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Official NameReflex Arena
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Turbo Pixel Studios
Publisher (s)Turbo Pixel Studios
Designer (s)Dave Jones
Programmer (s)Phil Brown
Artist (s)Ben Darling
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)First-person shooter
Mode (s)Multiplayer



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Reflex Arena Full PC Game Overview

Reflex Arena Download Free Full Game is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Turbo Pixel Studios and released onto Steam's Early Access program on 4 November 2014 and is currently in the alpha stage of development. It is an arena FPS that is heavily influenced by the Challenge ProMode Arena mod for Quake III Arena. Players must navigate arena-like levels and fight other players using a focused set of situational weapons.

Reflex uses an engine built from scratch specifically for the arena FPS genre. It is built on the Windows platform using DirectX.

Notable features of Reflex Arena include an in-game map and replay editor, customization of player cosmetics, rendering settings, and a movement system that allows for stair-jumping, double-jumping, strafe-jumping, air control, and rocket-jumping.


The weapons are balanced by role, with each weapon having advantages in certain situations, such as the Bolt Rifle at long-range and Rocket Launcher at close quarters. Weapons appear as pickups, spawning at regular intervals in set locations on the map. If a player dies, all of their weapons are lost and they receive the spawn weapons for the current map, which are relatively low powered. Players also drop the weapon they were using when killed, which other players can then pick up. Reflex Arena Free Download.

The game emphasises fast movement, accuracy, map knowledge, item control, tactics and strategy. It is entirely multiplayer focused, although AI bots have been confirmed as a feature in the future.

Reflex Arena currently supports several gameplay modes: 1v1, Free for All (FFA), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Capture the Flag (CTF), Race, and Training.


The game was initially developed largely by Dave Jones, Ben Darling and Phil Brown. Appearing on Kickstarter in September/October 2014. The campaign was cancelled on the 10th October 2014 and subsequently released on Steam Early Access on the 4th November 2014.

Community generated content

The game's built in map editor and replay editor have allowed players to create levels for the game, as well as video footage of gameplay taken using the replay editor, as well as POV gameplay footage. The developers have stated that they intend to support community generated cosmetic items in the future.

The game engine supports Lua scripting, which allows for a high degree of control for players to redesign the HUD and write new widgets for additional features. Reflex Arena Free Download PC Game.

Reflex Arena Free Download PC Game

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