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Official NameLone Survivor
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2012
Developer (s)Superflat Games
Publisher (s)Superflat Games
Distributor (s)Steam
Designer (s)Jasper Byrne
EngineAdobe AIR
Genre (s)Survival horror
Mode (s)Single-player



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Lone Survivor Full PC Game Overview

Lone Survivor Download Free Full Game is an independent survival horror video game developed by Superflat Games. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows and OS X in 2012. It was later ported to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and released on the PlayStation Network in 2013 as Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut. The Director's Cut came out on Microsoft Windows and OS X as a free update on 31 October 2013. In October 2014 the game was also made available for the PlayStation 4 and Wii U.


Lone Survivor is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game with retro-styled 2D graphics in which the player controls a nameless protagonist following directions provided by the character's apparent hallucinations. When exploring the game world the player will discover items, keys and food. The correct use of each item and key must be determined in order to solve the game's puzzles. Certain food types can be improved by cooking and/or combining them with others. Two-way mirrors found in the game world are used to teleport back to the survivor's apartment. Players possess a flashlight with which to navigate the game world; using the flashlight drains batteries; replacements can be found by scavenging. Mutants must be avoided or killed; a pistol must be found in order to attack mutants, but ammunition is scarce. When the pistol's magazine is empty the survivor automatically loads a new magazine, leaving him open to attack during the process. Mutants are attracted to light and noises, but the player can sneak past by hiding in the shadows. The game features a map for players to navigate with, however the game does not pause when the game's menus or map are accessed, leaving the survivor vulnerable. Lone Survivor Free Download.

The survivor's apartment serves as a hub; the player must return with food in order to survive, as well as sleep. Sleeping prevents madness and is also required to save the player's progress. It is possible to combat lack of sleep with pills; these further damage the survivor mentally but the resultant hallucination may result in extra supplies appearing in the survivor's backpack. Progression through the game requires exploration, which fills out the map; sometimes specific items must be located in order to proceed further. Failing to locate these items can result in resources being spent without new areas being opened up, making future attempts more difficult.

The player's interactions with the game's world and inhabitants result in different endings upon completion of the game. These are shown during the game's end credits, emphasizing how the player received that particular ending. A single playthrough of the game can last between three and eight hours.



Players control a man in a surgical mask. This character is an isolated survivor of an infection which has turned the world's population into aggressive, shambling mutants. With limited food and an increasingly fragile mental state, the player character must be guided outside his apartment to scavenge and explore. There are no indications that any other survivors exist except for a note which states that there are other survivors on the opposite side of the apartment building. Time progresses, in the form of days, as the player saves, by the means of sleeping in the man's apartment (and experiencing strange dreams or hallucinations, by taking either blue or green pills), which appears to be the safest area in the entire game.

Throughout the game references are made to the survivor's state of mind. It is possible to have discussions with a toy cat; strange characters such as a man with a box on his head are encountered. Rooms may change appearance upon being revisited; making a wrong turn may result in a strange scene. It becomes difficult to interpret what is real to the survivor and what is hallucination. Lone Survivor Free Download PC Game.


A nameless man in a surgical mask (referred to in the game as «You») has been living in an apartment for an unspecified amount of time after a disease has turned most of the world's inhabitants into mindless zombie-like monsters. The man is alone and unsure if there are any other survivors. In the opening scene, which is a dream, he meets a man with a box in his head, a man in blue with gunshot wounds and a girl in a blue dress.

In the waking world the man is out of supplies, and is forced to explore for food, weapons, and other survivors. Following leads picked up from his radio, annotated maps, and discarded diary entries, the man explores the apartment complex infested with monsters. He is contacted over the radio by a man who refers to himself as «The Director,» who occasionally provides the man supplies. Though their encounters are brief, the man and The Director begin to form a friendship. He also encounters multiple times the girl from his dreams, who he claims seems familiar. As he explores, a series of bizarre, seemingly paranormal events occur and it seems the man is struggling with his sanity. After many days spent possibly dreaming of the man in blue or the man who wears a box, and many nights spent in confrontation with a large and aggressive monster, the man is able to leave the apartment safely, and begin to explore the city. Lone Survivor for PC.

The Director tells him that he is going to leave the city. Determined to get past a crashed bus, the man gathers supplies so he may open the bus door. Not sure what to expect, the man is attacked by a large, screaming monster with scythe-like arms known as Mother, which is implied to be the source of the plague. After a brief confrontation, the monster flees and the man finds The Director mortally wounded. In their final conversation, The Director tells him that he should go to the hospital to find the girl in the blue dress, and gives him the hospital's security code. Upon arriving at the hospital, he finds a clipboard with his name on it, even though he has never been a patient there. He proceeds to the room indicated on the clipboard where the door shuts and he becomes trapped. Seeing nothing else to do, he takes a blue or green pill (depending on how the player progressed though the game) at the bedside and then goes to sleep. The scenes leading to the final one are different depending on the choices that the player has made throughout the game. However the final scene always contains a shot of the man and the girl in the blue dress having a conversation and looking out upon the city.


Lone Survivor received positive reviews from critics, with most reviewers praising the game for its storyline and gameplay, but some reviewers criticized the game for not delivering on the psychological horror aspect[citation needed]. It received a score of 80.62% on GameRankings and 81/100 on Metacritic. Lone Survivor Download Torrent.

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