Microsoft Train Simulator Full PC game

Microsoft Train Simulator Full PC Game

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Microsoft Train Simulator

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Kuju Entertainment

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Microsoft Windows, PC




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Microsoft Train Simulator PC Game Overview

All of those who ever thought or dreamt about riding a train will finally get an opportunity to do that with the Microsoft Train Simulator full PC game. The big dogs from Microsoft hired famous developers Kuju Entertainment, known for some previous excellent train simulations, to make this game special.

Microsoft Train Simulator Gameplay

You know the feeling when you are at a train station and hear the roar of a locomotive pulling up? You suddenly became aware of the power that trains actually have and wonder how it feels to pilot this mighty machine. In Microsoft Train Simulator, you get the opportunity to drive both old and modern locomotives from various periods.

The goal is to get safely to the destination. The tutorials nicely explain how to drive each of the three engine types. There are nine locomotives in the game, including the look-alike of a famous Orient Express and the Odakyu 7000 Super Luxury Express. You will have total control over these trains thanks to the brilliant physics of the game.

Each of the locomotive handles differently, so it will take some time to tame the beasts. Everything is pretty realistic – electrical engines are much easier to drive than Diesel locomotives that will need a lot more care from your side. Steam locomotives are the greatest challenge as you need to make constant adjustments during the ride. This gets even more tricky when you are aware that there are timetables and safety procedures to follow.

If this seems too hard, you can adjust the difficulty level of the game. You will also get help from the interface which enables you to check the timetables on the map. Once you complete an activity, you will get an overall score for your performance.

If you’ve ever thought that driving a train is simple, think again. However, it certainly is much fun, at least in the virtual world, thanks to the Microsoft Train Simulator full PC game.

Microsoft Train Simulator Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Win95/98
  • CPU: P266MHz
  • RAM: 32MB
  • 4xCD-ROM
  • Free Disk Space: 500MB

Microsoft Train Simulator Screenshots

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