citation needed]

Eomer's next stop takes him to the town of Snowbourn on the river of the same name. The Third Marshall deems the entire Eastemnet not defensible, with Isengard forces coming from the west, Mordor orcs pouring from the south and Easterlings crossing the river from the east. By his military power, he orders all people remaining in those lands to abandon their homes and move westward across the Entwash river, where they can be better defended. Fastred, the Thane («Major») of Snowbourn openly defies this order, however, refusing to abandon his position and leading bold strikes against orc forces instead. Angered at the insubordination, Eomer decides to bring this matter directly to the attention of the King.[citation needed]

The player and his companions accompany Eomer to Edoras, where the sings of Grima Wormtongue's growing influence become apparent to all after The King's Minstel Gléowine is thrown out of the court for crossing him. The audience with King Theoden quickly turns into an interrogation by Wormtongue, who oders Eomer stripped of his rank and imprisoned for breaking the «King's» direct order not to pursue the Uruk-hai band. Only an intervention by Lady Eowyn saves the player, Corudan and Horn from similar fate — instead they are thrown out of Edoras and are ordered to remain in the Eastemnet, not to cross the Entwash river under the penalty of death. Their next move uncertain, the trio decides to spend time helping those people who choose to fight for their homes in this land, despite being abandoned by Edoras. The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan for PC.

Book 10 — Snows of Wildermore

The player, Horn and Corudan choose to follow Gléowine, King Théoden's minstrel and Horn's old mentor, who has been thrown out of Edoras along with them. They find him in Snowbourn, where they hear troubling news from Harding, Aldor of the Northmarch — no word has come from Wildermore, in remote corner of the Wold, for weeks. Wildermore is where Gléowine spend his youth and a chance to revisit those lands gives him a new purpose. He joins the player's companions as they travel to the Wold and then to Wildermore. The find the land engulfed in snow, highly unnatural for those lands, and terrorized by a stone giant named Nurzum. A foul product of Saruman experiments, he had his strength augmented with remains of an ancient Huorn, making him nigh invulnerable, and a relic of Morgoth from Thangorodrim fused to his back, causing unnatural cold, snow storms and ice to follow him whenever he goes. Widfara, one of Harding's men from the Wold, is a sole survivor of his attack, and believes everyone else, including Harding's son Leodwig, killed.[citation needed]

While traversing Wildermore in search of ways to oppose Nurzum, the player and his companions unexpectedly come across Nona. Since her departure in Eaworth, she made her way to the city of Byre Tor, which has been razed by Nurzum, and cared for the survivors, her hatred for Men of Rohan lessened by the kind actions. Her reunion with Horn is brief and cold, and not having yet resolved her feelings for him, she chooses to leave again. The others follow her to a cave where she hides survivors from the snow, among them Harding's son Leodwig, injured but alive. Seeing wrath of Nurzum firsthand, Corudan the Elf decides to search for aid among the Ents of the nearby Fangorn Forest. He and the player manage to find and wake the Ent Leaflock (Finglas) and relay him Nuzum's story. The Ent cares little for troubles of Men, but defiling of Huorn's remains rouses him to anger and he commands Huorns of the forest to come after the giant. Nurzum fights off the attack, but is weakened and later defeated by the player and Heroes of Wildermore. Meanwhile, Nona and Horn resolve their feelings and finally commit to each other.[citation needed]


A series of session plays running concurrent to Book 10 shows the Rangers of the Grey Company whom the player left in Book 5 and their activities in Dunland, without the player character's involvement.

Meanwhile, the Grey Company of Dunedain remains in Dunland, where following their rescue from imprisonment in Tur Morva, the Rangers drove the traitorous Falcon Clan underground. The Ranges occupy the city itself and fight off several smaller ambushes, but don't have the force to assault the Dunlendings in the tunnels under Methedras, for the Falcon Clan knows them much better, resulting in a stalemate. The Sons of Elrond bid Halbarad to continue the journey south, yet many Rangers refuse to leave without having vengeance for their fallen brothers. The Ranger Saeradan, with Halbarad's permission, leaves the company and takes a wagon with the bodies of the fallen north, to prevent their defilement in the hostile lands. Upon reaching Enedwaith he makes an important discovery — the Oathbreakers of the Forsaken Road, responsible for an earlier attack on the Rangers, have left those lands and are travelling back to the Stone of Erech, hoping to be relieved of their eternal curse. In Tur Morva the Ranger Golodir refuses to wait for vengeance any longer and enters the caverns accompanied only by his friend Corunir. There they discover that the Falcon Clan has tricked them again and used the underground passages to cross the Misty Mountains into the lands of Rohan. In Isengard, the Ranger Lothrandir is still holding out against physical and mental abuse by Saruman's servants, but the Wizard has patience and is determined to break him. The Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Download Torrent.

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