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Official NameSteamWorld Dig
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Image & Form
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2013
Genre (s)Platformer, action-adventure



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SteamWorld Dig Full PC Game Overview

SteamWorld Dig Download Free Full Game is a platform action-adventure game created by Swedish video game developer Image & Form. The second installment in the SteamWorld series and the sequel to SteamWorld Tower Defense, SteamWorld Dig and has the player control Rusty, a steam-powered robot who arrives at a small Western mining town called Tumbleton after having received a deed for a mine from his long-forgotten uncle, Joe. The objective of the game is to dig through Tumbleton's mine, which also involves solving puzzles and platforming to avoid traps and enemies. SteamWorld Dig was initially released on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS in Europe and Australia on 7 August 2013, North America on 8 August 2013, and Japan on 20 November 2013. The Windows/Mac/Linux version of the game was released on Steam on 5 December 2013.

On 14 February 2014, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of Steamworld Dig were announced, with a release scheduled for March 2014. A Wii U version was released on 28 August 2014, and an Xbox One version was released on 5 June 2015. A sequel, SteamWorld Heist, was released in December 2015. SteamWorld Dig Free Download.


SteamWorld Dig is a 2D platform game that revolves around mining for resources and ores. The objective of the game is to investigate the mines underneath the old Western town Tumbleton in order to unearth the secrets lurking below. The player controls Rusty, a steam-powered robot who is equipped with a pickaxe, but can gain access to a variety of tools, such as a drill and dynamite. The player can upgrade the tools used for digging as progression is made in the game. Besides health, the player also needs coal for light, and water for special abilities.

SteamWorld Dig has platform elements in that the player runs, jumps and encounter foes, but the main objective is mining. That means that the player builds – or rather deconstructs – the game world and creates platforms that way. The player collects ores and resources which can be brought back to the surface and exchanged for cash. When the player progress in the game new abilities are unlocked. Each playthrough, the mines are randomized, making items and treasure appear in different locations. If the player gets stuck there is a self-destruct function, but the players can also buy ladders in the store at the surface to get out of tricky situations.

When progressing deeper down in the cave, the player encounters various enemies with different attack patterns and weak spots. The game features multiple subterranean worlds, each with a completely different environment. Dying results in a reparation penalty fee, and the player respawns back on the surface. All the loot that has been accumulated when the player dies can be picked up again. SteamWorld Dig Free Download PC Game.


SteamWorld Dig has received favorable reviews, with the Nintendo 3DS and Steam versions receiving scores of 82/100 and 79/100 respectively on Metacritic. PocketGamer gave it a 10 out of 10 saying «SteamWorld Dig is an utterly phenomenal video game, with layer upon layer of remarkable gameplay to be found.» IGN liked its core gameplay mechanics and engrossing atmosphere and gave it a 9.5 out 10. Nintendo World Report gave it a 9 out of 10 saying that «SteamWorld Dig is a fresh game for the Nintendo eShop and one of the best digital games available on Nintendo's 3D handheld.» Infendo gave it 4 stars out of 5, calling it «highly addicting.» God is a Geek gave the game a 6 out of 10, praising the graphics, music and style, but criticizing the combat and the lack of any real penalty for dying.

SteamWorld Dig won a Blippy Award as Best Handheld Game 2013, while Gamasutra's Christian Nutt picked it as one of the top 5 games of 2013. The game was also nominated for IGN's Black Beta Select Awards 2013 in the categories «Best Original Game», «Best Indie Game», «Best Handheld/Mobile Game» and «Overall Game of the Year». On Eurogamer SteamWorld Dig was nominated for Readers' Top 50 Games.


Rusty will be appearing as a playable cameo character in the upcoming Wii U and PC game Hex Heroes. SteamWorld Dig for PC.

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