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Official NameLuxor 3
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)MumboJumbo
Publisher (s)MumboJumbo
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)October 30, 2007
Genre (s)Puzzle
Mode (s)Single-player


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Luxor 3 Full PC Game Overview

Luxor 3 Download Free Full Game is an action-puzzle computer game released by MumboJumbo. It is a sequel to Luxor and Luxor 2. As with the other Luxor games, it maintains an Egyptian theme and revolves around Egyptian deities, with a main gameplay goal of removing spheres in various lines of spheres on a set track by exploding groups of three or more spheres.


The game remains similar to that in previous editions of Luxor: the main objective is to remove spheres of many different colors (ranging from four to nine different colors) from a track of spheres before they enter the pyramid at the end of a track. The lines of colored spheres are held by a scarab at the back end, and a set number of these sets must be cleared.

Luxor 3 features canopic jars that show up in the middle of the game: they will show up multiple times in each level until it is collected by being shot at by a sphere. Collecting all of these in the first four classic mode levels of each stage will unlock a bonus level at the end of the stage. After a jar is collected in a level or if all four jars are collected for a stage, then the remainder of the level or stage, respectively, will have golden scarabs show up to be exploded as with the jars. The golden scarabs drop from three to six ankh coins depending on the game's difficuly level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane). Luxor 3 Free Download.

At the bottom of the screen is a bar displaying the current statistics and active power-ups for the level.


In general, 100 points are awarded for each sphere, with multipliers corresponding to the number of explosions concurrent from one launched sphere for the scoring. Shots reflected off a reflector have a 3x multiplier if scoring occurs. Many bonuses are awarded for different factors at the end of each level. Items falling from the playfield also are worth points. Ankh coins are worth 250 points for each one collected, while jewelry-type collectables are worth 250 to 10,000 points each. (Higher-valued jewels are introduced as the game progresses, and levels in later stages often have jewels making up a very large part of the level scores.) Scores at the end of levels often seem very large when compared to other computer games.


The power-ups in the game fall from the point of explosion to be caught by the shooter after three consecutive launched spheres cause explosions on the main lines of spheres. Each of the colors of spheres represents a different Egyptian god or goddess, and different power-ups will be released based on what color is involved with the third consecutive explosion. When a power-up affects a certain color, this color will be completely random from time to time. Here are the power-ups based on color. Luxor 3 Free Download PC Game.

Luxor 3 Free Download PC Game

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