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Official NameScrolls
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Mojang
Publisher (s)Mojang
Designer (s)Jakob Porsér
Artist (s)Markus Toivonen
Writer (s)Jerry Holkins
Composer (s)Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Tactical collectible card game
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer



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Scrolls Full PC Game Overview

Scrolls Download Free Full Game is a strategy collectible card game developed by Mojang, which aims to combine elements from trading card games and traditional board games. Scrolls was originally conceived and developed by Jakob Porsér, who along with Mojang founder Markus Persson, intended to create a type of game that was currently missing from the market. The game is developed using the Unity game engine, allowing it to run on multiple gaming platforms. Scrolls was announced on 2 March 2011, as Mojang's third game.


The game revolves around the use of cards, or «scrolls», to work toward destroying three of the opposing player's five idols, which are static objects on either end of the battlefield. There are four different types of scrolls in Scrolls: creatures, structures, spells and enchantments. Creatures are played on the board and can attack to destroy enemy creatures and idols. Structures are also played on the board and, unlike creatures, are immobile. Spells have a wide range of effects, but are often played against creatures or structures. Enchantments are played on creatures and usually provide a lasting effect to that creature. Scrolls Free Download.


Each unit (creature or structure) has three basic statistics associated with it: Attack, Countdown, and Health. Attack specifies how much damage the unit will deal (some units do not attack and instead have a «-» for that stat). Countdown specifies how many turns the unit waits before it attacks. Each time it is your turn, all units (with some exceptions) count down by 1. If a unit counts down to 0, then the unit will attack at the end of your turn. When the unit is finished attacking, its countdown will reset to its base countdown, which is typically 2 but can range from 1 to 6. Health is the amount of cumulative damage a unit can take before it is destroyed. As a basis for comparison, all idols in a standard match start with 10 health.


Once it becomes your turn, you either have 90 seconds to perform your actions (in multiplayer) or unlimited time (in singleplayer). At any time during your turn, you may move creatures to adjacent, empty spots, up to once per creature per turn. Structures cannot be moved without the help of specific spells or enchantments. You may also, once per turn, «sacrifice» a scroll in your hand. You may either sacrifice it to draw two new scrolls or to gain a resource point (see below). It is a good idea to sacrifice your scrolls before playing any. You may play as many scrolls as your resources or hand allow. A turn is finished when the hourglass icon at the bottom left is clicked. You draw one new scroll each turn.


Resource points are used towards playing scrolls: each scroll has a «cost» (1-8 resources). There are four different resources in the game: Energy, Order, Growth, and Decay; and one «super-resource», Wild, which can be used in place of any resource but has limitations on when you can sacrifice for it. Each scroll belongs to a different resource, or faction. For example, the scroll Cannon Automaton costs 6 Energy to play. When you sacrifice a scroll for a resource, your maximum resource goes up. Thus there are two values per resource: current resource and maximum resource. Your current resource is depleted when you play scrolls, but at the beginning of your turn your current resource is filled back up to your maximum resource. Scrolls Free Download PC Game.

Scrolls Free Download PC Game

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