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Official NameMight & Magic 10 Legacy
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Developer (s)Limbic Entertainment
Publisher (s)Ubisoft
Composer (s)Roc Chen
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Role-playing
Mode (s)Single-player



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Might & Magic 10 Legacy Full PC Game Overview

Might & Magic 10 Legacy Download Free Full Game is the latest installment of the Might and Magic role-playing video game series, announced on March 21, 2013, developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. Instead of being a sequel to Might and Magic IX the game follows the events of Might & Magic Heroes VI and is set in the world of Ashan. It was released on January 23, 2014 as a downloadable title for Microsoft Windows. An OS X version is in development.

The game focuses on events occurring in the Agyn Peninsula of Ashan, on the continent of Thallan, following the war created by the archangel Uriel. A coup has occurred in the city of Karthal, and a party of raiders who arrive in the region are drawn into a complex plot in the region that threatens to escalate tensions in the various nations.



Much of the game takes places on the Agyn Peninsula which is a part of the continent of Thallan, within the world of Ashan. The events of the game take place a few years after the war that occurred during Might & Magic Heroes VI, in which the city of Karthal, a colony of the Holy Falcon Empire, is now planning to secede from it. Alongside the city, the Peninsula also feature three major towns, vast plains, thick bogs, barren wastelands, coastal bays, tall mountains, thick forests, and a vast dungeon city beneath the land. At the beginning of the game, Karthal goes into turmoil and suffers a political coup as a result. Might & Magic 10 Legacy Free Download.


At the small town of Sorpigal-by-the-Sea, on the east coast of the Agyn Peninsula, a party of raiders arrive by ship on an important task — to bring their mentor's remains to the city of Karthal for burial. Upon stepping off their ship, they are met by a mysterious man named Dunstan, who reveals that Karthal recently closed itself off to outsiders in the aftermath of a major coup. Unable to gain entry until the city opens up, the raiders pass the time by aiding the town's garrison in dealing with a number of problems. Impressed with their work, the garrsion's captain sends the raiders to Castle Portmeyron to meet with the Peninsula's new governor, Jon Morgan, only to find upon arrival that the castle is being besieged by bands of brigands and militia. Fighting their way through the castle against them, the group eventually rescue the governor, who soon asks them for their help to investigate a number of strange events that occurred recently in the region.

The raiders begin initially with investigation into a dark elf presence at the Elemental Forge — an ancient structure in the centre of the peninsula, housing elemental beings, in which they find themselves fighting off one such being that had been corrupted by an unknown force, freeing it in the process. After reporting back on what they found, Morgan soon sends them to the woods near the town of Seahaven, in order to meet with Lord Kilburn and ask for his help in identifying the handwriting of a message that was found after the attack on Portmeyron; Morgan also asks them to carry a letter to the pirate king, Crag Hack, so he can establish a truce with him. Learning from Kilburn that Montbard, the former governor of the region, had ordered the attack on Morgan's castle and is now hiding in the Lost City — an ancient and ruined underground city — the party quickly track him down and defeat him. While Morgan remains suspicious on how Montbard funded the attack on the castle, he soon sends the raiders to Karthal to find a man called Falagar, an ambassador who was working in secret with Morgan as a spy within the city. The party manage to gain entry via the city's sewers, just as it finally opens its gates to outsiders, while encountering Dunstan before he departs. Might & Magic 10 Legacy Free Download PC Game.

Inside the city, the raiders search for Falagar leads them to a man named Hamza, a former member of the insurrection within the city, now organizing a resistance movement against the person who organized it and rules over Karthal as a result — Markus Wolf. The group learn that his Black Guard, a ruthless mercenary group, took Falagar to a prison in the city's slums, and so quickly begin work on a plan to break him out. Upon freeing Falagar, they soon learn that Dunstan had been involved in the coup, although his reason for doing so is not made clear to them. Morgan, upon hearing of this, instructs the raiders to find out more about him, leading them to meeting a former raider friend of Dunstan's by the name of Shiva. During their meeting, Shiva reveals that she and Dunstan had been part of raider party, who had twelve years ago attempted to enter a dungeon known as the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors. However, something went badly wrong and of the party that entered, only she and Dunstan managed to escape the Tomb. While both separated soon afterwards, Shiva noticed that Dunstan had changed following the incident.

Heading to the Tomb for answers, the party soon find and enter the dungeon, only to be locked in by a mysterious dark elf they had met in the Forge. Inside, they encounter a variety of shadowy creatures and a group of dark elves, along with the discovery of Dunstan's corpse. This alerts the raiders that Shiva had left with an imposter; the real Dunstan had died in the tomb, after he and the other raiders accidentally broke the seal to the prison of a Faceless by the name of Erobos, a master of assassins who was imprisoned by his own kind after the Elder Wars. Erobos, released from his captivity, quickly stole Dunstan's identity and appearance, left him to die, and began devising a scheme shortly afterwards to get revenge for his imprisonment. The raiders soon learn that his intentions is to ignite a war on the Peninsula, explaining his presence in Karthal during Markus' coup, with the dark elf the party encountered being one of his servants, called Salvin.

Upon returning with their discovery, the party find that Morgan's daughter, Ann, was kidnapped by Markus to stop him interfering, but this has the opposite effect when he sends the raiders to inform Crag Hack of what was done. Crag, upon learning of Ann's capture, quickly offers his aid in attacking Karthal, bringing troops via his ship. During the fighting, the raiders quickly find and defeat Salvin (the player can tell him about Ann, causing him to commit suicide for his actions), before fighting against Markus, pursuing him into an ancient city beneath Karthal — Ker-Thall — whereupon they defeat him. Whilst in Ker-Thall, the group soon learn that Crag had died whilst fighting against Erobos, in the hopes that a noble death form such an action would counter a curse he had. Upon finding Erobos, the party quickly learns that he had influenced Markus in staging an insurrection in Karthal so as to fight back against the Falcon Empress and her plans for reform in the region, as well as also driving Montbard mad by making him think demons were running the Peninsula. While he had helped the party, it was purely to provide him with a formidable foe, although Erobos was unaware that the raiders had been secretly used by the Empire to oppose him. Despite countless minions of Faceless and dark elves being sent to kill them, the raiders finally defeat Erobos and end his plot, saving the Peninsula from disaster. Might & Magic 10 Legacy Download Torrent.

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