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Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Full PC Game

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Official NamePhantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Sierra Entertainment
Publisher (s)Sierra Entertainment
Director (s)Andy Hoyos
Producer (s)Matthew Thornton
Designer (s)Lorelei Shannon
Writer (s)Lorelei Shannon
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)August 8, 1997
Genre (s)Survival horror
Mode (s)Single player


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Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Full PC Game Overview

Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Download Free Full Game is also known asPhantasmagoria 2and released asPhantasmagoria II: Fatal Obsessions in European countries. It is an interactive moviesurvival horror point-and-click adventure game released in 1996by Sierra Entertainment. Though technically a sequel to Roberta Williams' 1995 gamePhantasmagoria, Puzzle of Flesh shares no connections with its predecessor in plot nor characters, as Sierra initially intended thePhantasmagoria title to be a horror anthology, with each installment of a different story and style. While not a commercial success, A Puzzle of Flesh, like its predecessorPhantasmagoria, is remembered for itscontroversial violent and sexual content, which led the game to being heavily censored or banned outright in several European and Oceanic countries.


The player controls Curtis Craig, an introverted 26-year-old man who, on the surface, seems to be living a mundane life, while working at apharmaceutical company. However, the player quickly learns that nothing in this game's environment is what it may appear to be.Curtis regularly has disturbing visions of gore throughout his office and sees messages on his computer, such as an e-mail from Hell offering him a job as a murderer. Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Free Download.

Curtis has been released from a mental institution one year prior to the game's events, and following the onset of his visions he has regular visits with a therapist. His mental health problems largely stem from having an abusive mother who committed suicide and a father who, before he died, was working on a top secret project at Wyntech, the same company where Curtis is currently employed. Curtis has repressed most of his childhood memories, and over the course of the game he remembers that his father was murdered by Wyntech.

One day, Bob, an unpleasant and backstabbing coworker is brutally murdered in Curtis' cubicle. Though Bob was generally disliked, Curtis has expressed the desire to kill him and Curtis expresses apathy towards Bob's death, which leads him to suspect that he may have murdered him in a psychotic break.

While Curtis is casually dating his commitment-seeking office coworker Jocelyn he also becomes involved with a more liberatedwoman, Therese, who introduces him to the local S&M fetish scene. His best friend Trevor is an openly homosexual man, and Curtis himself admits to his therapist he is likely bisexual, revealing he is attracted to Trevor. Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Free Download PC Game.

After Curtis' superior Tom is murdered as well Curtis suspects his boss, Paul Allen Warner (who had threatened Tom during an argument the previous day) to have murdered him and possibly Bob. The next day Therese is found murdered after her date with Curtis, placing more suspicion upon him by the police. As the number of deaths and hallucinations keeps increasing Curtis eventually discovers this is all connected to «Threshold,» the project his father had worked on. Decades prior, Wyntech had discovered a rift leading to «Dimension X» in the basement of their building and sought to use it for monetary gain, performing experiments using mental patients supplied by the corrupt Dr. Marek, a doctor at the asylum where Curtis was committed. At one point, Warner even used the then pre-pubescent Curtis Craig as a subject, without his father's permission. The project was eventually shut down when the military showed no interest but was recently reactivated when Warner discovered the inhabitants of Dimension X could synthesize any chemical desired at the cost of some components and a couple of «human specimens.» Warner planned on sacrificing several people in exchange for a highly addictive antidepressant/weight loss drug, which would then be released on the market, causing the Earth's population to become addicted on the product and making Wyntech the most powerful corporation on Earth. Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh for PC.

After Curtis' therapist and Trevor are murdered, Curtis confronts Warner. Warner is suddenly knocked out by the Hecatomb, a horrifying humanoid creature that introduces itself as a «manifestation» of the «real» Curtis Craig. It turns out that the Curtis that came out of the rift is in fact an alien duplicate while the real Curtis was trapped on Dimension X and became hideously mutated and developed psychic powers as a result. The real Curtis, acting through the Hecatomb, was responsible for the murders and hallucinations with the purpose of driving the duplicate Curtis insane so that he could take over his body. The duplicate Curtis escapes the Hecatomb through the Dimension X portal, kills the real Curtis and returns to Earth. Jocelyn suddenly appears revealing that (somehow) she knows the truth and that she loves him. However, a message from the inhabitants of Dimension X is heard asking Curtis to return since he doesn't belong on Earth. The player then has the choice between two endings: either Curtis chooses to leave, in which case he spends one last day with Jocelyn before departing or he chooses to remain on Earth. If the player chooses the latter, the ending sequence shows Jocelyn happily talking about everyday life arrangements to a regretful-looking Curtis, who curls up a fist beneath the table. The fist briefly morphs into a grotesque alien shape.

A post-credits scene shows the still-living severed head of Warner suspended in the air in Dimension X. Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Download Torrent.

Phantasmagoria A Puzzle of Flesh Free Download PC Game

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