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Official NameThe Legend of Mir 2
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)WeMade Entertainment, ActozSoft
Publisher (s)Digital Bros, Shanda, Gamepot, Softworld
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)September 19, 2001
Genre (s)Fantasy MMORPG
Mode (s)Multiplayer


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The Legend of Mir 2 Full PC Game Overview

The Legend of Mir 2 Download Free Full Game (Korean: 미르의 전설 2) is a sprite based isometric 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Korean-based WeMade Entertainment. There are currently two versions available; Korean Mir and Chinese Mir. The European version (published by Game Network) came to a close on 31 March 2009, after running for 8 years, and the North American version (published by Gamepot) came to a close on 14 May 2012.

Whilst being moderately successful in Europe, it has been incredibly well received in Asia and was the most popular MMORPG in China in 2002 and 2003, with over 250,000 simultaneous users being reported. The game has also claimed to have 120 million players worldwide.

The sequel, The Legend of Mir 3, has a very similar gameplay but has updated graphics, as well as providing larger maps. It has not quite reached the popularity levels of its predecessor, and has so far been released in the same countries as Mir 2, as well as in North America.



Players have the option of playing one of four professions, with no more than three characters per server. Professions range from Taoist, healers who use magical and melee attacks. This is the support class of mir and not suited to solo game play. Taoists can summon pets to assist in battle, poison targets and heal. Warriors, who are the «tanks» of Mir use melee attacks and have the highest defense and attack attributes of all classes. The Legend of Mir 2 Free Download.

Wizards depend on magic and can kill multiple monsters with ease using AoE spells. Wizards have low health and defense against physical damage and are especially weak against higher level warrior magic attacks. Assassins have taken over as the primary melee damage dealing class but have much weaker defense attributes than warriors. Conversely this instead of undermining the warrior class, has strengthened its position and clarified its role as the 'tank'.


In late 2014 Shanda's Chinese version of Mir introduced a sixth class into the Legend of Mir character selection. The Monk class was graphically/visually stunning and tried to fill a gap as a mid range class (dealing ranged damage from one or two spaces away from an opponent).

The Monk's arsenal includes a number of different styled single direction attacks, a larger three directional attacks and an Area of Effect (AOE) style spell that follows the caster. The Legend of Mir 2 Free Download PC Game.


In 2013 Shanda's Chinese version of Mir introduced a fifth class into the Legend of Mir character selection, this was marked as a huge addition for the community as there had been a gap of five years since the fourth class (Assassin) was introduced.

WeMade's Korean version of Mir later introduced their own take on the Archer class in 2014 which was marginally different to the Chinese version.

The Chinese Archer class is a ranged damage dealer, that uses a variety of different arrow types to perform different styles of attacks, in addition Archers are capable of multiplying their damage points with critical hits.


In 2008 WeMade expanded the original three heroes to create a fourth class, the Assassin. The class is a melee class but with low defense and low accuracy. Assassins make up for their deficiency with an increase in the speed of their attacks. The assassin can also learn to paralyze or poison a single target as well as hide from both players and monsters. Assassins use both HP and MP pots at a very fast rate which can prove difficult to finance.


Warriors are incredibly strong characters that use their brute force to hack away at their enemies. Warriors are generally the easiest character for new players due to their higher maximum health, defense and ease of play. The main drawback of the warrior is the cost of items as well as the fast depletion of the duration of these items due to the number of times the warrior is hit in combat. The Legend of Mir 2 for PC.


Wizards are a magic based class using magical ranged attacking due to their inability to sustain melee damage. Similarly, wizards rarely use melee attacks against their enemies, instead preferring to kill multiple mobs from distance with powerful magic.


Taoists are largely dependent on hunting in a group as its strengths are as a supporting class. Due to the supportive nature of the class, the harder the situation the players find themselves in, the more a tao will prove its worth. Taoists are famed for their ability to survive. Taoist, combine both physical and magical attacks although at a lower level than other classes. This has led to a number of different playing style including the economical but slow leveling method of players treating their tao like a low leveler level warrior. Taoists are considered the hardest class to play. The Legend of Mir 2 Download Torrent.

The Legend of Mir 2 Free Download PC Game

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