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Official NameThe Fool and His Money

VersionFull Game

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Developer (s)Cliff Johnson

Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC

Release date (s)October 25, 2012

Genre (s)puzzle game



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The Fool and His Money for PC The Fool and His Money Download Torrent The Fool and His Money Free Download PC Game


The Fool and His Money Full PC Game Overview

The Fool and His Money Download Free Full Game is a puzzle game by Cliff Johnson. It is a self-published sequel to the 1987 game The Fool's Errand. Like its predecessor, The Fool and His Money contains many different types of logic and word which, although centered on a story with a medieval tarot deck theme, have added elements of the Prince, Egyptian gods and Pirates.

Release information

Originally expected in late 2003, the game experienced dozens of postponements. On February 4, 2009, Johnson released a functioning preview of the game, containing the Prologue and five puzzles.[2]

The game was released on October 25, 2012, one day earlier than finally promised, having taken ten years to produce. It is written using Adobe Director with embedded Flash.[1]

Reception and awards

“I'm happy to award, for the first time in my reviewing career, The Fool and His Money a long-overdue but well-deserved A plus. We, God forbid, may never see another game of its genius and quality in our lifetimes.” —Greg Collins, Just Adventure Review[1]

JayIsGames rated it Best of 2012;[3] Wired stated that TFaHM is an old-fashioned game to be played with the latest technology. The Fool and His Money Free Download.


The Fool and His Money (TFaHM), the sequel to The Fool's Errand (TFE), starts where the original left off. The Fool is carrying the 14 treasures to return them to their rightful owners and he is robbed by Pirates. Not only are the treasures stolen, but he loses his hat and knapsack as well. In the Kingdom of the Swords, people are spending all their gold to purchase words, any words, all words. Or, Wordage as it is called. In the Kingdom of the Wands, foodstuffs are abandoned in favor of Herbs, like Gristletoe and Skunkbane, which have alarming side-effects. In the Kingdom of the Cups, folks eschew eating and prefer drinking the seven types of Elixir. Herbs affect the body; Elixir affects the mind. In the Kingdom of the Pentacles, wealthy folk book passage with the Pirates and their three ships —The Errant, The Monet, and The Paradist — and flee from the Land. In The Seventh House, the Prince, son of the Emperor and Empress, casts spells with ancient magic and intends to create “My New Land.” And the Egyptian Gods have awakened. The Fool wends his way through the Land, breaking Bewitchments with his Gift of Wisdom, and vows to save the Land from the Prince's grandiose machinations. The High Priestess, all the while, is trapped inside a Tarot card and offers the Fool unsolicited advice and distraction. The Fool and His Money Free Download PC Game

As the player progresses from screen to screen solving puzzles, the story, the mystery, and the Moon's Map slowly fill in. There are four Kingdoms for the player to get through — Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles, which are the four kingdoms of the Tarot Card deck itself. There are 70+ puzzle screens listed on the main menu. The player starts off with access to the first of four columns. As the player makes progress, more and more screens become available. The Seventh House is something of a self-contained game within the game.[1]

Later, when you've completed not only the four Tarot realms but the four stages of the seven-room Seventh House, you'll tackle the Moon's Map. Good luck. This starts yet another game within the game, only this one is very much connected to the four kingdoms you've traveled through. Then, at long last, with every obstacle overcome, you will be treated to the ultimate fate of the Fool in the game's Finale.[1]

The main menu window, it will slowly dawn on you, serves as the home screen for the Seventh House portion of the game — by entering the seven stained-glass windows of its seven rooms. As you progress through the four stages of the house, the sky and the color scheme will change, growing progressively darker, until you reach night and the hovering blue face of your friend the moon. And this blue moon really does take awhile to come around. Cliff Johnson says the sequel is roughly three times the size of the original. But how you count puzzles depends. If you count simply puzzle «screens,» counting all puzzles in it as one, then the game has about 150. Each puzzle screen, however, may contain as many as a dozen individual puzzles. By my very rough count, I'd say there is somewhere north of 300 individual puzzles in the game.[1]

The game plays out in a modest 800×600 pixel window. But don't be fooled, this little window contains a very big, very long game. It took me a month to finish.[1]

Is The Fool and His Money an adventure game? Yes and no. Technically, no. But in spirit and in story it plays like one. There's no inventory, and navigating the game consists of jumping from one self-contained 2D screen to the next. Each screen depicts a different scene from the land of the Tarot, usually with some deranged locals foisting upon you a puzzle or two. The Fool and His Money Download Torrent.

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