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Official NameThe Golden Compass
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Shiny Entertainment
Publisher (s)Sega
Distributor (s)New Line Cinema
Director (s)Michael Persson
Producer (s)Maja Persson
Designer (s)Dax Berg
Programmer (s)Martin Jensen
Artist (s)Jonathan Gwyn
Writer (s)Dalan Musson
Composer (s)Jamie Christopherson
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)November 30, 2007[2]
Genre (s)Action-adventure, Puzzle
Mode (s)Single-player


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The Golden Compass Full PC Game Overview

The Golden Compass Download Free Full Game is a 2007 action-adventure/puzzle video game developed by Shiny Entertainment for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360 and Windows, and by A2M for Nintendo DS. The game was published on all platforms by Sega, and was released in Europe in November 2007 (except the PSP and Windows versions, which were released in December), and in North America and Australia in December.

The game is the «official videogame» of the film of the same name, although it is also partially based on the novel upon which the film is based, Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. The game was released prior to the film and features a slightly different sequence of events towards the end of the story, as well as additional footage at the end of the game not seen in the film. This was due to a last minute re-edit of the last half hour of the film by New Line Cinema, which couldn't be incorporated into the game, as it was based on the shooting script.[7] The Golden Compass was the last game developed by Shiny before Foundation 9 Entertainment merged them with The Collective.

The game received primarily negative reviews across all platforms, with many reviewers arguing the plot was incomprehensible unless one were familiar with the film and/or novel. Other common criticism included graphical glitches, poor gameplay and level design, bugs, and a general sense that the game was rushed to release before it was ready. Despite the poor reviews, however, it sold well.


The Golden Compass is an action-adventure/puzzle game played from a third-person perspective. Players control either Lyra Belacqua and her dæmon Pan, or the Panserbjørne Iorek Byrnison. Lyra's levels primarily involve platforming, stealth and puzzle solving,[9] whilst Iorek's are mainly melee combat based.[10]

A major aspect of the gameplay in Lyra's levels involves the shape-shifting ability of Pan, who can transform into four different forms; Ermine, Sloth, Hawk and Wildcat, with each form having its own unique ability. The Ermine's ability is «Insight», which allows Lyra to discover information about her surroundings, find hotspots, and reveal secrets. The Sloth's ability is «Whip», which allows Lyra to swing from poles and reach areas she cannot jump to. The Hawk's ability is «Glide», which allows Lyra to glide a short distance, covering gaps she wouldn't be able to get across any other way. The Golden Compass Free Download.

The Wildcat's ability is «Climb», which allows Lyra to climb certain surfaces to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Players often have to shift form mid-move. For example, to reach a certain platform, the player may need to use the «Whip» ability to have Lyra swing on a pole. After releasing her from the pole, the player may then need to immediately use the «Glide» ability to reach the platform, necessitating a form change whilst Lyra is in midair.

Also important in Lyra's levels are Evasion and Deception minigames. Evasion games occur whenever Lyra is spotted by an enemy, and involves pressing buttons to correspond with icons on screen to allow Lyra escape from her pursuer. Deception games are more common. These games take place whenever Lyra is involved in a conversation with someone and is attempting to deceive them. The better the player performs in the minigame, the more successful Lyra is in her deception. The minigames include, but are not limited to, matching symbols, collecting falling icons, avoiding falling icons, a Whac-A-Mole type game and a snooker type game.

Another major aspect of the gameplay is the Alethiometer. Once the player has access to the Alethiometer, it can be asked certain set questions. The device has thirty-six symbols on its outer edge, each with three meanings. These meanings are discovered over the course of game; some are learned automatically as the plot advances, others must be sought out by the player and can be missed. For each question, Lyra is given three words, and each word is assigned a hand on the Alethiometer.

If Lyra knows the corresponding symbol of a given word, the hand automatically turns to the correct symbol. Words she doesn't know must be guessed by the player. When the three hands are all pointing at symbols, the player confirms the selection and Lyra asks the question. A balancing minigame then begins, where the player must press buttons corresponding to the on-screen display. The more symbols which were correctly identified in the first part of the game, the easier the balancing game is. If the player successfully completes the balancing game, the Alethiometer will answer the question. The Golden Compass Free Download PC Game.

The Golden Compass Free Download PC Game

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