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La Tale Full PC Game Overview

La Tale Download Free Full Game is a 2D side-scrolling online game developed by Actoz Soft. Gamers take the role of adventurers in a mythological fantasy world.

It was launched in South Korea in February 2006 where it was well received. In February 2007, Actoz entered into an agreement with Chinese game operator Shanda to open a server in mainland China. On March 18, 2008 OGPlanet signed a contract with Actoz Soft to bring La Tale to North America. Aeria Games launched La Tale in Europe on July 30, 2009, and closed the server on October 21, 2010.

Sign-ups for North America closed-beta testing began on July 10, 2008. Testers were selected from 22 July to 30 July. Closed-beta testing began on July 31, 2008 and ended on August 6, 2008. An open-beta test was held for fileplanet subscribers from August 15, 2008 to August 18, 2008. Official open-beta testing began on August 21, 2008 and ended on September 3, 2008. La Tale was officially released on September 18, 2008.

La Tale was also published by GameNGame, but this version closed in May 2015. La Tale Free Download.


Gameplay of La Tale is based on most MMORPGs. Players control a single character that combats monsters, obtains and completes quests, and participates in other activities. The game has a 2D side-scrolling setting similar to MapleStory and Ghost Online. The keyboard is used to hotkey character actions while the mouse is primarily used to speak to Non-player characters (NPCs), purchase items, and manipulate the items (via Enchants, Upgrades, etc.).

There are two types of currency in the North American version of La Tale: Ely and Astros. Ely is the normal in-game currency, used to buy equipment and other usable items. Ely is gained through killing monsters, selling items, and completing quests. Astros are the currency used to purchase fashion-shop items. Astros must be purchased through OGPlanet, similar to buying NX Cash for Nexon products. Astros were not introduced during closed-beta testing but were tested in open-beta (and is now added in the game). Note that the clothes you buy from the fashion shop are permanent and will never expire. Unlike, Nexon games, however, one may purchase Astro items with Ely from other players. La Tale Free Download PC Game.

Gameplay and characters

One player account has up to three slots for characters, there will also exist 3 more slots in which players can activate by buying a special item from the Astro Shop which will only be available for a limited time called a Character Slot Card. Players have the choice of choosing their character's gender, class, and appearance. Names are also given to characters at this point (be warned that even if a character is deleted, th name will not be reusable).

Hit points (HP) are displayed on the top left corner of the screen in orange, upon having a low amount of HP the bar will turn red. HP can be recovered by using potions/consumables, by sitting. Few items and equipment have HP regeneration ability, enables gradual HP recovery per set of time. Reaching zero hit points gives the player an option of returning to the nearest town or returning to the nearest saved waypoint, then will be resurrected with half HP and zero SP; Unless if Potion of Resurrection is used, will be resurrected at the place time you reach zero hit points.

Spirit points (SP) are also displayed on the top left corner in blue. This notifies the amount of SP, or points for skill usage, the player has left. SP can be recovered by potions/consumables or by sitting. Few items and equipment have SP regeneration ability, enables gradual SP recovery per set of time. SP will be consumed on most skill usages. Wizards and Bards have the ability to heal, they are able to substitute SP for their own HP or other players' HP. La Tale for PC.

Experience points (XP) states how much experience points the player has to acquire in order to reach the next level. Experience points are gained through killing monsters and completing quests, though players can also gain XP by saving at a Stone of Iris or Returning Stone (note that this only works on Returning Stones and Stones of Iris that were not saved yet, note that it also costs a small amount of SP). At Level 10 and higher, XP Penalty system applies when you die, reducing 3% XP (and 2% Ely) on each death, but preventable if you have Iron Will or Potion of Resurrection. Experience points are also influenced by combos, which are series of attacks that do not fail or miss the target. The higher the combo, the more XP (and Ely) the player receives. A combo may reach a maximum of 99 hits (upon exceeding 99 hits, it will still show 99 hits). Status points, or «stats», are preset and are automatically added to the character upon leveling up (maximum level is 200).


There are 5 starting classes in La Tale. Each class specializes in one of the four stats in the game: Power, which determines flinch rate and damage capability; Stamina, which determines HP and defense capability; Magic, which determines something similar to Power (except with regards to magic damage and magic defense); and Luck, which determines Critical Rate[citation needed].

Warriors are the class of Power. They wield either two-handed swords, spears, or knuckles. Although they lack defensive capabilities, Warriors excel at dealing high amounts of physical damage in the frontlines. This class is recommended for beginners, since they are good for soloing. However, due to their low defense, they can die rather quickly. Warriors are used for the sole purpose of dealing physical damage from short range. They are the strongest of all the classes, making them excellent for players who prefer powerful attacks. They are usually paired in the frontlines with Knights. Warriors are the only class that can use greatswords and spears.

Knights are the class of Stamina. They wield either a sword or blunt weapon in one hand and a shield in the other or they can wield knuckles (but no shield). Like the Warrior class, they cannot use daggers. Their exceptionally high physical and magical defenses and stamina allow Knights to withstand large amounts of damage. Knights possess the highest stamina of any class and have average offense. They are commonly used as tanks, players that absorb most, if not all, of the damage to keep other members of the party away from harm. Templar Knights even have healing abilities.

Wizards are the class of Magic. They wield staves, daggers, and knuckles. They mainly deal area-of-effect damage by using their magic, which is divided into four elements: fire, water (which is further broken down into damaging water skills and healing water skills), wind, and earth. Wizards are great for damage and support at a distance. Wizards can either be entirely offensive, entirely defensive, or a mixture of both. Fire and earth tend to be more offensive, while water and wind tend to be more defensive, note that water and winds elements have faster recharge than fire and earth. Players can also choose to become healers by using healing water skills as a Wizard/Sorcerer or song/guitar heal skills as a Bard. La Tale Download Torrent.

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