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Official NameOutlaws (1997 video game)
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)LucasArts
Publisher (s)LucasArts
Designer (s)Daron Stinnett
Composer (s)Clint Bajakian
EngineJedi engine
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)March 1997
Genre (s)FPS
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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Outlaws (1997) Full PC Game Overview

Outlaws (1997) Download Free Full Game is a first-person shooter released by LucasArts in 1997 using an enhanced version of the Jedi game engine, first seen in Star Wars: Dark Forces. It is one of the very few FPS games with a Wild West setting. CG animation sequences, with special filters to look hand drawn, play between each mission and set up the action in the next area. It is the first video game to feature a sniper zoom. Although not a huge financial success, the game received a cult following.


James Anderson, a retired U.S. Marshal, comes home after a trip to the general store to find his wife Anna dying and his daughter Sarah, kidnapped by two outlaws known as Matt «Dr. Death» Jackson and «Slim» Sam Fulton, under the employ of the evil railroad baron named Bob Graham. Graham has hired several wanted outlaws to «enlighten» the people of the county to sell their land to him, so that he can make money on a huge railway. However, the psychotic Dr. Death misinterprets Graham's meaning of «enlightenment» and kidnaps James Anderson's daughter. After burying his dead wife, the retired Marshal picks up his gun once again and rides off to find his daughter. He travels around the old West, shooting his way through each member of Graham's hired outlaws. Outlaws (1997) Free Download.

However, on his journey, Anderson is haunted by dreams of his father's murder as a child; while the two were camping out in the wild, an unknown assailant shot him in his sleep, but left young James alive, telling him «to keep that fear [of death], kid». After questioning more and more outlaws, Anderson is confronted by Dr. Death in an old mine. Anderson eventually gets the drop on him; he gets tangled up in a rope above a deep mine shaft. Dr. Death tells him that his daughter is hidden in an old Indian cliff village. After finding out that Anderson is not going to let him out of the pit, he teases Anderson about the murder of his wife. Anderson is enraged and puts his cigar in the pulley from which the rope is hanging, eventually burning up the rope and sending Dr. Death to his death at the bottom of the shaft.

At the Indian village, Anderson is ambushed by renegade Indian Two Feathers. After defeating him, Two Feathers praises Anderson's strength in battle, and out of sympathy because he once had a child he had lost, tells him the real location of Sarah: Bob Graham's estate, Big Rock ranch. Anderson blasts his way into Graham's villa, and finally confronts him. After a fierce gunfight, Graham is believed dead, and falls to the ground, and Anderson reunites with his daughter. However, Bob Graham is not dead, and Anderson carelessly left his gun lying on the floor. The wounded Graham, at gunpoint, reveals that he is Anderson's father's murderer. Just as Graham is about to finish off Anderson, however, Sarah manages to shoot Graham with Anderson's gun. After a tearful reunion, father and daughter ride into the sunset. Outlaws (1997) Free Download PC Game.

Outlaws (1997) Free Download PC Game

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