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Official NameImmaterial and Missing Power
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Twilight Frontier
Publisher (s)Twilight Frontier
SeriesTouhou Project
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)December 30, 2004
Genre (s)Fighting game
Mode (s)1-2 players


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Immaterial and Missing Power Full PC Game Overview

Immaterial and Missing Power Download Free Full Game commonly abbreviated as IaMP in English speaking circles, is a versus fighting game collaboratively developed by Twilight Frontier and Team Shanghai Alice released in 2004. It is numbered as the 7.5th installment in the Touhou Project because the events in the game take place between Perfect Cherry Blossom (seventh) and Imperishable Night (eighth), although it was released after Imperishable Night.


IaMP is unique within the Touhou Project series in that it is a fighting game (much like Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, and Guilty Gear) instead of the usual bullet hell. The game is also unique among fighting games for its heavy slant towards projectiles, tracing the series' shoot 'em up roots.

IaMP has a «graze» function, unique among the versus fighting genre, that allows the player to dash through projectiles unharmed provided the character has enough energy to do so. Not all projectiles can be grazed, however.

Spell cards, in this game, are special moves that have to be announced before they can be used. Each character can choose 1 out of 3 normal spell cards and 1 out of 3 overdrive spell cards to use before a match starts. The overdrive spell card replaces the normal spell card when the player's character has been defeated once. Also, when a spell card is announced, the player's HP replenishes for a certain amount. Immaterial and Missing Power Free Download.

In the story mode, there are spell cards that are available only to the enemy characters. A spell card can be «collected» when the player defeats the enemy character in a limited amount of time when the enemy's spell card is in effect, and that collected spell card would appear in a gallery in true Touhou fashion.


In the beginning of summer in Gensokyo, a reclusive realm in the far east, there occurred an incident called the Night Parade of Ten Thousand Demons Every Four Days (三日置きの百鬼夜行). In this incident, the cherry trees have since shed their blossoms, but the hanami kept on going, with feasts being hosted day after day with no end in sight. Adding onto that, every time the feast is held, an unknown restless spiritual aura in Gensokyo also increases; however, nothing happens even while the spiritual aura rises, but when the spiritual aura rises, not a single person attempts to stop the feasts. As such, everyone who goes to the feast, be it human or yōkai, appear to be very suspicious. Three days before the next feast, the heroines set out, each on their own, and attempt to investigate. Immaterial and Missing Power Free Download PC Game.

Immaterial and Missing Power Free Download PC Game

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