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Official NameSamorost 3
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2016
Developer (s)Amanita Design
Publisher (s)Amanita Design
Composer (s)Tomas Dvorak
Genre (s)Adventure, puzzle
Mode (s)Single-player



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Samorost 3 Full PC Game Overview

Samorost 3 Download Free Full Game is a puzzle point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design. It is the third video game title in the Samorost series and the sequel to Samorost 2. It is the first game in series that is full-length and with full HD graphics. The story takes place across five planets and four moons. The game was originally scheduled for 2015.


The development started in 2010. Samorost 3 was developed by a team of about six people. Developers drew artistic inspiration from animated films by Czech directors directors like Karel Zeman, Jan Švankmajer, Jiří Barta or Břetislav Pojar. Another source of inspiration were films by Russian animator Yuriy Norshteyn. The game consists of 45 screens that were changed many times during development. Another important part of development was sound recording. It was created by people making weird noises in microphones. These people include Bára Kratochvílová and Miloš Dvořáček. Other sounds were created by Tomáš Dvořák as he used multiple instruments, such as lollipop used to a strum, to create required sounds. Dvořák also composed the music for the game.

Samorost 3 was released on 24 March 2016 for Steam. Samorost 3 Free Download.


Samorost 3 features gameplay similar to previous Amanita Design games. The game contains no dialogue, only a system of animated thought bubbles. Player controls Gnome on his journey through space full of planets. He explores environment, solves puzzles and collects items required for the obstacles that come in their way. He can also communicate with creatures he meets during his journey. These creatures include ghosts who need Gnome´s help. Player can also use a flute that is required to solve some puzzles.

Samorost 3 features a walkthrough that can be accessed at any time by playing a minigame if player gets stuck. The walkthrough is not in written or spoken form, but instead a series of sketches describing the puzzle at hand and its solution.


Samorost 3 starts when a magical flute falls near Gnome's house. Gnome decides to find out where it came from and sets out on a journey through the cosmos. He goes from planet to planet and meets multiple creatures who he helps with their problems. He finds out along the way that the flute belongs to monks who used its magical power to repair space. One of these monks later turned against the others and created a mechanical dragon to wreak havoc across the planets. Gnome eventually reaches the planet of monks and revives a mechanical knight who then slays the dragon. Gnome finally celebrates the good end with other monks.


Samorost 3 has generally been well-received by critics. It currently holds 80% on Metacritic.

Washington Post called Samorost 3 «a strange and beautiful point-and-click adventure game.» T review likened Samorost 3 to Loom as both games «feature a hooded main character who channels magic out of music.» The review praised the animation and surrealistic visuals. Another point of praise was a hint system that can spare player of frustration. The review finished with recommendation for parents who «look for something to play with their young children.»

Kill Screen review called Samorost 3 "The best adventure game in years. The review praised the design of the game world and its visuals. The game was also praised for its explorative gameplay that gives player a feeling of exploration. Samorost 3 Free Download PC Game.

Samorost 3 Free Download PC Game

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