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Official NameInjustice: Gods Among Us
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Developer (s)NetherRealm Studios
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2013
Genre (s)Fighting



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Injustice Gods Among Us Full PC Game Overview

Injustice Gods Among Us Download Free Full Game is a fighting video game based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics. The game was developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. It was released in April 2013 in North America, Europe, and Australia, and June 2013 in Japan. An expanded version of the game, titled Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, was released in November 2013 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. A free-to-play mobile app based on Injustice was also released for Android and iOS devices.

Players select one of several characters from the DC Universe to engage in combat, aiming to knock out their opponent. The game is set in a 2.5D environment; while character models and backgrounds are rendered in three-dimensional graphics, the characters are restricted to fight within a two-dimensional space. Injustice builds upon several aspects from NetherRealm Studios' previous title, Mortal Kombat, including its controls, game mechanics, narrative-driven campaign, and online functionality. Injustice Gods Among Us Free Download.

The storyline is set within an alternate version of the Justice League's universe. Superman establishes a new world order after the Joker tricks him into killing Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis. In an effort to stop this, Batman summons members of the Justice League from the mainstream continuity to join his insurgency and end the totalitarian regime. The game received positive reviews from critics, who praised its story, gameplay mechanics, and use of the DC Comics license. Injustice became the highest selling game in the United States and United Kingdom during the month of its release. The game also won several awards for «Best Fighting Game» in 2013. A sequel titled Injustice 2 was announced in June 2016, and is expected to be released in 2017.


Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game in which players control characters with different fighting styles and special attacks, engaging in one-on-one combat to deplete their opponent's life gauge. The game features 2.5D graphics; movement is restricted to a two-dimensional plane, while the characters and backgrounds are rendered in a three-dimensional fashion. Unlike the traditional fighting game design involving multiple rounds with regenerative life bars, Injustice uses a scheme similar to the Killer Instinct series. Each match consists of a single round with each player bearing two life bars. The game utilizes a four-button control layout of light, medium, and heavy attacks, alongside a «character trait» button, which activates a unique ability or attack designed to showcase each character. For instance, Superman's character trait provides a temporary boost in strength, while Batman's character trait summons a swarm of robotic bats. Injustice Gods Among Us Free Download PC Game.

The stages, based on various locations from the DC Universe, such as the Batcave, Metropolis, and Fortress of Solitude, feature interactive environments and multiple areas. If an opponent is hit with a heavy attack near a corner of the arena, it launches them, triggering a transition animation and taking the fight to a new section of the stage. Each section also contains objects that characters can interact with differently depending on their class. Characters fall into two classes: «power characters», who rely on brute strength and innate abilities, and «gadget characters», who use weapons, items, and other external mechanisms to win. For example, a gadget character like Batman can attach a bomb to a car to cause an explosion, while a power character like Superman will pick up the same car and smash his opponents with it. Players have the option to turn off interactive elements and stage transitions.

As characters perform special moves, block oncoming attacks, or get hit by the opponent, their «super meters» will gradually fill. Portions of the super meter can be used to execute enhanced special moves or counter enemy moves. With a full meter, players can unleash their strongest special attack. Players may also expend their meter to interrupt a combo and enter a wager battle, dubbed the «clash system», which combines individualized cutscene cinematics with the process of betting meter. A clash may be triggered by a player only after they have lost their first life bar. During the sequence, both players commit portions of their meter in secret, with the highest bidder winning the clash.

The story mode is split into several chapters. As the narrative plays out, the player swaps between different characters. Minigames are also incorporated into the story. The outcome of minigames can impact an upcoming battle, such as giving the player a health advantage over the CPU opponent. Additional game features include Battle Mode, Versus Mode, Training Mode, and S.T.A.R. Labs, which includes 240 character-specific challenges of varying difficulty. Online multiplayer modes include King of the Hill, a setup that allows up to eight players to spectate a match while waiting for their turn to fight, and Survivor, which carries over the current winner's health bar and character selection over each match. Playing through any of the game modes, including online matches with optional goal objectives, will net the player experience points that may be used to unlock alternate costumes, music, concept art, and other rewards. Injustice Gods Among Us for PC.


The campaign of Injustice: Gods Among Us was written by NetherRealm Studios in collaboration with DC Comics' writers. Described by NetherRealm as «Story Mode 3.0», the campaign was approached similarly to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot through the use of a cinematic narrative versus the traditional ladder-based single-player experience. According to lead designer John Edwards, the plot is meant to rationalize the game's fighting mechanics between characters that would not normally fight one another and explain how Batman can «stand toe-to-toe» with Superman. Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti served as story consultants to ensure that the comic characters kept their proper voices in Injustice.


In an alternate reality, the Joker destroys Metropolis with a nuclear weapon, killing millions of people, and tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child. After the attack, Batman tries to interrogate the Joker on where he got the weapon, but a grieving Superman murders the Joker in retribution for Lois' death. In order to permanently eliminate conflict, Superman establishes a unified world government which he leads as its High Councillor, keeping peace through an authoritarian regime. A war ensues between the forces of Superman's regime and Batman's insurgents.

Five years into the war, the insurgency discovers another universe where the Joker's plan failed, and teleports that world's Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern into their own world. Batman and the Joker are also inadvertently transported to the other universe, and separated after an encounter with the alternate Superman's military.

While searching for somewhere to recharge his power ring, Green Lantern saves Deathstroke from being tortured by the alternate Cyborg and Raven, and later battles the alternate versions of Sinestro and himself (who has joined the Sinestro Corps and wields a yellow power ring). While Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern meet the alternate version of Batman in Gotham City, Aquaman visits the archives of Atlantis, where he learns of Superman's descent into tyranny from an archivist. Upon discovering that Atlantis has agreed to complete subjugation under Superman, Aquaman confronts and defeats his own alternate counterpart, along with the Flash and Shazam. The alternate Ares sends Aquaman to rejoin the others and assist the insurgents. The alternate Batman and Lex Luthor (who is not a criminal in this universe) explain their plan to use a kryptonite-based weapon stored in the Batcave against the High Councillor, but DNA samples from the other four heroes are needed to unlock it. The heroes had to be brought from another universe because the alternate Green Arrow is dead, and the other three are aligned with Superman.

Meanwhile, the main universe's Batman pursues the Joker through Gotham. Yellow Lantern and the alternate Hawkgirl mistake Batman for their own and apprehend him, while the Joker allies himself with the alternate Harley Quinn, who has founded an underground organization called the «Joker Clan» to honor her Joker. The insurgents sneak into Wayne Manor, and after fighting alternate versions of Killer Frost, Solomon Grundy, Black Adam, and Wonder Woman, they enter the Batcave and retrieve the kryptonite weapon. Back in the main universe, Superman, the Flash, and Cyborg attempt to recover their comrades. However, their teleporter accidentally sends Cyborg into the alternate universe, where he joins the insurgency effort.

While Cyborg and Deathstroke infiltrate the Hall of Justice to take control of the Watchtower's teleportation system, the rest of the insurgents stage a break-in on Stryker's Island to rescue the main universe's Batman from being executed. Superman, aware that the insurgents took over the Watchtower, attempts to destroy it, but fails when Deathstroke overcharges the Watchtower's core, setting off a massive explosion. Luthor tries to use the kryptonite weapon, but is killed by Superman. Now aware of humanity's determination to depose him, Superman decides to destroy Gotham and Metropolis to demonstrate the chaos that would arise in his absence. When Shazam protests this, Superman kills him, causing the Flash to defect to the insurgency and inform them of Superman's plans.

With the weapon rendered useless, the Justice League suggest recruiting their own version of Superman to stop the High Councillor. A large-scale battle between the regime and insurgents erupts. Ares teleports Wonder Woman to Themyscira and informs her that Superman plans to have the Amazons invade Metropolis. After defeating the alternate versions of herself and Raven, Wonder Woman convinces the Amazons to help the insurgents. Meanwhile, the two versions of Batman teleport the main universe's Superman into the alternate universe. An Atlantean army led by the alternate Aquaman attacks Metropolis, and Wonder Woman leads the Amazons against them. Superman defeats the alternate Black Adam, Sinestro, Aquaman, and Doomsday, and forces Yellow Lantern to surrender. He then engages in a final confrontation against the High Councillor at the Fortress of Solitude, and emerges victorious.

The regime is dismantled, all of its generals and accomplices are arrested, and the alternate Flash turns himself in. Green Lantern hands over his counterpart and Sinestro to the Guardians of the Universe to stand trial, and Harley Quinn has the Joker sent back to the main universe after realising that he does not care about her. The alternate Superman is placed in a prison emitting red sun radiation that renders him powerless, and the main universe's Superman admits to the alternate Batman that if he were placed in the same position as his counterpart, he might have done the same thing. As the two walk away, the alternate Superman's eyes glow red, indicating that he still has some degree of his powers. Injustice Gods Among Us Download Torrent.

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