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Official NameRoma Victor
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)RedBedlam
Publisher (s)RedBedlam
Designer (s)Kerry Fraser-Robinson
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)July 2006
Genre (s)Historical MMORPG
Mode (s)Multiplayer


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Roma Victor Full PC Game Overview

Roma Victor Download Free Full Game is an MMORPGbased on the Roman Empire inGreat Britain in the latter half of the 2nd century. Roma Victor was developed by RedBedlam Ltd. ofBrighton and Hove, England. Thein-game world was a 30x30km representation of a section alongHadrian's Wall, including several small villages and Roman forts.

Roma Victor was released by RedBedlam on July 14, 2006, with pre-order customers being let in 2 weeks earlier. In January 2010, it was announced that the purchase of new accounts would be blocked as of May 5, and that the game would remain online for another year after that, at RedBedlam’s expense. However, the game was shut down almost 6 months early without warning. Roma Victor Free Download.


Roma Victor was set in the province ofBritannia just before the decline of the Roman Empire, beginning in the year 180AD. Commodus, having succeeded his father Marcus Aurelius as Emperor, was exerting a tyrannical influence across the empire.

From November 2006, the playable area encompassed the southeastern portion ofCaledonia which was termed in-game as aplayfield. As discussed by RedBedlam, there were further plans to expand this playable area and to create other playfields in different regions of the ancient world, if the server population had increased enough to warrant such extensions. These may have included playfields such as Germania, Hispania,Italy and Gaul, or other areas of Britannia. The additional playfields were never added, nor were some parts of southeastern Caledonia advertised as being in Roma Victor at commercial launch, such as the Roman town of Luguvalium.

In the final state of the game, the Romans began life as a slave in the ancient regional town of Corstopitum over which modern Corbridge lies. Barbarians began in the village of Erring, directly north of Corstopitum.


Playable area and factions

There were two factions in Roma Victor, theRomans and the barbarians. Each faction had its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Roma Victor Free Download PC Game.

The playfield was divided in boards, areas with the size of one square kilometer in a 1:1 scale to the real world. Some of these boards were pre-built, but most were composed of uninhabitable wilderness. The pre-built boards represented the historical locations of Roman colonies and forts, although creative license was also used to create fictitious places. Wilderness boards could be made buildable if a guild hall was built on that board.

When a player character first began the game, they were in attending status which meant they could not attack or be attacked by other players. They could be deattended instantly by a player who was the local magistrate, or by completing a tutorial. The deattending command used by the local lord or magistrate was intended to be a tool to prevent griefers from abusing the protections of attending status. However, due to the extremely repetitive, redundant, and monotonous tutorial, player lords and magistrates were burdened with the duty of deattending thousands of players who preferred not to complete the tutorial.


Guilds were player associations, or «clans» and formed the basis of much of the social structure in Roma Victor. Guilds in Roma Victor were exclusively made up of players—the numbers could be augmented by NPC members, which could be hired and assigned to various roles and tasks, such as protecting the guild's members, carrying out assignments, or simply acting as a merchant on behalf of the guild.

Roman guild types included Auxiliary, Legion, Patron House and Patrician House. Barbarian guilds included Tribe and Warband, and there were also religious cult guilds which could contain both Roman and barbarian characters.

Every player also had their own household. Household was the collective term applied to all the buildings and NPCs owned, employed, and/or run by an individual player. There could be many buildings and NPCs within a household and using the built-in household management interface a player could set entry fees or rent fees on their property, assign NPCs to act as merchants or guards, summon NPCs as an escort, hire and dismiss staff, etc. NPCs were known to cause lag throughout the entire history of Roma Victor, to include significant adverse effects on game performance in the starter towns.

Skills and abilities

There were no character levels in Roma Victor. However there was a 'skill' tree which replaced this function. Character development in Roma Victor was designed to simulate real life. That is, if a player wished to improve his woodcutting skill, he had to go out in the woods and cut some trees down. From those trees, he could then extract sticks and turn them into handles to train his preparing skill. Those handles could then be used by a smith to make simple tools.

Most craftable items could be made and used by anyone, however there were certain items, like the lorica segmentata armour that could only be made and worn by legionaries. Several items, like the hideshirt could only be made and worn by barbarians. There were no level or skill restrictions, but the resulting item quality suffered greatly when a person was not a master in the required skills to produce the item. A player wishing to make high-quality items had to train his skills by practicing menial tasks requiring that skill. A large number of items were never made craftable, including several weapon types and a majority of armor types.

Skill areas in Roma Victor included carpentry, smithing, construction, combat,farming, animal handling and more. In the Roman faction, a slave character earned citizenship after gaining a certain number of skill masteries and reputations.

Many branches of the skill tree were never implemented. Roma Victor for PC.

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