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Official NameRoot Double: Before Crime * After Days
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2012
Developer (s)Regista, Yeti
Director (s)Takumi Nakazawa
Producer (s)Takumi Nakazawa
Composer (s)Takuma Sato
Genre (s)Visual novel



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Root Double Before Crime After Days Full PC Game Overview

Root Double Before Crime After Days Download Free Full Game is a visual novel video game developed in a collaboration between Regista and Yeti, and released by Yeti for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows in 2012. An updated version with a new ending, titled Xtend Edition, was released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013 and 2014, and was released in English by Sekai Project for Microsoft Windows in 2016; the PlayStation Vita version is planned to be released in English in 2017.

The game is set in 2030 in a combined city and research hub whose residents are unable to interact with the outside world without permission from the local government. After an accident at an institute in the city, one of the game's two protagonists, Watase Kasasagi, is sent in as part of a rescue team; the other, a high school student named Natsuhiko Tenkawa, happens to be in the institute as well at the time of the accident. Root Double Before Crime After Days Free Download.


Root Double is a visual novel where much of the gameplay involves reading the story's narrative through text and imagery.

At the start of the game, there are two story scenarios for the player to choose from: Root After and Root Before (denoted in game as √After and √Before, respectively; A and B for short). Each scenario is told from a different character's perspective in which the player assumes the role of; After has the player take on the role of Watase Kasasagi and Before has the player take on the role of Natsuhiko Tenkawa. Upon completion of both scenarios, Root Current (√Current; C for short) becomes available and upon completion of Current, Root Double (√Double; D for short) is unlocked.

An essential component in the game is the «Senses Sympathy System» («SSS»). Throughout the game, the player is given a chance to adjust their impressions («Senses») of the characters (including the characters that they are taking the role of) using sliders. The SSS is based on the Enneagram of Personality, with each of the main characters of the story representing one of the nine different types. At scenes where the player is allowed to give their input — referred to as «branches» — the enneagram figure will show up on the screen; however, only characters that are relevant to the scene can have their Senses be adjusted. How the player interacts with the SSS at the branches directly influence the progress of the story. When the enneagram figure shows up, the color surrounding the outline of the graph signifies the importantance of the player's input. There are three different colors: blue, yellow, and red. Blue are branches that can influence a character's overall favor but are generally not important to the story; however, skipping too many blue branches can be detrimental later on. Yellow are branches that affect a character's actions and change how the story advances. Finally, red are branches in which deciding incorrectly will lead to an undesirable outcome, making the inputs at these branches critical. Root Double Before Crime After Days Free Download PC Game.

Each story scenario has multiple endings based on the results of the SSS up to certain points in the game. In the cases that the player gets a «bad ending», a hint is given which would give tips on how to avoid it; should the player not want the hints, they can be turned off in the options menu.



Root Double takes place at a fictional location in Japan named Rokumei City, a combined city and research hub with 180,000 residents. In the world of Root Double, humans who have extrasensory perception abilities has become commonplace. From its initial discovery, researchers named these abilities «Beyond Communication» («BC») and the people who have BC «Communicators». Due to the lack of knowledge and fear about BC, Communicators are discriminated against by ordinary people; as a result, the Japanese government enacted laws to help protect Communicators, turning certain cities — including Rokumei — into Communicator-friendly territories where Communicators could live together and be given guidance. The residents of the city cannot interact with the outside world unless given permission by the government; in exchange for this, and for giving up their privacy, they receive many benefits such as exemption from taxes and access to high-quality medical facilities.

Rokumei City is home to over 300 research facilities; the largest one is named the 6th Laboratory of Atomic and Biological Organization («LABO») and conducts nuclear research. Root Double Before Crime After Days for PC.

Main characters

Depending on the story route being played, the player takes on the role of one of two protagonists.

In route A, the protagonist is Watase Kasasagi. Watase is the captain of the rescue squad for Rokumei City. Early on in route A, Watase suffers from amnesia and does not remember who he is. Two of his squadmates come to his aid: Kazami Tachibana, the lieutenant who is calm and collected with a strong sense of responsibility and Jun Moribe, a cheerful rookie member and is known for her passion in wanting to become a hero. Through the two, Watase learns that he is calm and intellectual who, while strict, is able to make rational choices. Watase often hears a hallucinatory voice in his head; unsure of what it is, he listens to its guidance in hopes of finding his lost memories. Along the way, the three meet two other people: Ena Tsubakiyama, an eloquent high school teacher at Rokumei Academy who comes off as aggressive and Keiji Ukita, a hard-working researcher at LABO who believes strongly in justice.

In route B, Natsuhiko Tenkawa is the protagonist. Natsuhiko is a high school student and resident of Rokumei City who tends to avoid getting involved with other people and would prefer to stick to his everyday daily routine. Natsuhiko is supposedly a high level Communicator but is unable to use the fundamentals of BC and has a hatred for it. His mother, Miyoko Tenkawa, is a scientist at LABO and is rarely ever home, causing Natsuhiko to be emotionally distant from her. He has two close childhood friends: Yuuri Kotono, a quiet girl who lives with Natsuhiko and does not ever leave the house due to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Mashiro Toba, an energetic girl who takes care of Natsuhiko in the absence of his mother, goes to the same school as him, and is a competent Communicator. One day, Natsuhiko's mother introduces Louise Yui Sannomiya to the three; nicknamed as «Salyu», she is a young genius who has skipped two school grades but has a difficult time reading the emotions of others and appears actively conscious of Natsuhiko.



The story begins on September 16, 2030 at 6:19AM when an explosion occurs at LABO. Watase, the captain of the rescue squad of Rokumei City, is dispatched to LABO along with his teammates after the incident occurs. Around the same time Natsuhiko, a high school student and resident of Rokumei City, is inside the LABO facility and trying to escape with his friends. During the rescue operation, LABO's nuclear reactor suffers a meltdown, sending the facility to lockdown and trapping the rescue squad and survivors of the explosion inside LABO for nine hours. Due to the meltdown, lethal radiation has leaked and contaminated the facility, putting the two groups in danger of radiation exposure. There exists anti-radiation medication (called «AD») that can temporarily lower the effects of radiation exposure but there is not enough of the medication offered until the lockdown lifts.

Before the incident occurs

The events that lead to the incident are unfolded in route B in the form of flashback memories from Natsuhiko's perspective. Six days prior (September 10), as Natsuhiko and Mashiro were waiting at a bus stop, a car crashed near them. The rescue squad of Rokumei City arrived and Natsuhiko and Mashiro found the car driver to be Ukita, a person whom they were acquainted with. He faced Natsuhiko and Mashiro and gave a cryptic warning that strange things might happen around them from now on. The next day, the two met Salyu who revealed she was assigned to be Natsuhiko's bodyguard. Two days later, Mashiro revealed that she learned that someone might commit a terrorist act soon and she wanted Natsuhiko to help her stop them; Natsuhiko initially refused her but after a series of events involving a fake bomb placed at their school and her insistence that terrorists existed, Natsuhiko agreed to assist. Accompanied with Salyu, the three investigated and learned about «Q», an anti-Communicator organization rumored to have caused destruction of areas with high Communicator populations. The next day, the largest BC research building was bombed; believing the terrorists might still attempt to blow up LABO, the three headed for the nuclear research facility. While at LABO an explosion occurs, setting the stage for the initial story.

During the incident

As Natsuhiko and his two friends try to escape, they encounter Yuuri who is mysteriously at LABO; she joins the group and attempts to help Natsuhiko overcome his fear of LABO by recollecting his memories he has for the past six days. In the midst of the escape, Natsuhiko and Yuuri end up in an office room, in which Natsuhiko finds a file about a fire incident in LABO nine years ago and where one of the deceased victims was Yuuri. He suddenly remembers the experience of the fire; as he looks at the Yuuri next to him, he sees her fading away. As Natsuhiko recounts more of his memories from the past six days, he learns of the truth that he is the one that has PTSD and not Yuuri and the Yuuri that was with him throughout the past nine years was an illusion in his mind. Yuuri disappears and Mashiro enters the office room, pretending that Yuuri still existed. Unable to accept that his childhood friend has been lying to him this entire time, he focuses his BC power to peer into Mashiro's mind but finds out he gains a new ability in which he can view another person's fragmented memories. After clearing up their misunderstandings and start heading down a hallway, a mysterious man shoots at them from behind with a gun, injuring Mashiro and later Natsuhiko. Realizing he is an anti-Communicator terrorist, the two run away from him. After trapping Mashiro in a cargo lift to protect her, Natsuhiko and the terrorist confront each other endlessly until Natsuhiko arrives at a spacious location with machines in it. As he loses consciousness from blood loss, he recalls his new BC ability and believes he may also be able to destroy his mind by shattering his memories. Natsuhiko proceeds to do that and the terrorist runs away; as Natsuhiko loses consciousness, he delivers the final blow and makes the man collapse. Root Double Before Crime After Days Download Torrent.

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