The Journeyman Project (1994) Download Free Full Game

The Journeyman Project (1994) Full PC Game

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Official NameThe Journeyman Project (1994)
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Presto Studios
Publisher (s)Presto Studios
Designer (s)David Flanagan
EngineMacromedia Director 2.0
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)1993
Genre (s)Adventure game
Mode (s)Single player


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The Journeyman Project (1994) Download Torrent The Journeyman Project (1994) for PC The Journeyman Project (1994) Free Download PC Game


The Journeyman Project (1994) Full PC Game Overview

The Journeyman Project (1994) Download Free Full Game is a time travel adventure computer game developed by Presto Studios.


The game features a first-person perspective. The protagonist sees a display, a rectangle shaped visor (acting as a monocle for Agent 5). This user interface helps to reduce the movie size and maintain relatively high frame rates. Controls work as four interface buttons located below the screen. They move Agent 5 forward and backward, and rotate Agent 5 left and right.

The Journeyman Project was billed as interactive movie adventure game, where the player is presented with several clues and puzzles that must be solved in order to move on or finish the level. Items that the player finds can be helpful or harmful as he attempts to explore his surroundings. The most important of these items are the seven bio-chips, which enhance the player-character's abilities in various ways. The game's user interface stores the bio-chips in a special «bio-chip panel», which serves as a «quick-menu» for activating and deactivating the various chips.


What an Agent sees when he activates the time machine

The game takes place in the distant future, after the Earth has been united to a peaceful global community. A scientist has discovered the technology of time travel but because of its dangerous nature, the prototype machine, 'Pegasus', has been placed under government supervision and further attempts at traveling through time or developing time travel technology are forbidden by law. The Journeyman Project (1994) Free Download.

The game begins as humanity welcomes the first alien delegation to visit the planet, and prepares to answer positively to an invitation to join the interplanetary «Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings». During the induction ceremony, the government-operated Temporal Security Annex, which was established to oversee the lock-down of the Pegasus machine, detects three temporal disturbances that have altered the timeline; the Annex mobilizes Agent 5 to correct the disruptions, which have altered the timeline so that Earth's meeting with the Symbiotry representatives is one of mutual distrust and aggression rather than cooperation.

The Morimoto Mars Colony

Upon arriving at the Annex, Agent 5 discovers that the anachronisms are related to Earth's first contact with the Symbiotry; ten years prior, the aliens had extended their offer, and planned to return in one decade to receive Earth's answer. An unknown party has altered the timeline to prevent contact with the Symbiotry, either through preventing them from reaching Earth or changing humanity's reaction to the aliens' arrival.

The conference of 2112 which led to peace and prosperity through the unification of Earth over opposing voices. The robot Poseidon sends a nuclear missile to detonate above Ghorbistan so that fear prevents the countries from proceeding with the acceptance of the treaty.

The first acknowledged contact with an alien ship in 2185 above Mars. The robot Ares is sent to sabotage the Morimoto Mars Colony so that humanity connects the aliens with the colony's destruction, and grow skeptical of their intentions. The Journeyman Project (1994) Free Download PC Game.

The Pro-alien rally of 2310 where the speech of Dr. Enrique Castillo persuaded the opposing scientists to accept joining the Symbiotry. Robot Mercury was sent to assassinate Castillo so that the opposition prevailed.

After exploring all three time periods, and collecting evidence from each, Agent 5 discovers that the person responsible for the disruptions is Dr. Elliot Sinclair, the inventor of the Pegasus time machine. He fears that the aliens are a malevolent force rather than a peaceful race, and is doing everything in his power to make Earth an unsuitable candidate for joining the aliens.

In all three scenarios, the player has two ways to neutralize the robots—one «peaceful» and one «aggressive»—which will affect the player's overall score. The player also gains bio-chips from each robot when he completes each scenario successfully.

Elliot Sinclair, giving instructions and confessing his intentions to his last Prototype, Poseidon, as seen on an Optical Memory Bio-Chip

After correcting the anachronisms created by Dr. Sinclair, Agent 5 learns that the doctor decided to take matters into his own hands and assassinate the alien delegate sent to receive Earth's answer. Agent 5 finds Dr. Sinclair hiding on top of an apartment building and holding a rifle, ready to fire on the delegate as soon as he arrives. After a brief scuffle, Agent 5 arrests Dr. Sinclair, allowing history to take its proper course. The Journeyman Project (1994) for PC.

The Journeyman Project (1994) Free Download PC Game

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The Journeyman Project (1994) Free Download PC Game

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