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Official NameMighty No. 9
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2016
Publisher (s)Deep Silver
Producer (s)Nick Yu
Writer (s)Keiji Inafune
Composer (s)Manami Matsumae
EngineUnreal Engine 3
Genre (s)Action, platform
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer



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Mighty No 9 Download Free Full Game is an action-platform video game developed by Comcept, in conjunction with Inti Creates, published by Deep Silver and distributed by Square Enix in North America. The creation of the game was based on the online crowdfunding website Kickstarter and incorporated heavy input from the public. Mighty No. 9 closely resembles the early Mega Man series in both gameplay and character design, which project lead Keiji Inafune worked on, and is considered its spiritual successor.

The minimum Kickstarter goal for Mighty No. 9 was successfully funded after only two days of the creation of the campaign in September 2013. However, several other features including additional stages, special modes and ports to other platforms were announced after additional «stretch goals» related to it were achieved, increasing the total funds obtained to over 400% of the original goal. The game was originally scheduled to be released in April 2015, but was delayed multiple times until it was eventually released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U in June 2016, with the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, OS X, and Linux versions still in development. Mighty No 9 Free Download.

Mighty No. 9 was highly anticipated when it was announced, but lengthy delays and Comcept's decision to fund another project, Red Ash: The Indelible Legend, through Kickstarter were met with accusations of mismanagement. The game received a generally mixed reception from critics and Kickstarter backers upon launch. The game's design, graphics, content, voice acting, and technical issues were criticized, and critics agreed that the game failed to live up to expectations.


Mighty No. 9 is focused on 2D platforming, with a blend of 2D and 3D artwork and animation. Players control a robot named Beck, who is able to run, jump, and shoot projectiles at enemies he encounters. Furthermore, the player is able to acquire both weapons and abilities from enemies they defeat. The game features an intro level followed by the eight main stages, which are freely chosen in any order by the player. At the end of each stage, Beck must face one of the other eight «Mighty» units in a boss battle. A final set of stages are unlocked at the end of the game, leading up to the final showdown. An additional level starring Beck's partner, Call, is also available at some point.

In addition to jumping and shooting, Beck's main ability is a dash, which can be used to move quickly and cross large gaps. Upon weakening enemies by shooting them, Beck can dash through them in order to absorb a substance known as Xel (pronounced «Cel»). Absorbing Xel from enemies grants Beck temporary enhancements, such as increased power or speed. By defeating bosses, Beck can obtain new transformation forms, giving him new abilities such as magnetic limbs. Conversely, Call can't absorb Xel but can dash further than Beck and can use a shield that reflects projectiles and jetboots that slow her fall. Mighty No 9 Free Download PC Game.


Mighty No. 9 stars an android named Beck, the ninth unit in a set of combat robots called the Mighty Numbers. At some point a form of computer virus attacks the rest of his fellow units, as well as machines around the world. The player, as Beck, must fight the rogue robots and discover the villain who threatens the fate of the planet. Alongside Beck is his partner, Call. Comcept previously held a fan opinion poll in order to determine the most popular mockup design for Call. As a result, concept design «F» was selected as the base design for the character. The name Beck was chosen as «his creator wanted him to have a human name, unlike his peers», and also because it fit his partner's name as well (as in «Beck and Call»).

There are three scientists involved in the story, each with a specific part to play: Dr. William White, the robotics designer who created Beck and the rest of the Mighty Numbers; Dr. Benedict Blackwell, the inventor of «Xel» technology that provides the basis for the Mighty Number and all robots in the game; and Dr. Soichiro Sanda[k 1], who also works in «Xel» technology and created Call. Designers from Inti Creates as well as Comcept are both working on the designs of the characters in the game and have noted that «each [character is] intended to have his [or her] own unique look» within the art design.

The story begins with a sudden massive countrywide robot uprising. Mighty No. 9, Beck, is one of the few robots unaffected, and is tasked by Dr. White to bring down his 8 other Mighty No. siblings. Beck possesses a unique ability that allows him to assimilate the «Xels» of other robots when they have attained sufficient damage. By assimilating the affected Xels of his robotic siblings, Beck is able to restore their original personalities. Assimilation also allows Beck to send data to Dr. White, who tries to find the cause of the robots' violent behavior. Beck, with the assistance of the cowardly Dr. Sanda and his unaffected creation Call, moves out to retrieve and save his siblings. Mr. Graham, president of CherryDyn (world's largest supplier of robots), publicly denies responsibility for the current disaster and blames Dr. Blackwell, despite the latter being in a maximum security prison. Mighty No 9 for PC.

As Beck saves more of his siblings, Dr. White begins to find among the affected Xels traces of code from his abandoned projected Trinity, a robot that can learn and grow infinitely by assimilating other robots. As Trinity was a project originally funded by CherryDyn, Dr. White decides to pay Mr. Graham a visit while Call and Dr. Sanda go to Dr. Blackwell for a direct explanation. During their infiltration of the prison, Call questions why Dr. White would make Beck a battle robot while also giving Beck a pacifist personality. Upon meeting Dr. Blackwell, Call and Dr. Sanda learn from Dr. Blackwell that the real cause of the countrywide uprising is due to Mr. Graham activating Trinity in hopes of selling her technology for military applications. Trinity can reprogram, rewrite, and assimilate other robots effortlessly. Thus, she posed an incalculable danger to all of humanity, and so Dr. Blackwell had her shut down during the initial project phase. However, Dr. Blackwell's actions would be seen as terrorism, scapegoated by Mr. Graham, and was subsequently locked up. Meanwhile, Dr. White confronts Mr. Graham about the latter's money-driven decision to activate Trinity, to which he again tries to deny responsibility. Dr. White mulls over how, despite Trinity being his greatest failure, he had taken what he had learned from her creation to create Beck, a robot with the same ability as Trinity, but would not pose a threat to humanity, implying that Beck's aversion to combat is the only difference separating his fate from Trinity's.

Just as Beck foils Trinity's plot to launch a massive war against humanity, Trinity grows to the point where she even begins to assimilate non-robotic objects, and Beck, being the only one immune to her rewrite ability (though not immune to her assimilation), moves out alone to stop her. Beck successfully assimilates Trinity like he does with his siblings, and eliminates her influence on all other robots. The ending shows Dr. White presumably updating Trinity with the same personality as Beck so that she would no longer pose a threat to humanity, as she is seen with Beck and all the other Mighty Numbers together in a photo. Mighty No 9 Download Torrent.

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