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Official NameMDK2
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)BioWare
Publisher (s)Interplay Entertainment
Composer (s)Jesper Kyd, Albert Olson
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)May 25, 2000
Genre (s)Third-person shooter, action-adventure
Mode (s)Single-player


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MDK2 Full PC Game Overview

MDK2 Download Free Full Game is a 2000 third-person shooter video game developed by BioWare and published by Interplay for the Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. It is the sequel to the 1997 game MDK.

Developed primarily on the Dreamcast using BioWare's Omen Engine,[2] MDK2 was originally released for the Dreamcast in March 2000,[3] with a Windows version following in May.[5] In March 2001, the game was revised and released for the PlayStation 2 as MDK 2: Armageddon.[6] The main difference between the Windows/PlayStation 2 versions and the Dreamcast version is the ability to select the difficulty level.[9][10]

A remake of the game for Wii, developed by Beamdog, was released via WiiWare on May 9, 2011,[7] and a high-definition remastered version, developed by Overhaul Games, was released for the PC, called MDK2 HD. This version features new 3D models, textures and music, and was released for download via Beamdog on October 12, 2011[8] and via Steam on July 30, 2012.


Like the original game, MDK2 features three protagonists; Kurt Hectic, a janitor and reluctant hero; Max, a mechanical six-legged dog; and Doctor Fluke Hawkins, Max's creator and all-round eccentric scientist. Unlike in the first game, however, in MDK2, all three characters are playable, with each delivering a significantly different gameplay experience. MDK2 Free Download.

Kurt Hectic

Kurt is a janitor working for Dr. Fluke Hawkins. He would prefer to live a peaceful life, but when an alien invasion threatens Earth, Hawkins presses Kurt into action. Kurt's levels play very similarly to the previous game, with the emphasis on his coil suit and ribbon parachute, which allows him to glide through the air and catch updrafts. His levels often focus on his built-in sniper scope, which allows him to launch projectiles at foes, both directly and indirectly, using the various sniper mortar and rifle options. Kurt's puzzles often involve complex sniper shots where he must strike «lock-balls» to proceed.


Max is a robotic six-legged dog who prefers direct short-range firepower over Kurt's preference for sniping from a distance. Max stands on his two back legs and can equip and shoot up to four guns at once. He is also able to wear a jet pack. His levels tend to focus on gunfighting rather than puzzle solving. MDK2 Free Download PC Game.

Dr. Fluke Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins is an eccentric scientist, who has voluntarily exiled himself from Earth, and now lives aboard his dog-shaped spaceship, the Jim Dandy. A frail old man, he prefers to send Kurt and Max into dangerous situations, but during the game, he is repeatedly forced to go to their rescue himself. His levels focus on puzzle solving, with little in the way of combat. Most of his gameplay revolves around combining objects to create new objects, which in turn allow him to proceed. There is some minimal combat, where his main weapon is an atomic toaster, which propels radioactive toast. He is also able to drink plutonium, which turns him into a Mr Hyde/Hulk style creature, capable of causing great damage, and taking considerable punishment. MDK2 Download Torrent.


The game begins moments after the conclusion of MDK, with Kurt, Max, and Doctor Hawkins celebrating their victory over Gunther Glut, the antagonist of the first game. However, in the midst of their celebrations, they discover there is one remaining minecrawler in Edmonton, Canada. Kurt is dispatched to destroy it, but after its destruction, as he awaits transport back to the Jim Dandy, he is taken captive by a massive alien named Shwang Shwing. Max heads to Shwang's ship, but he too is taken prisoner, forcing Doctor Hawkins to come to their aid.

After a series of rescue missions in which one protagonist saves another only to be caught himself, all three find themselves on Shwang Shwing's home world, Swizzle Firma, where they learn that it is the ruler of Swizzle Firma, Emperor Zizzy Ballooba, who was behind the attacks on Earth in the previous game. Now, Ballooba plans to launch a doomsday device at Earth which will obliterate the entire planet. Having defeated Swang, the three protagonists invade the Ballooba's castle. Ballooba admits to the heroes that he's only trying to destroy Earth for his own amusement, because, since he figured out space and time, he has become bored. A battle ensues between the three heroes and Ballooba, with the heroes emerging victorious.

The ending sequence depends on which character the player chose for the final battle. Kurt resumes his duties as janitor of the Jim Dandy, perturbed by the idea of being a celebrity. Max becomes the new emperor of Swizzle Firma, forming an interplanetary alliance with Earth. Doctor Hawkins is welcomed back to Earth, no longer shunned by his peers, and gets to work on his lifelong ambition — creating a robot zombie army.

Soundtrack and disc bonuses

Unlike Todd Dennis' symphonic soundtrack, produced by Tommy Tallarico, for the original MDK, the MDK2 soundtrack is considerably more modern. Composed by Jesper Kyd, Albert Olson, and Raymond Watts of the band PIG, most of music is electronica; specifically big beat, breakbeat, and drum and bass.

The Dreamcast edition of the game allows the player to access all the music tracks, including the sound effect background tracks, using the Dreamcast CD player. There is also a folder of concept art on the Dreamcast version, available when read by a PC. MDK2 for PC.

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