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Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Full PC Game

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Official NameMagic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Hibernum
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2015
Genre (s)Puzzle



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Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Full PC Game Overview

Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Download Free Full Game is a puzzle video game that combines the gem-matching concept in Puzzle Quest and its sequels, with the collectible card game aspects of Magic: The Gathering. It was released for mobile systems in December 2015.


Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest puts the player in the role of one of several Planeswalkers that fight against a number of enemies including other Planeswalkers. The game's Magic side is based on the at-the-time current Magic Origins cardset.

At the start of the game, the player gains access to one Planeswalker and a number of cards. As they progress in the game, the player gains in-game currency that can be used to level up the Planeswalker, which increases their health and unlocks certain in-game abilities, or to spend on card packs to expand their card libraries. Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Free Download.

The game also allows for Microtransactions to purchase new card packs. Outside of a match, the player can adjust the cards in their Planeswalker library. As in Magic, the cards are generally tied to one or more of the five Mana colors: white, blue, black, red or green. A Planeswalker is associated with one specific Mana color and can only use cards that have that Mana type. Cards represent three major categories of spells: summon spells to bring creatures to the playfield to fight, enchantments that can affect the abilities of a summons creature, and effect cards that change the gem board at times during a match.

In a match, the player is pitted against another opponent who holds their own deck of cards and health. The player and opponent start with three random dealt cards, placed in order, in their hard. To cast a card, the players match gems through swapping of two adjacent gems on a gem board that represent the five Mana colors as well as a colorless «Loyalty» gem type that is used to enable the Planeswalker skills. Unlike traditional Magic, the mana gained from these gems is colorless and all applies to the cards in order; however, the value of each match is affected by the Planewalker and may earn bonus mana or be penalized mana for matching a given color. The matched gems are removed and new gems fall into place, and if further matches are made, these are awarded to the player making the match. An additional bonus swap is given if the player makes a match of five-in-a-row. In lieu of making a match, the player may also activate any Planeswalker skill if they have enough Loyalty points for it. At any time before making the turn's action, the player can reorder the cards in their hand as to have them cast before the others. Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Free Download PC Game.

After matches (or activating the Planeswalker ability), if any cards have sufficient mana, they are automatically cast, save for enchantments that can be held until conditions are met or the player opts to let it be cast. For creatures, the players can only have 3 different creatures on the playfield at any time. Casting of a new creature will require the player to select one of the existing creatures to remove. Alternately, casting the same type of creature that already is on the playfield will «add» the power and defense of the new creature to the existing one. As with Magic, creatures generally suffer «summoning sickness» and cannot attack the turn they come into play.

Once a players' spells are cast, combat is resolved automatically. Creatures by default will automatically attack the opposing player, damaging that player with their current attack value. Certain effects will alter this attacking behavior. For example, creatures may be «defenders», which will automatically force opponent creatures to attack it before the player. When creatures are attacked, they take damage from their defense value. Unlike Magic, this damage stays permanent until the value drops to zero or below at which point the creature is destroyed. Once damage is resolved, the opposing player then goes.

Once either the player or opponent's health drops to zero, the match is over. The player is awarded in-game currency, regardless of a win or lose, though the value is much higher for victories. They can also receive extra rewards for completing matches with specific conditions, such as winning in a small number of rounds. Any damage taken by the Planeswalker character will take some amount of real-time to regenerate, such that a player cannot immediately challenge an opponent after a defeat, though the player can use in-game currency or microtransactions to fully heal the character, or can switch to a different Planeswalker to use. Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest for PC.

Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Free Download PC Game

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Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Free Download PC Game

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