Marvel Trading Card Game Download Free Full Game

Marvel Trading Card Game Full PC Game

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Official NameMarvel Trading Card Game
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Vicious Cycle Software (PC/PSP)
Publisher (s)Konami
Designer (s)Dave Ellis
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)June 8, 2007
Genre (s)Collectible card game
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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Marvel Trading Card Game for PC Marvel Trading Card Game Download Torrent Marvel Trading Card Game Free Download PC Game


Marvel Trading Card Game Full PC Game Overview

Marvel Trading Card Game Download Free Full Game is a video game for the Nintendo DS, PC, and PlayStation Portable. It was developed by Vicious Cycle Software and 1st Playable Productions and published by Konami. The game is based on Upper Deck Entertainment's Marvel Comics-based collectible card game, and was released across all three platforms in several regions in 2007.

Marvel Trading Card Game is a virtual card game in which the player chooses to be either a superhero or supervillain in single-player mode. Multiplayer modes are also available. The game follows the rules laid out in Upper Deck's VS System, used in card games across several franchises including Marvel, DC Comics, and Hellboy.

The game received mixed reviews from critics. It was considered faithful to the physical version, but reviewers commented that it was not accessible to players who weren't already fans of collectible card games. The handheld versions were criticized for presenting a visual format inappropriate for small screens.


Marvel Trading Card Game is a collectible card game with similarities to other card games, like Magic: The Gathering. The game was designed to portray the VS System rules exactly the same as the physical version, created by baseball card manufacturer Upper Deck Entertainment. Players start each match with a premade deck of cards, from which they draw a number of cards to form a hand. Cards in the hand can be subsequently put into play, and each card represents a character or ability that is played against similar cards possessed by the opponent.

Matches are formatted into segmented turns during which players can act. Each turn a player draws two cards to add to their hand, and cards in a hand can be put onto the playing field. The playing field is made of up individual rows where cards can be placed; there are six rows for each player. Cards are played by spending «resource points» which act as a form of energy. The more powerful a card is, the more resource points are required to play it. Resource points are gained by specifically assigning any card in the hand to a resource row, and only one card can be made into a resource each turn. More powerful cards, such as Magneto, require a higher available pool of resources and so can only be played in later turns in a match. Once put into play from the player's hand, a card can be used to provide a benefit to the player or to attack the opponent. Types of cards include characters, such as Onslaught and Namor; each character has an attack and defense rating that represents how much damage they can inflict and sustain. Other cards include locations and equipment, which can be used to boost the statistics and abilities of characters, and «plot twists» which encompass a wide range of effects, such as forcing an opponent to forfeit some of the cards in their hand. Each player has a life bar that is depleted with each successful attack by an opponent, and a player loses the match when their life bar is empty. Marvel Trading Card Game Free Download.

Whenever a card in play is activated or otherwise used, such as resources, it is referred to as «tapped» and is generally unavailable for further use until the next turn. Unlike Magic, however, characters can attack and defend in the same turn, unless they are «stunned» in combat. Damage is calculated by adding the difference between an attacking character's attack and the defending character's defense, plus the resource cost of the card. Any damage not absorbed by a defending character is applied to the player's life total. The location of a card on the playing field can affect its statistics; in order to attack, characters further away from the opponent must possess a projectile weapon or the ability to fly, for instance. Adjacent characters with a matching team affiliation within the Marvel universe can also reinforce one another's attack and defense, such as the Spider Friends and X-Men. Cards activating an ability can be countered by the opponent, and these abilities and counters combine to form a «chain» that dictates the order in which their effects are applied.


Marvel Trading Card Game's single-player mode allows the player to choose one of two different campaigns; one for heroes and one for villains. Both campaigns are based around the Sentinels. Each campaign contains six chapters, with each chapter represented by a series of card matches. The chapters are different for heroes and villains with the exception of the final chapter. Some matches have additional requirements for victory beyond reducing an opponent's health to zero. Completing missions awards the player booster packs and virtual money that can be used to purchase additional cards in the in-game card shop. Marvel Trading Card Game Free Download PC Game.


Each version of the game offers multiplayer support. The PC version allows players to play over the internet or a local area network. Players can trade cards among one another and participate in matches and tournaments, some of which were sponsored by Konami. PSP owners can play Marvel Trading Card Game with the console's local wireless «ad-hoc» mode or online against other PSP and PC players. The DS version can be used for both local- and internet-based two-player games, but is incompatible for tournament use. Cards earned in the single-player campaign cannot be used in multiplayer games, but they were available for purchase with actual money in an online store until Konami suspended the service. Marvel Trading Card Game Download Torrent.

Marvel Trading Card Game Free Download PC Game

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Marvel Trading Card Game Free Download PC Game

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