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Official NamePrimal Carnage: Extinction
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Circle Five Studios
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2015
Genre (s)First-person shooter



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Primal Carnage Extinction Full PC Game Overview

Primal Carnage Extinction Download Free Full Game is a class-based, online multiplayer video game featuring human versus dinosaur combat. It was released April 3, 2015 on PC via Steam. A PlayStation 4 version was released on October 20, 2015. The game was developed by indie development team Circle 5 Studios, in collaboration with Pub Games and Panic Button, it is a loose sequel / remake of the original 2012 PC title Primal Carnage, featuring similar first-person shooter human gameplay and third person dinosaur gameplay. Set on an abandoned island where dinosaurs have been brought back to life, the player can assume the role of the mercenary team sent to eliminate the prehistoric creatures, or take control of the dinosaurs and wipe out the humans. Players can customize their characters using numerous skins, some of which will be unlockable through achieving trophies on PS4, with PC users receiving cosmetics randomly through loot drops as part of an economy system. These in turn can be traded or sold on the Steam Marketplace.


The game has an asymmetrical design with two playable factions: the human team and the dinosaur team. Both have different methods of control and the perspective shifts from first-person as human to third person as dinosaur. Each side comprises several distinct classes, each with its own unique specializations and attacks. Every class possesses a stamina bar that drains when sprinting, jumping, or using certain class-specific abilities. The game uses a more classical life bar system instead of regenerating health, meaning players routinely need to use health items to restore lost hit points. Primal Carnage Extinction Free Download.

Dinosaur Gameplay

Dinosaurs generally move faster than the human classes, and possess powerful disabling attacks with a number of one-hit-kill abilities. However, their playstyle requires using a higher degree of stealth and agility, meaning stamina management is especially important for dinosaur players. All of the primary dinosaur attacks are melee-based, promoting more close quarters action, with hit and run tactics being favourable. Each dinosaur class has a special Roar Ability that when activated gives a buff to the player or their nearby team mates. Once used, it has a lengthy cooldown before being available again. All dinosaurs must eat to restore their health fully, this is done at various herbivore carcasses placed around the maps, usually a dead Iguanodon or Parasaurolophus. The large Tyrant classes are the only members of the dinosaur team that can restore health purely through eating enemy players. When a dinosaur is low on health, the game's visuals desaturate and nearby carcasses become highlighted in red.

Dinosaur Classes

The main dinosaur classes from the first game return, along with the «premium skin» dinosaurs, now transformed into sub-classes available to all players, each having their own differing statistics and special attacks... Primal Carnage Extinction Free Download PC Game.


  • Pteranodon, a flying Pterosaur able to grab humans and drop them to their death, as well as driving its powerful beak into them as a secondary move. The Pterano is fast in the sky — on the ground, it is slow. Its screech reveals hidden enemies to team mates.
  • Tupandactylus, a faster more melee-focused flyer, that cannot grab enemy players. Its secondary move is a diving charge that can knock foes senseless. As with the Pterano, the Tupan is fast in the air and slow on the ground. Its roar ability is the same as Pteranodon.


  • Novaraptor, (a fictional species established in the first game), these dinosaurs pounce onto humans, pinning them to the ground. They can even maul foes up close in the fangs and claws. Roaring activates faster, frenetic attacks at the cost of stamina. Its hide can come in scales or in a thick feathery coat.
  • Oviraptor, a faster predator that can scent hidden enemies in a similar way to the flyer classes, so hiding from them is worthless. Although it has no teeth, its attack pattern mimics that of the Novaraptor. They don't frenzy.


  • Dilophosaurus, a nimble small dinosaur that can blind enemies with projectile venom; either from far away or from up close and personal. Roaring restores its stamina fully.
  • Cryolophosaurus, a less venomous spitter specializing in AOE attacks, laying down damaging acid pools. Its bite attack envenomates foes as well. Its roar also restores stamina. Primal Carnage Extinction for PC.


  • Tyrannosaurus can quickly swallow enemies whole. It uses a tail swipe to knock away humans approaching from the rear, as its arms are too short to throw a punch. Its roar increases damage dealt by nearby dinosaurs.
  • Spinosaurus swallows enemies whole slowly. It has a set of powerful claws it uses to send enemies hurtling back. It is the largest and the slowest of the tyrants. Its roar buffs the armour of nearby dinosaurs. Unlike in the prequel, the Spino can be played in any mode.
  • Acrocanthosaurus, added in content update 1. The fastest tyrant, the Acro swallows enemies whole, and uses a slow but forceful stomp attack with a large radius that can send enemies flying. Its roar gives team health regeneration.


  • Carnotaurus -rams enemies at high speed, sending them flying away. They can even headbutt foes while standing idle or walking. After roaring, it can regain health while biting humans. Their cheetah-like speed makes them nearly inescapable. The quantity of scutes on its armored hide and the length of its knife-sharp horns vary depending on what color it comes in.
  • Ceratosaurus (planned)
  • Pachycephalosaurus (planned)

Several other dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus and Parasaurolophus are NPCs in the game that roam outside the playable areas. Compsognathus appears as an AI enemy type in the Survival game mode, which includes a «boss wave» with hordes of the little creatures. On the PC version, NPCs can be controlled by the player through cheats.

Human Gameplay

Gameplay on the human side takes the form of a first-person shooter, with additional elements such as throwable weapons, placeable land mines and quick melee attacks. The commando, pathfinder, pyromaniac and scientist classes all have equippable backup weapons (desert eagles, flaregun and dartgun respectively). Most human classes can select from a variety of throwables, but the selection from which to choose from differs for each class. These items can be either tertiary weapons such as a tomahawk, or helpful utilities such as ammo and medical kits. Players on the human team can stock up on supplies at health & ammunition crates scattered around the maps. When critically injured or low on ammo, nearby crates become highlighted to the player. Primal Carnage Extinction Download Torrent.

Primal Carnage Extinction Free Download PC Game

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