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Official NameJagged Alliance 2
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Sir-Tech Canada
Publisher (s)TalonSoft (Microsoft Windows)
SeriesJagged Alliance
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)July 23, 1999
Genre (s)Tactical role-playing game
Mode (s)Single-player


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Jagged Alliance 2 Full PC Game Overview

Jagged Alliance 2 Download Free Full Game is a tactical role-playing game for PC, released in 1999 for Windows, and later ported to Linux by Tribsoft. It is the third game in the Jagged Alliance series, and was followed by the expansion Unfinished Business in 2000. Two commercial releases of the mod Wildfire (2004) are also available as official expansion packs. Jagged Alliance 2 and the Unfinished Business expansion were combined in the Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Pack, released on August 6, 2002.

The game takes place in the fictional country of Arulco, which has been ruled by a ruthless monarch Deidranna for several years. The player is put in control of several hired mercenaries and with aid of local citizens and militia must reclaim Arulco's cities and ultimately defeat Deidranna.

The game uses a strategic map screen of Arulco where player may issue high level strategic orders for their troops, such as travelling or prolonged training. Combat and individual location exploration takes place in tactical screen, where player can issue individual direct commands to their mercenaries, such as run, shoot, talk and so on. The game features a wide variety of guns, armour, and items that the player may use.

The game received positive scores from reviewers. It was praised for its freedom of action, memorable characters, and non-linear and tactical gameplay. Jagged Alliance 2 Free Download.


Jagged Alliance 2 takes place in the fictional nation of Arulco, ruled until the late 1980s by a unique democratic monarchy – a monarch led the nation, but elections were held every ten years to assert their legitimacy. In 1988, election candidate Enrico Chivaldori took a wife, Deidranna Reitman of Romania, in order to boost his popularity and consequently was victorious. However, Deidranna proved to be far more than a simple pawn; showing an unquenchable thirst for power, she soon framed Chivaldori for the murder of his father. Enrico managed to escape, faking his own death. Removing all other obstacles from her way, she soon consolidated her power and converted Arulco into an authoritarian state.

When the game begins, Chivaldori has hired the player to remove Deidranna by whatever means necessary. He puts the player and his team of mercenaries in contact with a rebel movement in the northern town of Omerta. Omerta suffered a massive raid shortly before the events of the game, leaving the town damaged and nearly deserted. The rebel leader Miguel Cordona, former election candidate and opponent of Enrico, guides the player to the city of Drassen.

The game also features a sci-fi mode that introduces enemies not present in realistic mode – the «Crepitus», a species of giant insect living underground, infesting mines and occasionally emerging to the surface. Jagged Alliance 2 Free Download PC Game.


The game puts the player in control of several mercenaries that must explore and reclaim towns and territories from enemy forces. As the game advances, the player can hire new mercenaries and acquire better weapons and armour to combat opponents. The game utilizes a map screen to show the map of Arulco and issue high-level orders to the troops. There is also a tactical screen, where the player takes control of individual mercenaries during real-time interactions and turn-based combat.

Map screen

The map screen displays the world map of Arulco in a square grid (called sectors) and the forces deployed by the enemy and the player. This is the strategic side of the game, as the player directs his forces, and controls the progress of time, which may be sped up or paused.

From here, the player can also access the game's laptop function, allowing the player to receive emails from characters in the game, buy weapons and equipment, and hire and fire mercenaries.

This screen is also used to give mercenaries tasks. Mercs with a medical kit and medical skill can be set to tend to wounded mercs; this significantly quickens their recovery. Mercs with a tool box and mechanical skill can be set to repair damaged weapons, tools and armour. Mercs can «practice» a skill by themselves or work as a «trainer» or «student». Training a student increases his or her chosen skill. A trainer may also train local citizens to become militia to defend sectors while the mercs are away. Jagged Alliance 2 for PC.

Mercs can be ordered to travel on foot between the sectors.[23] If the player acquires a ground or aerial vehicle in-game, he may load his troops into it to travel between sectors much faster.[24]

The tactical screen shows a sector from an isometric viewpoint. Here the player can view the terrain, explore buildings and find items.[25] Although the game does not feature a visual fog of war, the NPC characters can only be seen if a player-controlled or allied character sees them. The game time advances in real-time on the tactical screen unless a battle is initiated, then the game switches to a turn-based combat mode.

The player can control an individual merc or group of mercs, issuing move, communication and various interaction commands. Mercs can run, walk, swim, crouch or crawl.[26] Mercs may also climb onto the roofs of flat-roofed buildings.


Battles occur whenever the player's and enemy forces occupy the same sector. This can happen if enemy or player forces arrive at a hostile sector or the player's actions cause a previously friendly or neutral force to become hostile. The game proceeds in real-time until a member of one force spots an enemy. The game then switches to turn-based play.[27] The battles are played on the tactical screen.

Each force takes alternating turns to move, attack, and perform various other actions. Each character has a limited amount of action points, which are spent to perform actions. The action points are renewed at the beginning of each round, depending on the physical state of the merc. Some unspent action points will also be carried over to the next round. If a combatant has some action points left over during the enemy's turn and spots an enemy, they stand a chance of interrupting[28] the enemy turn and performing actions.

The game may be played using stealth elements. Mercs may move either in normal or stealth mode.[29] In stealth mode, the merc attempts to move without making any noise. Moving stealthily costs more action points, but may successfully hide their position from enemies. The game also features weapons that do not cause loud noise and camouflage kits, which when used may disguise the merc in his environment. Merc attributes and some special skills affect how stealthy they are.

Mercs can attack enemies in many different ways.[27] Firearms such as handguns, machine guns, rifles, close combat and thrown weapons like knives and hand grenades, heavy weapons such as mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and light anti-tank weapons and explosives like mines, and bombs. When a merc attacks, he or she has a certain chance to hit the target depending on the appropriate skill, obstacles in the line of fire and the amount of action points spent aiming. Walls, doors, and many objects can be destroyed using explosives or heavy weapons. Jagged Alliance 2 Download Torrent.

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