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Official NameHyper Void
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)IN|Framez Technology
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2015
Genre (s)Shooter



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Hyper Void Full PC Game Overview

Hyper Void Download Free Full Game is a 3D shooter video game developed and published by IN|Framez Technology. It was first released for PlayStation 3 then PlayStation 4 and later on Xbox One. A version for Microsoft Windows is promised but not released yet. However, an early pre-alpha demo for the game was first made available on Microsoft Windows via IndieDB.


Gameplay can be generally described as a 3D tube shooter.


The player is in control of the RM-24, a combat space ship armed with 3 different weapons that can be fired simultaneously and are assigned to three different buttons. The weapons vary in damage, rate of fire and bullet speed and all of them consume energy from a shared power source that recharges over time, requiring the player to think and aim rather than just hold the fire button indefinitely. Hyper Void Free Download.


Movement is restricted to sideways only. Combat occurs in a variety of different environments, most notably inside cross-dimensional wormholes depicted as dynamic twisted tubes with kaleidoscopic visuals, but also in deep outer space at different galaxies. The challenge of wormholes comes from the uncoventional (often flipped) path ways, which in many cases loop in closed circles or other shapes, sometimes forcing the player to fly flipped upside-down. Certain wormwholes are so distorted that even the player's bullets will ultimately reach the reverse of where they would normally go.


Enemy encounters vary in type and size. Common enemies are usually destroyed with a few well-timed shots and come in numbers and a wide variety of movement patterns. Such enemies exhibit different types and behaviors (e.g. explosive tracking mines, mobile missile pods, magnetically charged bombs and teleporters).

Another class of enemies is bosses, which appear in more than half of the levels, and pose a longer and more strategic challenge. Bosses often follow certain patterns of attack and require the player to discover their weakness point before taking them down.

The final class of enemies is the IPA virus. A formless cloud of matter that infects the player's ship causing different negative effects like graphical corruption, flipped controls, loss of weapon charge, and movement overriding. The virus is automatically cleaned away after a certain time of infection. In three levels, the virus manifests itself in epic boss encounters. Hyper Void Free Download PC Game.


The game contains 29 levels organized in 3 different galaxies. At the end of each galaxy is a major encounter with the game's main enemy: the IPA virus.

Levels are generally split between two main setups: outer space and wormholes. Outer space is recognized by straightforward movement and outer space scenery such as planets and nebulae. Wormholes are tube-like with a wide variety of dynamic cross-sections. They also feature wildly changing colors and patterns often in sync with the background playing music.

Some levels offer a different experience than straight enemy shooting. Including following a branching network of gates to sync back to the time dimension, and racing fast through a set of blockades. In certain encounters the player is advised to not shoot at all and stick to maneuvering and dodging hazards without engaging.

Hyper Mode

Destroying enemies accumulates points towards Hyper Score, which is a set amount of points that is different for each level. Upon finishing a level while reaching or exceeding its Hyper Score, a special Hyper Mode is unlocked for that level. Hyper Void for PC.

In Hyper Mode, the player controls a different space ship that has a considerably stronger weapon charge as well as faster maneuverability. However, it also starts with a single level of armor rather than three under normal mode. Armor regeneration power-ups only restore one level of armor instead of full restoration.

Because of these changes, levels in Hyper Mode are more challenging and intense than normal mode levels.


It is the year 2960, roughly 300 years after the events of Wing Commander Prophecy. Humans expanded their territory in space to vast areas across many galaxies. The United Observatory Network (UON) being tasked with monitoring and recording incidents and effects of Super Nova explosions within or near human territories, one day records a Super Nova explosion in Alpha Centauri that exhibited certain unrecognizable patterns. Regardless, the explosion was filed as SN-2960rda and was left open for investigation.

Not short after, defense grids (outposts on the borders of human territories) began reporting increased concentrations of attacks from many races even that from those whom were not in conflict with humans. Puzzled by this sudden increase of aggressive (even suicidal) behavior, the United Defense Agency (UDA) put together a special fleet of 26 space ships of different specialties and capabilities, labeled between RM-1 and RM-26. The goal is to investigate the cause of the sudden universal hostility. Hyper Void Download Torrent.

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