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Official Name Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Version Full Game
File Upload Torrent
Developer (s) Game Arts / Japan Art Media
Artist (s) Toshiyuki Kubooka
Composer (s) Noriyuki Iwadare
Series Lunar
Platform (s) PC, Windows
Release date (s) October 25, 1996
Genre (s) Role-playing video game
Mode (s) Single-player


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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Full PC Game Overview

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Download Free Full Game (ルナ~シルバースターストーリー Runa ~Shirubā Sutā Sutōrī?), is a role-playing video gamedeveloped by Game Artsand Japan Art Media as aremake of 1992's Lunar: The Silver Star. While the overall plot remains true to the original, accommodations are made to the game's story to allow for a larger, richer cast, as well as additional scenarios.

Initially released on theSega Saturn in 1996, the game has gone through several variations, beginning with enhanced video support in conjunction with the Saturn's MPEG graphics add-on in 1997, and later being ported to Sony'sPlayStation in 1998. The PlayStation version was released in North America by Working Designs, who had also produced the English adaptation of the original game, in May 1999.

Like its forerunner, the game follows the exploits of Alex, a young boy from a small, humble town who enters a life of adventure and intrigue after being chosen as the heir-apparent to the title of «Dragonmaster», guardian of the forces of the planet. With the help of his expanding band of companions, Alex must pass the trials set by ancient dragons to claim his place in history, and stop a powerful sorcerer and former hero from controlling the world. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Free Download.

Since its English release, Silver Star Story has garnered much attention from critics for its use of fluid full-motion animated sequences, lavish game packaging, and quality of the English script. The game was followed by a sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, in 1998. Two more remakes of Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar Legendand Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, were released in 2002 by Media Rings and Ubisoft and in 2009 by GungHo Online Entertainment andXseed Games, respectively.


Silver Star Story Complete is a traditional, top-down role-playing video game featuring two-dimensional character and background graphics. Using the Sega Saturn andPlayStation's advanced hardware, many elements of the original game's presentation have been altered, including a larger color palette, more sophisticated visual effects, and improved sound quality. Throughout gameplay, the story is interspersed with fully animated cut scenes designed to give the game a cinematic feel, and allow the player to get more involved in the game's plot. Players advance the game's narrative by completing story-based objectives and interacting with non-player characters. In the original version, players encountered enemy monsters randomly every few steps when traveling in a harsh environments, while the remake now makes enemies visible, with combat ensuing only after a character has come in contact with one. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Free Download PC Game.

Many of the game's new battle features were adapted from Lunar: Eternal Blue, including the auto-battle feature that allows players to set moves and actions in advance. While in combat, a player may choose to attack an enemy, move about the battlefield, use magic or items, stand their ground and defend, or flee the battle entirely. Silver Star Story Complete retains the original version's movement feature, which requires characters to be within a certain distance of an enemy before it can be attacked. Battles are won when all enemies are defeated, yielding experience points that allow characters to gain levels, making them stronger as well as allowing access to better abilities. By gaining levels, as well as finding or purchasing increasingly more powerful weapons and armor, characters can battle increasingly more powerful enemies as the game progresses.



The cast of The Silver Star all return for the game's remake, retaining their original designs by anime and manga artist Toshiyuki Kubooka. Players assume the role of Alex, who is joined by a menagerie of playable and supporting characters who aid him on his quest.

  • Alex — a young boy from a small town who dreams of becoming an adventurer like his idol, Dyne.
  • Luna — his childhood friend and sweetheart
  • Nall — a winged, white, cat-like creature with an uncertain origin
  • Ramus — son of the town mayor with dreams of becoming a rich businessman
  • Nash — a boisterous magician-in-training from a prestigious magic school
  • Mia — quiet daughter of the magic guild's headmistress
  • Jessica — a tomboyish priestess
  • Kyle — a self-absorbed vagrant and ladies' man as well as Jessica's strained boyfriend. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for PC.

Each character's personalities were expanded for the new version to make them easier for the player to relate to, and give each of them more presence in the game's story. As the game’s designers felt that Luna was lacking presence in the original game, she was included in the player's party for a longer period and her past was expanded by giving her confounding dream sequences.

Ghaleon, a dark magician who seeks godhood, serves as the primary antagonist, and initially appears as an ally to Alex's cause. In the new version, Ghaleon's personality is altered to make him a more sympathetic character. Motivation for his plans to rule the world were shifted from revenge to misplaced concern for humanity not having a true leader. He is still however, undeniably ruthless and cruel. Game Arts added new villains to the story, feeling that the game's opposition lacked enough characterization. These include Royce and Phacia, two powerful sorceresses who are sisters to Xenobia, Ghaleon's top general who appeared in the original as his sole underling (whom in this version actually has romantic feelings for him).


Further information: Story of Lunar: The Silver Star

The plot of Silver Star Story Complete remains true to the originalSega-CD version written by Kei Shigema. Novelist Keisuke Shigematsu was recruited as the remake's scenario writer, and was tasked with expanding the previous script written by Shigema to make the game more current. As in the original version, players assume the role of Alex, a young boy who hopes to become a great hero like his idol, the legendary Dragonmaster Dyne. At the insistence of his fortune-hunting friend Ramus, Alex travels to the nearby Dragon's Cave with his cat-like companion Nall, and sweetheart Luna, to seek a precious gem. When the team reaches the cave's interior, they find Quark, an aged, wise dragon who sees hidden potential in Alex, and beckons him to travel the world and become its protector as the new Dragonmaster. Returning home, the group expresses mutual interest in Alex's quest; Ramus wishes to sell the dragon gem at a large city, Nall wants to find out what he is, and Luna merely to protect Alex. The group sets off across the frontier to the port town of Saith to continue their journey. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Download Torrent.

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