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Official NameLego Stunt Rally
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Graphic State Games, Intelligent Games
Publisher (s)Lego Media
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)September 13, 2000
Genre (s)Racing game
Mode (s)Single player, 2 to 4 players


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Lego Stunt Rally Full PC Game Overview

Lego Stunt Rally Download Free Full Game is aLego-themed racing video game originally released in 2000. The game features a track editor that allows players to build single-player and multiplayer tracks. A PlayStation version of the game was planned, but canceled.


Stunt Rally is a top-down racer played in an isometric view. Driving has a slot car-esque control to it; players control the acceleration and braking, but steering is controlled automatically (although players can change lanes and influence how their vehicle takes corners). There are also powerups that they can pick up and use at any time, much like kart racers.

The main feature of the game is the track editor, which allows players to build their own tracks. When the game is first played, the editor will only have a selection of basic track pieces to work with, along with only two of the four environments. To gain more pieces and environment options, players have to race in the game's twenty-one race career mode. When players win career events, they unlock new features for the editor, including powerups, environments, and track pieces. Lego Stunt Rally Free Download.


Mr. X, a multi-billionaire and champion rally racer of his island, invites four amateur racers (Lucky, Chip, Barney, and Wrench) to compete against four other racers of Stunt Island. Through the environments City, Desert, Jungle, and Ice, the player must compete with the other champions; Radium, Baron Flambo, Snake, and Glacia. Four other challengers from around the world also compete: Brad Speedo, Sid Vacant, Mega Hurtz, and Sandy Surf.



  • Barney was the class brains. He was so good that he left school at the age of five to pursue a career in the mechanic industry.
  • Chip is a jokester that loves tigers.
  • Wrench is a mechanic, and his favorite food is wrench.
  • A true believer of luck, Lucky likes green and clovers.


  • Mega Hurtz is a robot who speaks in a robotic voice.
  • Sandy Surf is a happy go-lucky surfer type girl who always seems cheery. Lego Stunt Rally Free Download PC Game.
  • Sid Vacant is a street gang like character who seems to always have a bad attitude.
  • Brad Speedo is a generic racer character who wears a white suit and helmet, but he is not very bright.


  • Radium was once a Rock Raider but was expelled from the program for performing radioactive tests on people. He wears a yellow radioactive suit to protect others from his glowing radiation. He drives the Rad Truck, and he is the City Champion.
  • Baron Flambo is an oil tycoon who always has an evil smirk on his face. He plans on unmasking Mr. X and eventually taking over all of Stunt Island. He wears a red suit and top hat, he drives a red Hot Rod, and he is the Desert Champion.
  • Once in the Army, Snake was expelled for being too harsh. He now resides in the Jungle, which is where he likes to race and eat leaves. He drives a green jeep, and he is the Jungle Champion.
  • Glacia is an icy cold queen who drives a blue monster truck known as the Ice Monster, and she is the Arctic Champion.
  • Mr. X is the World Champion and the current owner of Stunt Island. He speaks with a slight British accent. He wears a purple suit and top hat, and he has a small black mask over his face to protect his identity. He drives the X car, which is considered the best in the game. He also provides hints and tips to the player. Lego Stunt Rally for PC.

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