Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Download Free Full Game

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Full PC Game

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Official NamePlants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2014
Developer (s)PopCap Games
Publisher (s)Electronic Arts
Genre (s)Third-person shooter
Mode (s)Multiplayer



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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Full PC Game Overview

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Download Free Full Game is a multiplayer third-person shooter and tower defense video game. It is the third game in the Plants vs. Zombies series, developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game features co-op along with competitive multiplayer modes, where players can control the plants as well as the zombies.


In most game modes the player can take control of plants or zombies from a third person perspective in either a cooperative or competitive multiplayer environment.

To progress in the game, players must complete unique challenges to each class. These challenges, once completed, will level up the character allowing the player to access features such as upgrades, new characters, weapon skins and character clothing. The game's challenge pop-ups closely resemble the notification system used on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions feature split-screen multiplayer as well as Boss Mode, also supported in the PC version, which is similar to Commander mode from Battlefield 4. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Free Download.


The game features a cooperative mode and four competitive multiplayer modes. Three different modified versions of the competitive modes: A playlist consisting of Team Vanquish featuring one map, no unlocked characters, and no customization. It is aimed towards new players, but it is available to all players regardless of rank.

  • Garden Ops: A cooperative mode where up to four players take control of each of the plants defending a garden through ten zombie waves, with the fifth and tenth waves being boss waves represented by a slot machine, hosted by Dr.Zomboss, either spawning 1-3 bosses, a jackpot, tombstones, a huge swarm of zombies or a Super Boss. After that, they must run and survive to the extraction point to be saved by Crazy Dave.
  • Team Vanquish: A team deathmatch variant, where two teams representing plants and zombies fight against each other to take down opponents.
  • Vanquish Confirmed: A game mode where players must collect orbs from fallen opponents to receive credit. This mode shares the concept with the «Kill Confirmed» mode from the Call of Duty series
  • Gardens and Graveyards: A game mode where players either capture (as zombies) or defend (as plants) various objectives. It is a parody of the Conquest and Rush modes from the Battlefield series.
  • Gnome Bomb: A game mode where players attempt to secure a bomb (strapped to the back of a helpless gnome) and detonate at various bases. It is similar to Obliteration mode from Battlefield 4.
  • Classic Team Vanquish: Team Vanquish with no customization. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Free Download PC Game.
  • Classic Gardens and Graveyards: Gardens and Graveyards with no customization.
  • Mixed Mode: A playlist where each game mode is used interchangeably. It will be one mode with either zombies or plants. Then the next mode played right after will be the same mode along with the same map. However, the player will be using the opposite character team from before. Using the opposite character team does not happen all the time. After two matches of the same mode are complete, the other mode mentioned will do the same action as described. Before the «Tactical Taco Party Pack» update, this mode only supported Team Vanquish and Gardens and Graveyards, following it though, Gnome Bomb, Vanquish Confirmed, and eventually Suburbination were added.
  • Suburbination: A domination variant, where the objective is to capture three areas, A, B, and C in the map.
  • Taco Bandits: A capture the flag variant, where the zombies must steal 3 tacos from Crazy Dave's taco stand and bring them to a UFO (The plants have improved defenses).


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was presented for the first time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 as part of the presentation given by the Electronic Arts (EA). The game is developed entirely in the EA game engine Frostbite 3, and supports Mantle «out of the box.» The game was first announced for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, later it was reported that it would also be available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare received mixed to positive reviews. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the PlayStation 4 version 78.07% based on 15 reviews and 75/100 based on 23 reviews, the Microsoft Windows version 77.50% based on 4 reviews and 78/100 based on 11 reviews, the Xbox One version 77.18% based on 51 reviews and 76/100 based on 65 reviews, the Xbox 360 version 76.67% based on 3 reviews and 69/100 based on 6 reviews and the PlayStation 3 version 76.00% based on 1 review.

GameZone's Lance Liebl gave the Xbox One version an 8.5/10, stating «Don't let the thought of a Plants vs. Zombies shooter scare you off; it actually is a really fun game. Yes, it needs more game modes and split-screen play options, but everything else about the game shines.» Hardcore Gamer's Steve Hannley gave the Xbox One version a 3.5/5, saying "The maps are well-designed, character classes are surprisingly well-balanced and there's a large amount of customization. Including only three modes however is a massive oversight that severely damages the replay value.[26]"

On November 24, 2015, Electronic Arts announced that Garden Warfare has been played by more than 8 million players since its release. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Download Torrent.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Free Download PC Game

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Free Download PC Game

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