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King's Quest Mask of Eternity Full PC Game

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Official NameKing's Quest: Mask of Eternity
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Sierra Studios
Publisher (s)Sierra Studios
SeriesKing's Quest
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)September 18, 2010
Genre (s)Adventure/Action
Mode (s)Single-player


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King's Quest Mask of Eternity Full PC Game Overview

King's Quest Mask of Eternity Download Free Full Game (also known as King's Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity) is a hybrid point-and-click adventure andaction-adventure video game written and designed by Roberta Williams and released in 1998 by Sierra Studios, is the eighth, officialcomputer game in the famous King's Quest series (it was neither intended as a spin-off nor a reboot). It is the first and only game in the series where the main character is neither King Graham nor a member of his family, the first in the series to use a full 3D engine as opposed to the 2D cartoon or pixel style of the earlier games and the first to omit the sequel numbering system on box artwork and title screen (though technically the first King's Quest game did not originally have number or a subtitle), though references to it being the eighth game appear in the file structure (and manual) and the game was marketed as KQ8 on the official website, interviews, and other places. The updated 'gamecard/boxart' for digital release on now lists the game as King's Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity.

It has been re-released by Activision as part of the King's Quest 7+8 pack through (September, 2010) and patched to work on Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64bit. Although this release was a digital download only, it has a bug and will not run unless an optical drive is present on the computer (or use of virtual drive like Daemon Tools). A fan patch is available for retail copies of the game that allows them to run on modern computers and computers without optical drives (such as a netbook), and it fixes several cutscene lockups (it is incompatible with the GoG release).



The story begins in Castle Daventry with King Graham and his minister talking about the every day affairs of running the country, when the Magic Mirror activates in front of them showing them a bad omen. They witness Lucreto the archarchon of the Realm of the Sun destroy the Mask of Eternity and releasing a wave of energy. King's Quest Mask of Eternity Free Download.

The mirror goes on to show the kingdom's only hope, the lowly peasant and knight, Connor of Daventry from a nearby village. He is shown chatting with his neighbor Sarah, when a storm arises and a piece of the mask falls at his feet. He picks it up, and turns around to find Sarah had been turned to stone. The unleashed magic energy turned all mortals in the world to stone, including King Graham. With that the Mirror ends its vision.

Early on in the game, the half-stone wizard that Connor encounters tells him about the Mask of Eternity, Connor's destiny, and conjures for him a magic map that shows all explored areas and allows Connor to teleport between lands once the teleportation sites in each land (except for the Realm of the Sun) have been discovered. With knowledge of his Quest, Connor made his way to Castle Daventry to check on his liege and the royal family, finding Graham and the rest of the inhabitants of the castle turned to stone. He vowed that he would save king Graham and queen Valanice, their family, and the rest of the inhabitants of Daventry, or die trying.

The game ends with Connor rising to the top of the Realm of the Sun with the restored Mask. A beam of blue light shines on the Mask, seeming to restore its power and it sends out a wave of energy that restores everything including the Kingdom of Daventry to life. Sarah is restored. King Graham newly restored looks on proudly at his hero in the Magic Mirror. The game ends with the Archons being released from their stone prisons and joining Connor who triumphantly lifts his sword into the air.


To complete the task of collecting all of the shards of the Mask of Eternity, Connor must travel to a variety of topographically different lands. These include:

  • The Kingdom of Daventry is where Connor makes his home and where his kingly quest begins. The game portrays a new region of Daventry including Connor's village, and the nearby lake and river (previously unseen in earlier KQ games, though Daventry's towns were mentioned as early as KQ2's manual). Here he encounters a partially lithified wizard who offers him guidance in finding the remaining pieces of the Mask of Eternity. Connor returns here a few times after leaving to return various things. King's Quest Mask of Eternity Free Download PC Game.
  • Castle Daventry a separate mini-level that loads from the Kingdom of Daventry. It includes the Dining Hall, Throne Room of Castle Daventry, the hallway in between, and he secret passage leading back to the waterfall in the kingdom.
  • The Dimension of Death the location of the great City of the Dead, ruled by Lord Azriel, serves as a pseudo-purgatory where souls await judgement. This land exists in a plane outside of any other land in the game and therefore Connor must find portals to access it. Upon the shattering of the Mask of Eternity, the order of the universe was accordingly obliterated and the skeletal soldiers of Lord Azriel became unruly and rebellious. Thus, it becomes part of Connor's mission to quell this uprising. Ultimately he releases Lord Azriel and kills all of the Skeleton Guards. Here he also finds Gweneth and her brother both of whom came through the portal from Daventry with Gweneth following her brother who was on his own quest. Connor saves Gweneth and sends her home where she can be visited later, but her brother is found mortally wounded and dies after speaking with Connor.
  • The Swamp bears within its boundaries a portion of the Mask of Eternity. Though the Swamp lies not far from the Kingdom of Daventry, the cataclysm incited by Lucreto caused the road to the Swamp to be blocked off by physical obstacles. Hence, in order to reach the Swamp and obtain another shard of the mask, Connor must travel through the Dimension of Death first. The Swamp Witch rules the Swamp ever since the cataclysm (it used to be ruled by the Mudge the Snail King) and the Oracle of the Tree is located here. In order to go on, Connor must get an antidote for the poisonous waters and kill the Swamp Witch. The Mask piece is in her tower and purifying the cauldron there purifies the Swamp waters and releases Mudge who opens a portal to the next area for you.
  • The Underground Realm of the Gnomes is mainly made up of tunnels underneath mountains south of the Swamp. During his journey, Connor meets gnomes endeavoring to reestablish an exit topside of their subterranean home. Here the only way out is the portal back to the Swamp, but with a loadstone the Sage Nome is able to trick the Magic Map into allowing you to teleport to a new area. In order to get it you need to kill the Black Dragon Wyrm guarding the Chamber of Enlightenment (the home of ancient soul, the spirit-world of ancient souls) in order to get to the device past him. Using first the clear pyramid and then the pale one gotten in Daventry, you get two messages: one from Hector—a Prophet—and one from Lucreto himself. King's Quest Mask of Eternity for PC.
  • The Barren Region is located above the Underground Realm of the Gnomes and at the base of a volcano. It can be accurately characterized by its abundance of lava rivers and dry, hot terrain. Prior to the cataclysm, the inhabitants of this area traded regularly with those people who lived at the top of the volcano. It is now terrorized by the Basilisk and in order to go on you must kill it. But to kill it you need a black diamond and a shaft to form a black diamond pike. The black diamond comes from the heart of the Dragon Wyrm from the previous area, but part of the mission is to get that shaft made so you can get the pike you need. Once the Basilisk is dead you can find the key to the Fire Dwarves' Tunnels where you have learned from the Chief Archon holds another piece of the Mask. After dispatching the Fire Dwarves, freeing the Nymph Queen and retrieving the piece of the Mask, an elevator takes you to the next level.
  • The Frozen Reaches are the frigid lands at the top of the volcano encircling a lake of icy water. It is inhabited by Snow Nymphs, Frost Orcs, and Gryphs. You have to face the invisible Snow Mane, get the Flame Sword (which proves useful later) and finally rescue the Gryph King from a fortress. After learning that another piece of the Mask is in the fortress you must kill the Ice Orc's Leader and then can get the piece of the Mask. After you have finished everything in the level, you head to an area where you face a Two Headed Dragon. Once it is dead you proceed onto Paradise Lost through a tunnel.
  • Paradise Lost is a small caldera near the Frozen Reaches, and the location of a stonehenge which acts as a portal to the Realm of the Sun. There, placing the Crystal Pyramid in an indentation causes one of the Archons to teleport you to the Realm of the Sun.
  • The Realm of the Sun, like the Dimension of Death, is not materially connected to any other part of the world in which Connor's quest takes place. This was holding-place of the Mask of Eternity and the site at which Connor should return all of its broken pieces. Here Connor confronts Lucreto to determine his ultimate destiny. The Realm of the Sun is made up of three levels each representing, Truth, Light, and Order.

In addition, another realm is seen at the end of the game within the Realm of the Sun, but is not accessed through a separate load screen.

  • The Black Abyss: The Black Abyss is a swirling bottomless pink and black vortex that opens up in the Templ's sanctum sanctorum once the Mask of Eternity is reformed. Lucreto is pulled into it, finally vanquishing him for all eternity. The portal into the realm closes behind him. Alternatively, Connor can be sucked into it, leading to his own entrapment.


  • Connor: A lowly tanner, painter and knight of Daventry (much like the young Sir Graham in King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown). Though not of noble birth, he rises above his lowly status to save his kingdom and the world, becoming a great hero in the process. Connor is the subject of several ancient prophecies concerning saving the world. Over the course of the adventure he earns many titles based on his fulfillment of prophecy and/or deeds, these include; Sir Knight, Champion, Sir Champion, The One, Chosen One, Champion of Champions, Champion Eternal, The Deliver, Enlightened One, Incorruptible One, Champion of Light, Upholder, True Upholder, Upholder of Law and Order, Victorious One, Exalted One, Champion of Righteousness, Righteous One, and Anointed One. Connor begins his adventure wearing a short brown tunic, green pants, a belt, and high boots. It is a costume very similar to that worn by King Graham during his adventures (minus the adventurer's cap), and Alexander wore in KQ5. But he quickly upgrades to various suits of armor, until he obtains the Armor of Light (inspired by biblical Armor of God). The armor, along with the Sword and Shield of Truth, and immortality given by the Chalice of Order (inspired by the Holy Grail), Connor is able to overcome the powers of the evil Lucreto, and banish him to the Abyss.
  • Lucreto:Not much is known about Lucreto except that before his decline into evil he was the head of the Archons, charged with protecting the Mask of Eternity, the Global Icon of Truth, Light and Order. Indeed, Lucreto had been the head Archon, and through use of dark and powerful magics, he shattered the Mask. Its pieces were scattered throughout different parts of the world of Daventry. As a result, Chaos reigned, and creatures of darkness were allowed to roam free in the world. Lucreto was defeated in battle with the hero Connor, whom the Mask had deemed its Champion Eternal, and was plunged into a magic portal. It was stated in the game, because he was an immortal Archon, that Lucreto could not be killed, but that pushing him through the portal to the black Abyss would be the only way to vanquish him forever. Lucreto is given several titles based on his role in the prophecy, these include; The Father, the Pretender, the Master, and the Evil One. For example, he is «The Father» of demons and abominations. Lucreto's character and backstory is inspired by the story of Lucifer.
  • Graham: The king of Daventry, and one of its great heroes in past years (and past games). He is now older, and is concerned with the Kingdom's day-to-day affairs such as making sure there was a surplus of grain in the silos. He and his minister witness the cataclysm through the Magic Mirror and their only hope Connor, but are quickly turned to stone by the release of magic. Connor later enters Castle Daventry to check on his king. While there he finds a painting of King Graham wearing his classic adventurer's cap (discovering a hidden key behind it), and moving further into the castle he finds the king and his ministers stone forms. Connor vowed to rescue his king. The end result of Connor's adventure involves Graham being restored along with the Kingdom of Daventry, witnessing the young hero standing triumphantly in the Temple of the Sun from the mirror.
  • Valanice: The queen of Daventry, the wife of King Graham. Connor never directly encounters her, but sees a painting of her. He vows he will save her and his king.
  • King Gryph: King of the Gryphs, a race of humanoid gryphons. He was captured by the Ice Orcs and held by their warlord Thork. King's Quest Mask of Eternity Download Torrent.

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