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Official NamePuyo Puyo SUN
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Compile
Publisher (s)Compile
SeriesPuyo Puyo
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)1996
Genre (s)Puzzle
Mode (s)Single Player, Multiplayer,


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Puyo Puyo SUN Full PC Game Overview

Puyo Puyo SUN Download Free Full Game (ぷよぷよSUNPuyopuyo San?) is the third installment of the Puyo Puyo games series, and the sequel to Puyo Puyo Tsu, made in 1996 by Compile. After the highly acclaimed success of its predecessor, Compile took a slightly more retro approach, so players had a more original feel to the game over that of Tsu.

The name of Puyo Puyo SUN comes from a Japanese pun on san, and also indicates a new Puyo brought into the game. As Sun Puyo were used in this game, and the game itself is not only set on a tropical beach, but is the third in the series (san (三?) is the Japanese word for the number three), the name served multiple purposes. Puyo Puyo SUN Free Download.


Satan has once again decided to create another test by using special magic to pull the Sun closer to the Earth on a remote island. This created a semi-resort, in which characters have decided to visit. Arle, together with Kaa-kun, find the sun too hot, and see the building that Satan's emanating his own heat wave. Draco loves the hot weather and appears in a bikini, whereas Schezo, who takes refuge in a cave, finds that it's just not cool enough, and decides to find out what's happening.


Just like the predecessors, Puyo fall from the top of the screen in pairs, can be moved left and right, and can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise by 90°; if the third column from the left fills up to the top, the game is over. The rule of Sousai and Zenkesei still remained, but every time you countered, special garbage would fall on the screen in a preset pattern (in the Game Boy version of this game, it fell randomly). Every time you cleared the screen however, Sun Puyo would fall on the screen, and the All Clear bonus removed.

Sun Puyo

Sun Puyo are very similar to Point Puyo, in the sense that when erased with a neighboring group, would send more garbage to the opponent. The extra garbage sent per Sun Puyo depends on what part of the chain the Sun Puyo was popped, incrementing linearly. Puyo Puyo SUN Free Download PC Game.

The more Sun Puyo are erased, the more garbage is sent. This was considered a Rensa Bonus rather than a score bonus (as, unlike Point Puyo, they do not increase the score of the chain, just the amount of garbage sent).

Single player

The game features three story modes, each with their own character.

Easy Mode — Draco Centauros

To get yourself adjusted to the new rules, Draco has volunteered to turn from Arle's rival to a playable character. Her AI as a COM character, still remains as one of the weakest (despite being quite tough in Puyo Puyo Tsu). As Draco, you have to fight against three enemies: Skeleton-T, Harpy, and Choppun. Skeleton-T has always been the beating bag in the games series, and is considered the weakest character in the game, whereas Harpy still uses her strategy to get anywhere. Choppun is a new character addition, and, although he's male, dresses up in Arle's clothes, and wears a bag over his head. There has been a dispute about this, but it's probably because he's too afraid to show his real face.

Normal Mode — Arle Nadja

In this 13-stage mode, you play as the original protagonist, Arle Nadja. Arle as a COM AI is rather strong. As Arle, you have to fight Draco Centauros, Incubus, Suketoudara, Kiki-Mora, Nohoho, Kidomo Dragon, Witch, Honey Bee, Zoh-Daimaoh, Lagnus the Brave, Rulue, Schezo, and Satan. Incubus, who was brought back from the CD versions of Puyo Puyo Tsu, continued to try and seduce Arle with his charm. As for Kiki-Mora, she's a maid that has an insane habit of cleaning things. Kidomo Dragon tries to catch Arle and claim her to be a rare jungle creature. Honey Bee tries to poke Arle with her giant syringe, and Lagnus the Brave is seen poking a Green Puyo when Arle comes across, turns into an adult, threatens to slice Arle with his sword, until his trousers fall down and Arle goes bright red! Puyo Puyo SUN for PC.

During the interval with Satan, Arle sets him alight with a Fire spell just before the battle begins.

Hard Mode — Schezo Wegey

In this 8-stage mode, you play as Schezo Wegey. As a COM, Schezo is almost equal to Arle's strength. As Schezo, you have to fight the latter 8 stages along Arle's quest, starting with Kidomo Dragon, and ending with Satan. Along the way, Schezo gets snagged in a net by Kidomo Dragon, and Honey Bee's giant syringe gets slotted into the back of his head (however, Schezo doesn't seem to notice it)! Lagnus tries to attack Schezo, but Schezo steps out of the way, causing Lagnus to trip, and shrinking back to his kid form. Instead of facing himself at Stage 7, he faces Arle.

During the interval with Satan, he places his sword in the beam keeping the Sun close to the Earth, thus heating his sword, and then carefully places it on Satan's head, causing his hair to ignite. Satan runs around the screen in agony for a brief while until the flames die out, leaving a bald patch on his head.

If the player beats all 8 opponents without continuation in this mode, they will face Kaa-Kun as a secret character fight. Puyo Puyo SUN Download Torrent.

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