Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Download Free Full Game

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Full PC Game

Game Information

Official NameHot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Mattel
Publisher (s)THQ
SeriesHot Wheels
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)October 15, 1998
Genre (s)Racing
Mode (s)Single-player


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Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Download Torrent Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver for PC Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Free Download PC Game


Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Full PC Game Overview

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Download Free Full Game is a video game by Mattel Media and Semi Logic, based on the Hot Wheels franchise. It was released on October 15, 1998.


Gameplay consists of racing different Hot Wheels cars over six different tracks, each track evidently located in or around the same house. The owner initially has tracks laid out in a living room, bedroom, attic, and kitchen. Completing certain challenges unlocks a further two; a greenhouse, and a game room. Twelve unique cars are available, with a number of them available only after completing challenges. The different cars have varying abilities with regard to speed, traction, and maneuverability, the last affecting the car's ability to perform stunts.

Control of the car on the track and stunts are performed with a few simple keyboard commands. On the track, you can steer your car left or right. The car will also jump through the air between sections of track, during which you can perform stunts. Stunts are an integral part of the game, as much as racing against the clock. As a car jumps between sections of track, you can make the car spin around any axis: barrel rolls, end-over-end, or 360's, in either direction and in combination as well. Successful stunts give the car a speed and traction boost as it lands, which helps improve the player's time, signalled with a vivid graphic of lightning bolt-like effects on the wheels. Failure to land correctly after a stunt results in a crash, which does not end the race, but it costs time. Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Free Download.

Crashes may be caused by loss of control, particularly on curves and inaccurate landings after a jump (even when no stunts are attempted, cars tend to twist out of control while aloft.) Crashes may also result from different objects found on the tracks, including other cars; in two sequences, hazards are encountered off the track as the car passes through the walls between two mouse-holes, and across a billiard table. All crashes cost time, while the car is replaced on the track.

There are three distinct modes of play: Practice, where you can race through any available track to achieve best time; Championship, where you must complete each track in sequence within a certain time limit; and Custom, where you can construct your own track layouts. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for best times on the supplied tracks.

After all the main tracks are unlocked, a hidden track can be accessed by right clicking on either «T» in the Mattel logo before selecting the car. The secret track seems to bear some features not found on the regular tracks, and the background map is a bare wire-frame topographical landscape. This level appears to be not so much a «secret» level as much as an «unfinished» level. It is possible that this was meant to be the last level, but business constraints demanded the game be released before it was finished. Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Free Download PC Game.

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Free Download PC Game

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Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Free Download PC Game

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