Recoil Tank game free download for windows 7

Recoil Tank game Free Download PC

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Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release date(s): 1999
Genre(s): Arcade, Vehicular combat

Recoil Tank game Overview

We easily and at any time you can Recoil Tank game free download for windows 7. RECOIL is a tank-based Windows computer game. It involves the player driving a flying experimental tank known as the «BFT» (Battle Force Tank) through various missions. There is heavy influence on the two weapons to be collected throughout the game. It was developed by Zipper Interactive, a subsidiary of its parent publisher, EA, and uses the same game engine as MechWarrior 3.


Recoil Tank game Plot

RECOIL takes place at an uncertain time in the semi-near future. A network corporation has taken over most of the computers on the planet, and has forced everyone into slavery, their ultimate goal being to make everything robotic, autonomous. A resistance forms, operating in underground buildings and travelling at night to avoid detection by the machines. The player is given various missions to take out different parts of the Network's forces and operations, using a stolen prototype tank known as the BFT (Battle Force Tank), which is transported from place to place by a stolen VTOL aircraft.


Recoil Tank game Critical Reception

In 1999 when RECOIL was published, Zipper Interactive was a very little-known company. Due to the massive amount of video games for PC being released at the time, RECOIL was hardly seen at all. When it was, however, the game received generally positive reviews. GameSpot gave it a 6.4, with a user score of 8.1. IGN gave it an 8.3. We offer you to download a free version of the game, Recoil Tank game free download for windows 7 here at high speed.

Recoil Tank Free Download PC

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Recoil Tank game free download for windows 7

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