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Official NameSubarashiki Hibi
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2010
Developer (s)KeroQ
Publisher (s)KeroQ
Producer (s)SCA-JI
Artist (s)Kagome
Writer (s)SCA-JI
Genre (s)Eroge, Visual novel
Mode (s)Single-player



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Subarashiki Hibi Full PC Game Overview

Subarashiki Hibi Download Free Full Game is a Japanese adult visual novel developed and published by KeroQ. It was released on March 26, 2010 for Microsoft Windows. Subarashiki Hibi is KeroQ's fourth game after the titles Tsui no Sora, Nijūei and Moekan; it shares many characters and plot elements with their first game, Tsui no Sora.


The game requires minimal interaction from the player, as the duration of the game is spent on reading the text that appears onscreen; this text represents either dialogue between the various characters, or the inner thoughts of the protagonist. A number of choices exist, some of which determine the plot branch on which a story continues. Viewing all the branches is necessary to proceed to the next story. The game generally follows adventure game conventions, with the text appearing at the bottom of the screen, but segments exist where it is overlaid on the entire screen. Subarashiki Hibi Free Download.


Subarashiki Hibi contains six stories, the titles of which are taken from chapters in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Most of the stories take place in the fictional Suginomiya neighborhood of Tokyo and recount the month of July 2012 from different perspectives.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

«The story of the sky and the world.» The protagonist of this story is Yuki Minakami, who one day encounters a girl named Zakuro Takashima as she is throwing stuffed animals off a rooftop. Zakuro soon begins living in Yuki's house with her, as do her childhood friends, Kagami Wakatsuki and Tsukasa Wakatsuki. Together, they enjoy a peaceful school life and help Zakuro search the stars for a local legend — the 'girl of the sky.' The branches allow Yuki to either enter a yuri relationship with one of the Wakatsuki sisters and live happily ever after with them, or pursue the mystery of Zakuro and continue onward to Down the Rabbit-Hole II.

Down the Rabbit-Hole II

Though considered part of the Down the Rabbit-Hole story by the game, according to the scriptwriters, this branch is the true beginning of Subarashiki Hibi's plot. The protagonist of this story is Yuki Minakami, who one day encounters a girl named Zakuro Takashima whom she does not remember meeting before, but who seems to know her well. The next day, she learns that Zakuro has killed herself. A boy in Yuki's class named Takuji Mamiya makes a speech claiming that Zakuro's death was an omen of the coming apocalypse, to take place in one week — on July 20th. As Yuki investigates the strange circumstances of Zakuro's suicide and Takuji Mamiya's prophecy, events grow ever stranger and people continue to die. Subarashiki Hibi Free Download PC Game.

It's my Own Invention

«The story of the beginning and the end.» The protagonist of this story is Takuji Mamiya, who one day encounters a girl named Zakuro Takashima. It reveals the events that led him to make his prophecy and the cult that develops around him, retelling the chronology of Down the Rabbit-Hole II from his perspective, as well as introducing his conflict with Tomosane Yūki. The branch instead focuses on his relationship with Kimika Tachibana, the girl who professes herself his servant.

Looking-glass Insects

«The story of the literature girl and the chemistry girl.» The protagonist of this story is Zakuro Takashima, who one day encounters a boy named Takuji Mamiya. Occurring prior to Down the Rabbit-Hole II, the story focuses on her relationship with Takuji and the events that led to her suicide, while the branch is a «happy ending» in which tragedy is averted when she mends her ties with her estranged friend, Kimika Tachibana — and when she meets a strange boy who looks just like Takuji, but will not tell her his name...


«The story of the savior and the hero.» The protagonist of this story is Tomosane Yūki, who one day encounters a girl named Yuki Minakami. It reveals the truth of many of the bizarre events in Down the Rabbit-Hole II and It's my Own Invention, while introducing further mysteries related to Yuki, Takuji and Tomosane's past. Hasaki Mamiya first becomes a major character in this story. Subarashiki Hibi for PC.

Which Dreamed It

«The story of the brother and the sister.» The protagonist of this story is Hasaki Mamiya, who one day encounters her brother, Takuji Mamiya. Shorter than the other stories, it offers a third perspective- perhaps the first reliable one- on the events of the final week, as well as providing the first concrete details of the Mamiya family's past, foreshadowed in Jabberwocky and fully revealed in Jabberwocky II.

Jabberwocky II

«The story of the sunflowers and the hill.» The first part of this story takes place seven years in the past in the isolated village of Sawaimura, where the Mamiya and Minakami families once lived. From the recollection of their past, the protagonists finally find the strength to change their fate and arrive at one of three endings: Sunflower Road, Wonderful Every Day or Endsky II.


SCA-JI is the producer, planner, and scenario writer for Subarashiki Hibi. Character designs and graphics are provided by Kagome, Motoyon, Suzuri, and Karory.

Release history

Prior to the release of Subarashiki Hibi, a demo of the game was made available on the official website on January 30, 2010. Subarashiki Hibi was originally planned to be released on February 26, 2010 but a release was announced on December 26, 2009, pushing the release date one month back to March 26, 2010.


The theme song of Subarashiki Hibi, «Kūkirikigaku Shōjo to Shōnen no Uta» (空気力学少女と少年の詩?), is performed by Hana. The lyrics were written by SCA-JI and the music was composed and arranged by Szak.


Subarashiki Hibi won the bronze prize in the overall category of the Moe Game Awards 2010, as well as the gold prize in the Scenario category.

The game also made a good showing in the 2010 PC game rankings on, a popular online Japanese games shop. It ranked second place overall as well as first place in the Scenario and Music categories, and 3rd in Graphics. Additionally, Yuki Minakami was voted the 4th best character from games of that year. Subarashiki Hibi Download Torrent.

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