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Official NameJurassic Park: The Game
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2011
Developer (s)Telltale Games
Publisher (s)Telltale Games
Director (s)Daniel Herrera
Designer (s)Joe Pinney
Programmer (s)Carl Muckenhoupt
Artist (s)Dave Bogan
Writer (s)Joe Pinney
Composer (s)Jared Emerson-Johnson
SeriesJurassic Park
EngineTelltale Tool
Genre (s)Graphic adventure
Mode (s)Single-player



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Jurassic Park Full PC Game Overview

Jurassic Park Download Free Full Game is an episodic graphic adventure based on the Jurassic Park film franchise. The game was developed by Telltale Games as part of a licensing deal with Universal Pictures. The plot of the game takes place during and after the plot of the first film. The game was originally announced in June 2010 before being revealed in the February issue of Game Informer. The first episode was expected for release in April 2011, but was pushed back to November 15 along with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release, resulting in a multi-platform release with all four episodes at once.


Episode 1: The Intruder

The game begins with Gerry Harding (voiced by Jon Curry), the park's chief veterinarian and Sarah Harding's father, showing his daughter Jess (voiced by Heather Hudson), Sarah's younger sister, around the park. At this time, Dennis Nedry puts his plan into motion to shut down the park's security and escape with stolen dinosaur embryos, hidden inside a canister of shaving cream. Jurassic Park Free Download.

Later, his two contacts, Miles Chadwick (voiced by Jared Emerson-Johnson) and Nima Cruz (voiced by Nika Futterman), realize he is late to meet them at the boat to take them off the island. They head into the park. After getting past the deactivated fences, they find Nedry's Jeep, and his body. They manage to find the embryo canister as well, but after getting the Jeep down, they are attacked by a pack of Dilophosaurus. Chadwick is killed, but before they can kill Nima, she retrieves the embryo canister and a handgun from Chadwick's body and speeds the Jeep in reverse, killing some of the Dilophosaurus before the rest flee, but is then attacked and bitten by an unknown dinosaur. She leaves the disabled Jeep behind and flees into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Harding and Jess make their way to the port and come across Nima, who is now delirious from the bite and needs medical attention. The three of them begin driving back to the Visitor's Center, but are delayed by a juvenile Triceratops blocking the road. They manage to get the dinosaur back into its enclosure, but the alpha-female Triceratops named «Lady Margaret» appears and attacks their Jeep, which also attracts the Tyrannosaurus rex. The trio barely manage to escape, hiding in a maintenance shed as the two dinosaurs fight, and deciding to spend the night inside. The next morning, Dr. Laura Sorkin (voiced by Susan Cash), a park scientist who became trapped in a field research lab due to the storm destroying the access road, sees Harding, Jess and Nima on a security feed, and sends one of the automated tour vehicles to their location to pick them up. The three reach the Visitor's Center unaware that the surviving cast of the movie have just fled the island minutes before. Once inside, Harding hears a radio trying to contact them. Locating it, he speaks with Dr. Sorkin, who helps cure Nima of her ailment using a tranquilizer dart. The T. rex attacks once again, forcing the trio to avoid it as best they can, eventually managing to lure it away with the tour vehicle. The three regroup back inside the Visitor's Center, but when mention of a rescue is made, Nima pulls her gun on the Hardings and tells them there will not be a rescue. Jurassic Park Free Download PC Game.

Episode 2: The Cavalry

Realizing there are still some people unaccounted for on the island, InGen hires a team of mercenaries to rescue them. The team consists of William «Billy» Yoder (voiced by Jason Marsden), Oscar Morales (voiced by Carlos Carrasco) and Daniel «Danny» Cafaro (aka D-Caf) (voiced by Ari Ruben). They head to the Visitor's Center to meet with Bravo team, their backup unit, but when they try to radio, all they hear is gunfire. Arriving at the site, they find the team dead save for one member, Vargas, who has gone crazy and tries to attack them. After they subdue Vargas, Yoder and Oscar notice a strange wound on Vargas' arm, speculating that a poisonous animal bite caused him to hallucinate and kill his own men. As they examine the building's security recordings hoping to find out what attacked Vargas, they run across footage of Nima marching Gerry and Jess out of the building at gunpoint. The Visitor's Center is once again attacked by dinosaurs, which kill Vargas as Oscar and Yoder rush back to the chopper. Meanwhile, Nima, Gerry and Jess are hiking through the woods when they stop to take a break. Gerry convinces Nima to let him start a fire by claiming the smoke will keep any wandering dinosaurs away, secretly hoping the rescue team will be able to see it. Later, while Gerry distracts Nima with questions about her family, Jess manages to steal the radio, slips away and contacts Yoder, but Nima finds out and forces them to keep moving.

Yoder's team see the smoke from Gerry's fire, but a Pteranodon attacks their helicopter, forcing them to make an emergency landing. While DeCaf tries to repair the chopper, Yoder and Oscar head into the jungle to locate their targets. The pair split up to try to pick up a trail, but Yoder disturbs a nest of Dilophosaurus eggs in the process, causing the mother to attack. He manages to hold the creature off long enough for Oscar to arrive and drive it away. At the same time, Nima's group reaches a dead end at the Bone Shaker, an unfinished roller coaster built into the side of a cliff, in which a thousand-year-old stone staircase had been destroyed for the coaster's construction. The trio manages to get the ride operational by moving the utility cars off the tracks and getting the passenger cars on as well as using a crane to move a scaffold off the track and opening a door to the power switches. They attempt to ride it down to the base of the cliff, but as they do so, a pack of Herrerasaurus attacks them. They manage to ward them off, but the coaster cars nearly run off the damaged tracks in the process. Yoder and Oscar locate them and disarm Nima, although she implies that she has met Oscar before. The group heads back to the helicopter, but find that DeCaf has disappeared. The T. rex reappears and makes its way towards them, forcing Oscar to fix the chopper himself. They manage to get into the air just in time. Jurassic Park for PC.

The last target to be rescued is Dr. Sorkin, and they head out to the field lab to pick her up. En route, Nima gets into an argument with Oscar, clearly having history with him, but Gerry stops the fight once the group reaches the lab and meets with Dr. Sorkin. However, she refuses to leave with them, forcing Yoder to convince her by exploiting her desire for Isla Nublar to become a wildlife preserve for the dinosaurs. She finally concedes, but asks to be allowed to put an experimental cure for the dinosaurs' engineered lysine deficiency into the water supply to keep the group of Parasaurolophus she has been studying from dying off while she is away. As she, Gerry and Jess do this, Nima tries to hijack the helicopter and escape. Yoder and Oscar stop her, but in the scuffle, a thrown knife damages the controls. Meanwhile, Sorkin's group is attacked by a pack of Velociraptors which had recently been shipped to the park from Site B and subsequently escaped their containment pens. The raptors force the group to take refuge atop the water tower. They spot the helicopter and call for help, only for the chopper to crash into the tower.


The game was originally announced on June 8, 2010 along with Back to the Future: The Game. Back to the Future was released first, on December 22, 2010.

On January 14, 2011, in an exclusive article for Game Informer, Jurassic Park: The Game was officially unveiled. It was stated that the game was not a shooter and instead focused more on its characters. The developers described it as being similar to Heavy Rain. It also has decision-based objectives as well as quick-time events that affect gameplay as well as how the game's events play out, making it the first game by Telltale in which the player can be killed.


In a reveal trailer released February 2011, Jurassic Park: The Game was confirmed for April 2011.

Console release was confirmed for Fall 2011. A pre-order for the game is entitled to all 4 episodes delivered monthly, a collector's DVD at the end of the season, and special forums access to behind the scenes features/content (production art, game designer chats, etc.). On April 25, 2011, Telltale Games announced that the PC/Mac version would be delayed until Fall, resulting in a multi-platform release. All pre-orders up until April 24 will be refunded and a free game voucher was offered as compensation good for any Telltale game ever and in the future. The game was now to be released on PC and consoles on November 15. It was again made available for pre-orders, only this time, those who pre-ordered for the Xbox 360 version would get a pet avatar T-Rex, while PC and Mac players who pre-ordered those versions would get the deluxe edition of the game.

Episodes for Microsoft Windows, OS X and iOS were released as well as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions simultaneously. However, the Xbox 360 had a retail disc release, as opposed to the episodic release of the other platforms.


Jurassic Park The Game has received mixed reviews. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Xbox 360 version 64.09% and 60/100, the PC version 55.88% and 54/100 and the PlayStation 3 version 54.50% and 53/100.

IGN's Greg Miller said of the game, «Jurassic Park is a meandering tale of forgettable characters getting lost in a park that is far less wondrous than the one we saw on the silver screen», giving it a 5.5 out of 10.

Carolyin Petit from GameSpot gave the game a 6.5/10, stating that while it was «fun to watch Jurassic Park's story play out, the cinematic adventure wasn't much fun to actually play.» While she praised the use of the source material, she criticized the lack of challenging puzzles and lack of context for conversation options. She concluded her review comparing the game progression to the «cars on rigid tracks, offering no control where it goes or how it gets there. You're just along for the ride.»

However, Richard Cobbett of PC Gamer UK gave the game an unfavorable review of 41 out of 100, calling the game «a barely interactive movie that asks nothing of you but the most basic of motor functions,» taking issue with the gameplay taking a back seat to the plot, which he described as «a hammy but watchable sequel to the first movie.»

It was reported by 1UP.com that the development staff wrote favourable user reviews for the game on Metacritic without disclosing their affiliation to the game. Jurassic Park Download Torrent.

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