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Official NameRayman
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Ludimedia
Publisher (s)Ubi Soft Entertainment
Designer (s)Michel Ancel (lead)
Programmer (s)Vincent Greco
Artist (s)Alexandra Steible (characters)
Composer (s)Remi Gazel
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)September 1 1995
Genre (s)Platform
Mode (s)Single-player


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Rayman Full PC Game Overview

Rayman Download Free Full Game is a 1995 side-scrolling platform game developed by Ludimédia (who later became Ubisoft Montpellier) and published by Ubi Soft. The first installment in the Rayman series, the game follows the adventures of Rayman, a hero who must save his colourful world from the evil Mr. Dark. Originally designed for the Atari Jaguar in 1995, a PlayStation version was developed and released around the same time, and further ports were created for MS-DOS and Sega Saturn in 1996. It has appeared in various other formats, such as Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Network and DSiWare.


The cosmic balance and harmony of Rayman's world are maintained by a mystical object known as the Great Protoon. One day, the mysterious Mr Dark steals the Great Protoon, defeating Betilla the Fairy as she attempts to protect it. As a result, the Electoons – benevolent creatures which gravitated around the Great Protoon – are scattered across the world. In this now-unbalanced world, hostile creatures appear and imprison the Electoons in cages. The Magician, a benevolent wizard, calls upon the hero Rayman to free the Electoons, defeat Mr Dark and recover the Great Protoon.

Rayman starts in the Dream Forest, a surreal jungle. He encounters Betilla the Fairy, who grants him the power to punch enemies. The first boss encountered is a giant mosquito. After being defeated, the mosquito breaks into tears. Rayman takes pity on him and they become friends, with the mosquito giving Rayman a ride across a lagoon. Betilla gives Rayman the ability to hang on ledges. In a swamp, Rayman encounters Tarayzan; when Rayman retrieves his clothes, Tarayzan gives him a magic seed which he can use to escape a flood. In Moskito's Nest, Rayman defeats a more powerful mosquito named Moskito and Betilla gives him the power to swing from flying rings. Rayman Free Download.

Rayman arrives in Band Land, a region composed mainly of music and musical instruments. He encounters Mr Sax, a malevolent giant saxophone. Betilla the Fairy grants him the power to use his hair as a helicopter to glide. Rayman later arrives in Mr Sax's lair and defeats him.

In the Blue Mountains, a cold mountain range, Rayman encounters the Musician, whose guitar has been crushed by a rock. After Rayman carves a new guitar from the stone, the Musician gives him a potion that lets him fly through a cavern of spikes. Rayman encounters Mr. Stone, a rock monster. After he defeats Mr. Stone atop a mountain peak, Betilla gives Rayman the ability to run at great speed.

Rayman arrives in Picture City, a land composed of art supplies. On the stage of a pirate-themed play, he is attacked by Space Mama, an actress in a Viking costume, and defeats her. Later, Rayman encounters her again, this time in the guise of an astronaut. After defeating Space Mama a second time, Rayman learns Mr. Dark has kidnapped Betilla the Fairy.

Rayman reaches the Caves of Skops, where he meets Joe the Extra-Terrestrial, an alien who owns a restaurant. Joe's business is in trouble because his lights are out; with Joe's firefly to light his way, Rayman travels deep into the caves to reinsert a plug that has fallen out, restoring the restaurant's power. After using Joe's buoys to cross a lake, Rayman encounters Mr. Skops, a giant scorpion who attacks when awakened. After Rayman defeats Mr. Skops, the kidnapped Betilla calls out to him for help. Rayman Free Download PC Game.

In order to progress to the final land, Candy Château, Rayman must smash all 102 Electoon cages scattered throughout the previous five lands. In this landscape of sweets and crockery, Rayman encounters Mr. Dark, who attacks with various spells – creating a deadly doppelgänger, reversing the player's controls, and forcing Rayman to run uncontrollably. Finally Mr. Dark steals Rayman's telescopic fist. Rayman arrives in the château's hall, where Mr Dark traps him with walls of fire. At the last moment, he is rescued by the Electoons, who retrieve his fist. Mr. Dark attacks, transforming into various hybrids of Moskito, Mr. Sax, Mr. Stone, Space Mama and Mr. Skops; after a three-part battle, Mr. Dark flees. Rayman for PC.

The Magician congratulates Rayman for saving the world. An epilogue image shows that Betilla and the Great Protoon have been recovered, and the credits show Rayman holidaying with friends and former enemies.


Rayman is a side-scrolling platform game. The player character is the titular Rayman, who must travel through six worlds (The Dream Forest, Band Land, Blue Mountains, Picture City, The Caves of Skops and Candy Château) to free all of the caged Electoons, six cages of whom are located somewhere on each level. Only when all the Electoons are freed will Rayman be able to reach and confront Mr Dark at his lair in Candy Château.[2] Each level is divided into several maps, each of which is completed when Rayman reaches the «!» sign at the end. The player is given a certain number of lives, which are lost when Rayman is hit by an enemy or falls into water or a pit. If all lives are lost at any point, the «Game Over» screen will appear, and the player can continue or quit. Scattered around each level are small, sparkling blue spheres called Tings. If Rayman picks up 100 (50 in the DSI version), he gains an extra life and the counter resets to 0. When Rayman dies, he loses any Tings he has collected.[2] Tings can also be used to pay the Magician, a character found in certain levels, to enter a bonus stage, where Rayman can win an extra life. Rayman's «telescopic fist», an ability gained early in the game, allows him to punch enemies from a distance; most enemies can be defeated with a certain number of punches. At the end of each world, Rayman must defeat a boss enemy.[3] The player comes across a variety of other power-ups and bonuses, such as a golden fist (which increases punch strength), a speed fist (which increases the speed of Rayman's punches), a power to restore Rayman's lost life energy, and flying blue elves whose touch shrinks Rayman down in size to access new areas.[2]

In early stages of the game, Rayman has the ability to walk, crawl and make silly faces. He obtains additional powers during the game (telescopic punching, holding onto ledges, grappling flying rings, using his hair as helicopter blades to glide, and running) from Betilla the Fairy, while others are given temporarily from his friends that are used for a specific levels only.[2] Rayman Download Torrent.

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