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Official NameProject CARS
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Developer (s)Slightly Mad Studios
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2015
Genre (s)Racing



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Project CARS Full PC Game Overview

Project CARS Download Free Full Game is a motorsport racing simulator video game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco Games. It was released in May 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Project CARS was originally also due for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U but it was later announced that these versions had been cancelled.



Project CARS is intended to represent a realistic driving simulation. In order to differentiate the game from the established industry leaders, Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, Slightly Mad Studios' aim is a «sandbox» approach that allows the player to choose between a variety of different motorsports paths and grants immediate access to all included tracks and vehicles. Project CARS portrays racing events spanning multiple days, progressing from shakedown and qualifying runs to the race itself, while changes in weather and lighting conditions are simulated dynamically. Project CARS Free Download.

Physics simulation

Project CARS adopts an improved version of the Madness engine, which was the basis for the Need for Speed: Shift titles. More processing power available in modern computers allows for the introduction of a dynamic tire model named «SETA», rather than the steady-state model based on lookup tables, as seen in previous generation simulations. To accommodate differing skill levels, Slightly Mad Studios offers gamers (with or without a digital wheel) various driver aids and input filtering methods.

There are 74 drivable cars, over 30 unique locations with at least 110 different courses, of which 23 are real, with the remainder being fictional. For licensing reasons, some tracks are currently codenamed using their geographic location. In addition to real world racing circuits and fictional kart circuits, there are two fictional point-to-point roads inspired by Côte d'Azur and California Pacific Coast.

On 6 August 2014, Slightly Mad Studios revealed which circuits would be included in the final game.


Project CARS, which stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator, was made for a total sum of $5 million. Funding for the game was raised by the community and the developers themselves, without the financial aid of a traditional publisher. Through the purchase of Tool Packs players could contribute to development in roles including content creation, QA, and marketing media. Members gain special perks, depending on their purchased tool pack. Members will receive a share of game sales profits generated within the first three years after launch as compensation for their efforts, to be paid quarterly. Project CARS Free Download PC Game.

In addition to community feedback, Slightly Mad Studios have acquired the professional services of racing driver and Top Gear's former The Stig, Ben Collins, Clio Cup and European Touring Car Cup racing driver Nicolas Hamilton, and former Formula Renault 3.5L and current ELMS driver Oli Webb. Cars in the console versions of the game are made from 60,000 polygons.

On 26 August 2012 support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was announced on the official forums. The announcement stated that at least one Oculus Rift Development Kit has been ordered. Members of the project are able to follow a link referenced in the forum post to read more details.

Sony's PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset PlayStation VR will also be supported.

It was released on 7 May 2015 in Europe and 12 May 2015 in America for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while the Linux version has been delayed to later in 2015. Project CARS was originally also due for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U but it was later announced that these versions had been cancelled. On 18 February 2015 it was announced that Project CARS would be delayed until 2 April 2015 for Europe, and eventually confirmed to be released on 7 May 2015 in Europe and Australia; 8 May 2015 in the UK; and 12 May 2015 in North America.

On 12 May 2016, the game was released for HTC Vive virtual reality headset. Project CARS for PC.


Project CARS was generally well received upon release. Game Informer said that «The game joins a sim-racing field alongside already-established competitors like Gran Turismo and Forza, but it also does things its own way, challenging the ways of the past. Project Cars doesn't radically change the genre, but longtime enthusiasts should take heed of this new franchise.» However, they pointed out that «cars aren't the showpieces relative to other sim series – you don't collect, apply decals, or upgrade them.» One of their only criticisms were the graphics, which did not compare well against Driveclub, according to DigitalSpy. Playing on a three year old PC, Eurogamer had to adjust their settings to obtain a smooth framerate, and said «I don't find it as demanding a drive as iRacing, or as good at communicating the physicality of the car as Assetto Corsa». Race car driver Alex Lloyd from Yahoo Autos agreed, but said that compared to other console games like Forza and GT6, Project CARS was the clear victor in terms of realism. Evo also complimented the realism, with their only reservation being the sense of speed- Richard Meaden said that in the game «the R18 feels like a milk float». Autoblog praised the sound, but criticised the «tiny vehicle roster» and «wonky weight transfer characteristics».

However, some have complained of bugs, notably Simon Sayers, who said «During packed starting grids on some courses, they’ll bunch up around the first corner and get tangled up like novices holding up everyone behind them. We also found myself sticking like a magnet to the back of some cars for a few seconds around corners, which felt like some sort of glitch as we struggled to shake them off.» GameSpot immediately pointed out the lack of cars such as Ferrari, Porsche and Honda, and also expressed frustration at the game's inconsistent AI, which «mar the single player». AusGamers also criticised the consistency of the AI, stating that it «varies between robotic and idiotic». Another area of concern was the buggy penalty system, and confusing menus. Official Xbox Magazine and New Game Network concurred on this issue. Post Arcade complained about the number of camera views, which made it difficult to see on a steep hill.

Metro said that the career mode «doesn't have any proper sponsorship deals or monetary concerns – so there’s little sense that you’re actually playing the role of a real person.» This was also seen as a weak point by Shacknews, who said that players «might get bored easily considering there really aren't any unique game modes either». On this subject, NY Daily News added «The downside of the Project CARS formula is that you won't always be clear on exactly HOW you should progress. With so much at your fingertips, the undiscerning gamer may waste a lot of time». Gaming Nexus agreed: «Player freedom is always great, but Project Cars simply doesn't provide any incentive for completing various championships in the career mode.» Slant said the single-player career was limiting, tiresome and repetitive, however it handles «accurately enough to teach the player how to race better». Electronic Gaming Monthly described the single player mode as aimless, and said «Multiplayer is similarly laissez-faire, with no real progression system to speak of. If all you’re looking for is a chance to hop in against other players, you’ll probably be satisfied, but if you’re like me, you’ll wish there were some sort of skill-based ranking or transparent standings to count on. You’ll also grow to hate the long periods you’ll spend in the lobby waiting for everyone to ready up, as well as the fact that the host can force whatever insane settings he or she wants on everyone else.» On the subject of online, Mike Suskie said that the online community was «less thriving than we're accustomed to.», however he liked the realism and lighting. Project CARS Download Torrent.

Project CARS Free Download PC Game

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