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Official NameMen of War
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Best Way
Publisher (s)1C Company
Distributor (s)505 Games (UK)
Producer (s)Sergey Gerasev
Designer (s)Dmitry Morozov
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)10 March 2009
Genre (s)Real-time strategy
Mode (s)Single-player, Multiplayer


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Men of War Full PC Game Overview

Men of War Download Free Full Game (Russian: В тылу врага 2: Лис пустыни, or Behind Enemy Lines 2: Desert Fox) is a 2009 real-time tactics video game and the sequel to Faces of War. Players issue orders to and/or take direct control of soldiers on a simulation-driven battlefield.

The game takes place during World War II and its single-player campaign features battles set in Europe, the Soviet Union, Greece, and North Africa across three different campaigns for the Allies, Germans and Soviets. Japan was introduced as a multiplayer faction in a patch.


Development on Men of War began in 2006 with the intention to create a polished successor to Faces of War. Ukrainian series developer Best Way led development with assistance from Digitalmindsoft, a new German studio formed with Best Way's assistance by Faces of War modder Chris Kramer. Digitalmindsoft were to provide «Western soul» to the game; Kramer described this as "combining the new ideas and innovations [of eastern European countries] with great in-game atmosphere and smooth gameplay [of Western studios]".

The game was developed by a team of 30 at Best Way and 15 at Digitalmindsoft. Best Way developed the game's engine and core simulation systems, while Digitalmindsoft provided mission/world design, visuals, and audio and organised a large beta test. Men of War Free Download.


Men of War has received generally favorable reviews, garnering a Metacritic score of 80 out of 100.

  • Eurogamer praised the game for generating «stories as distinct as they are dramatic» and compared it favorably to Company of Heroes, but criticized its «faintly disappointing» stealth missions.
  • GameSpot described Direct Control as «well-crafted» but criticized the game's graphics and «pathetic English-language voice acting».
  • IGN criticized the game's «aggravating» pathfinding and «tedious» micromanagement, but still concluded that it was a « watching all your favorite war movies play out in front of your eyes».
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun called the game «spectacular» and «organic...where others are artificial», but criticized its «disastrous» voice acting, «tedious and pointless» cut-scenes, and occasionally «brutal» difficulty.


Men of War has spawned a large amount of fan-made mods and addons. The majority of new additions to the title are currently hosted on the moddb website.


Four standalone expansions were released for Men of War: Red Tide, Assault Squad, Vietnam, Condemned Heroes and Assault Squad 2. Men of War Free Download PC Game.

Men of War 2 has been informally announced by series producer Sergey Gerasev.

On 17 December 2012, Digitalmindsoft announced a new game called Call to Arms on their website calling it «The true successor to the Men of War series». Men of War Download Torrent.

Men of War Free Download PC Game

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